Best Dog Breeds (Why They Considered Some of the Best)

Have you ever wondered what some of the best dog breeds are? Or why some are considered some of the best? We are going to talk about just that.

Yellow Labrador Retriever laying on grass. Labs are one of the best dog breeds

Normally when someone is thinking about getting their first dog or even a second or third, they hit the internet searching what the best big dog breeds are. Or asking themselves, what dog should I get?

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But sometimes it can be a little overwhelming. So I am going to try to make things as simple as I can and cover a few of the best breeds.

I will also be covering what it is that has them considered some of the best breeds.

Most Popular Dog Breeds

1. Labrador Retrievers

Labrador Retrievers are one of the most popular dog breeds available. This is because they are friendly and great with kids while also being protective of them.

Labs are full of energy and can often keep up with multiple children. They love to run, play, and even swim so they can be part of all of your family’s best adventures. Labs do shed a lot so consider this when picking out a good pet vacuum.

Because they are good with kids, it puts them on the list of best dog breeds for families.

2. Bernese Mountain Dog

For families looking for a large dog, consider the Bernese Mountain Dog also known as a gentle giant. The Bernese Mountain Dog can get up to around 100 pounds and has amazing patience with energetic kids that like to climb on them.

If you have an energetic child that is too young to think before acting this can be particularly useful. This dog is not known for being aggressive, they are loyal and have a strong desire to protect the children it grows up with.

This breed is also easy to train which is perfect for busy parents. This one makes the list as one of the best dog breeds for kids!

3. Golden Retriever

The golden retriever has long been regarded as one of the most popular dog breeds in the United States, both as a family pet and an emotional support animal.

Patients with health problems find them a good fit because of their friendly and patient demeanor. Golden retrievers are loyal and share a strong bond with their owners.

This makes them wonderful for providing emotional support. They are also very trainable, which is a bonus.

4. Rottweilers

Several qualities make Rottweilers an ideal guard dog breed. They are intelligent, they love their families in a way that is hard to describe, and they are willing to show no mercy to anyone who threatens their family.

The Rottweiler breed is not ideal for inexperienced owners, as it requires an owner who is confident and calm. Although they are intellectually independent, they are highly sensitive to their owners’ emotions.

Having a Rottie requires a lot of attention and exercise, so they do not do well when left alone for extended periods of time. If you feel the need for protection but are strong-willed enough to lead a Rottweiler will make the perfect dog.

5. Siberian Huskies

Original Siberian Huskies were bred to pull heavy loads in harsh Russian climates, pulling freight and sleds for miles at a time.

A powerfully built dog with an adventurous spirit. These members of the Working Group are always ready for adventure at any time.

The Siberian dog, a true endurance breed, provides the perfect companion for hikers looking for a dog they can keep entertained on their hikes.

These dogs are gentle and alert, but very social and enjoy spending time outdoors. Like most dogs they are great with direction as well making them a great partner should you wander off the beaten path.

6. Belgian Shepherd

The Belgian Shepherd is a great running dog. In addition to its elegant, proud appearance, this dog breed follows suit with a smooth, tireless gait that is perfectly suited to running long distances at a slower pace.

Despite its lean build and strength, the Belgian Shepherd doesn’t tire easily. In fact, dog breeders have used these animals for a variety of purposes.

Including message carriers, ambulance dogs, and more.

7. English Springer Spaniel

A typical English Springer spaniel, better known as a “gamekeeper,” has a friendly disposition, is active, and is quick to learn.

The only way they can combat boredom is by exercising regularly. If you have children they can enjoy playing with this dog to help keep them active.

In fact, their group has won the American Kennel Club Best in Show award six times in a row!

Best small dog breed

1. Bichon Frize

One of the most adorable affable breeds on earth, the bichon frize is an easygoing, people-pleasing breed that makes an excellent apartment dog.

These dogs can be excellent agility competition dogs, but they’re equally happy to spend long stretches sitting quietly on the couch.

Their weight is around 15 pounds and won’t keep your downstairs neighbors up at night. These dogs will do well while you are away from work without bothering the neighbors but happily spend time with you when you come home at the end of the day.

2. Corgi

A corgi might be the perfect companion if you want a small or medium dog. The 20 to 30-pound weight makes this breed easy to handle for the majority of people.

Despite their intelligence, corgis aren’t difficult to train. Because your corgi is a herding breed, he will need routine exercise, daily walks are usually sufficient, and great for elderly owners as well.

Corgis are very convenient for owners because they have minimal grooming needs. The corgi makes our list of best dog breeds for seniors.

3. Chinese Crested

While there is no such thing as truly hypoallergenic dogs the Chinese Crested gets pretty close. They do not shed much at all and have relatively little hair on their bodies with the exception of their cute fluffy ears.

Chinese Cresteds thrive on human companionship, being alert, playful, and intelligent. They are small and if you have children they do well if the children are gentle and calm.

They are perhaps not the best fit for those with energetic children.

4. Norwich Terriers

Known for being alert and curious, Norwich Terriers love exploring their surroundings. They are convenient to travel with because of their small and compact bodies.

Just because Norwich Terriers are small, doesn’t mean they are lap dogs. They are active and hardworking, making them a great companion.

Having been used for fox hunting and used to being with a pack, the breed tends to be a more sociable dog than other terriers. While it’s relatively easy to travel by car or RV with this delightful dog breed.

Now that you have looked over this list of some of the best dog breeds to own, do you have one in mind that you will be getting? Picking the right dog for you and the family really is one of the hardest parts of becoming a dog owner.

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