Male or Female Labrador Which is Better?

Male or Female Labrador Which is Better

If you’re thinking of adopting a Labrador you need to ask yourself, “Male or female labrador, which is better”? We’ll examine the pros and cons of both genders and the 6 key differences.

Some people don’t care if they adopt a male or female one when they are in love with the Labrador breed unless they are planning on breeding.

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Male or female Labrador which is better?

When I was adopting my puppy, I specifically wanted a female because male dogs like to pee on objects and mark their territory. I knew for myself, I only wanted a female dog.

Maybe they want to adopt a Labrador that should match their lifestyle and nature.

If you want a lab to get trained easily and in a quick manner, then a female Labrador is the right choice.

While on the other hand, if you want a goofy, playful, and highly social companion, go ahead with a male Labrador.

Picking up a specific dog breed is easy but selecting between the sexes is something very tricky.

Knowing about the pros and cons of both gender will make it easier for you to decide between them.

Labrador Male vs Female: Pros and Cons

Despite their similarities, one gender may have some advantages over the other. Let’s know about these.

Pros and cons of male Labrador

Before adopting a male Labrador, you must know about all of the disadvantages and advantages. 


  1. Male Labrador is more friendly and loving.
  2. Giving love and attention to his owner is their priority.
  3. More protective in nature and they love to take responsibility for the territory.
  4. Male Labrador is safe to adopt when you have kids at home.
  5. He always behaves well with female dogs.


  1. Male Labrador gives you a tough time in training sessions.
  2. If you want to adopt a guarding dog, then a male Labrador is not the right one. Due to its social and friendly nature, it never alarms you if strangers are entering your home.

Pros and cons of female Labrador

Knowing about the pros and cons of gender is highly recommended by dog experts. You can analyze whether the lab suits your lifestyle or not.


  • Female Labrador is active and loves to play around you.
  • Relatively easy to train because of its energetic and observing nature.
  • More protective than male Labradors and becomes easily suspicious of strangers.
  • She is independent, which is loved by dog parents.
  • She needs less maintenance.


  • Female Labrador is less social.
  • She does not show much affection and love to dog parents.
  • She never puts effort into pleasing the owner.
  • More caution is needed when she is around kids.
  • Can have a high-pitched bark in most situations.
  • Labrador may act stubborn and less motivated for food.

If you want a great companion who is showering unconditional love on you, then you must go ahead with a male Labrador.

However, if you are willing to adopt a guarding dog with a moody and independent nature, never asking for love, you must select a female Labrador.

Differences between Male and Female Labradors

1. Size

Size is a significant difference between male and female labs. Nothing new, male labs are slightly larger as compared to female dogs.

If you want a giant and bossy Labrador, then adopt a male one. While on the other hand, if you want a normal-sized, independent, and self-caring pup, go ahead with a female Labrador.

Gender is the only factor that directly affects the size of labs. Predicting the size of the pup is easy just by noticing the height of the dog’s parents.

2. Features

Due to hormonal differences, gender shows changes in features. Male dogs are somehow rough when compared to female Labradors.

3. Trainability

Most experts say that female puppies are easy to train compared to male Labradors. In addition, female Labradors are more attentive so they learn each new behavior fast.

People who are willing to raise a guarding dog are more biased toward female Labradors.

4. Behavior

Despite their cool and calm nature, male labs are aggressive when compared to female Labradors.

As mentioned above, female labs are independent, and they are more independent. While on the other hand, male Labradors love to please their parents more than they care about themselves.

Male Labradors keep demanding the lap of their owners while female Labradors never mind playing alone without asking for attention.

Even male Labradors are sweet with strangers, but female labs don’t like the strangers around them. So, by keeping all the behavioral facts in mind, select your Labrador accordingly.

5. Reproduction behavior

Last but not least, reproduction and the heat cycle behavior is another significant difference in male and female Labradors.

As a result, both genders behave differently in their breeding season. Most female Labradors are attracted to male dogs when they are in the heat cycle.

Parents keep their female Labrador away from the male dogs when they don’t want her to get pregnant.

Female Lab secretes a liquid, which becomes the source to attract mates, and in the case of the indoor dog, she may feel pain.

While on the other hand, the males run behind the female dogs and chase them whenever they want. Even some male labs do not wait for the breeding season to get attracted to the lady lab.

Males and females both show aggression toward the other dogs soon after getting neutered. Proper training can make your lab behave well in this situation.

6. Showing affection

Male dogs are highly expressive and like to show their love and care for their parents. While on the other hand, the female lab likes to be left alone.

Female Labrador loves their parents as males do, but females are less expressive than male labs.

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