Why are Labradors so Friendly? 8 Reasons

Why are Labradors so Friendly?

8 reasons why this breed of dog is considered so friendly and will make a great companion.

Labradors are one of the friendliest dogs one can ever come across. Who doesn’t like a Labrador? Their love for other pets and young children makes them ideal pets, even for families with small pets.

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Their nature is so great and sometimes people wonder and me too, are labs good dogs?

Their happy vibes, carefree kisses, their crazy thoughts, and their ability to seek affection… There are infinite reasons why labs are the most beloved ones.

They are great travel companions; they never lack energy and are always ready to accompany you on your travels.

The Labrador Retriever is a hybrid of labradors and golden retrievers, once again becoming one of the most popular dog breeds.

They are called retriever gun dogs, and they tirelessly play finding and returning games to hunters. They can spend a whole day playing with you.

Yellow labrador puppy looking up.
Photo by Taylor Kopel on Unsplash

Are Labs the friendliest dogs?

They are pet dogs and human-oriented breeds. So it’s no surprise that these dogs are the best snuggle puppies in the world-they like to cuddle on your lap with a cute little face and believe me that face can make you do anything they want!

8 Reasons why labs are considered to be the friendliest dogs:

  1. They are very tame, which means their goal is to please their owner, and they are relatively easy to train. Labradors respond well to clear instructions and learn quickly.
  2. Although considered a large breed and very strong, they are very suitable for family life. They can switch quickly and adapt to the situation.
  3. They will be very rough and the next moment they will patiently let young children pull their paws, ears, nose tip, and tail.
  4. No matter where you go, labs will always have fun. Even if they just lie in the yard with their toys, it is easy to make them happy.
  5. Give them the appropriate exercise, give them consistent instructions, keep their stomachs full, and you will have a happy, healthy, and well-adjusted domestic dog.
  6. They can adapt to almost any situation you may encounter. They are strong and very friendly dogs.
  7. A lab does not require any special grooming. There is no need to visit a groomer every three to four weeks like other breeds.
  8. When they are with you, they are the happiest. Many labs suffer from lapdog syndrome and do not realize their scale. They sit on the couch as close to you much as possible, even on you!

Do Labs love their owner?

Labradors are very caring animals as compared to other animals.

It’s not that only Labradors love their owner. They express emotions in different ways. They are most happy when you snuggle close to them and praise them.

4 ways to know if your labrador is happy: 

  1. When you see your dog’s tail swinging wide and extending to the right in a relaxed posture, that means they trust you and are happy to be around you and you can be sure that they are saying: “I love you”.
  2. Another way to express emotions widely recognized by Labs is to sincerely lick your hands or face. Yes, it’s a sign. 
  3. Your dog jumping on you. This is a way Labs express love.
  4. They lean their head when their owner pets their head.

Can Labradors be left alone?

Any dog can be left alone but the problem arises when you do it for too long. For instance, some dogs need special care and attention. In that case, you can’t leave your dog even for more than 4 hours.

But some breeds can be alone for much longer. Talking about Labradors. Some Labradors can stay at home alone for 6 to 8 hours.

Of course, the labs do not like to spend a lot of time alone.

To resist this unnatural state of loneliness, make sure to walk your dog and they go to the bathroom before you leave.

11 Tips for leaving a Labrador home alone:

  1. Don’t directly jump off and leave your dog alone straight for 8 to 10 hours. You need to keep things slow and you can start by training them.
  2. At the initial stage just keep them alone for a few hours a day and later keep on increasing the time. This way, they will learn to tolerate staying alone.
  3. Unlike humans, animals don’t have a habit to live alone in a room. So, before you leave them alone, try to create an animal-friendly environment if possible. This way, they will not feel alone much and will be busy in their environment.
  4. You can also take your dog to a place where they often play. This makes them like his room and which can make him feel more relaxed.
  5. Labs are active dogs. Keeping their nature in mind, try to leave enough toys for them so, that they can play and stay busy. 
  6. Don’t put them in a crate, as this will only deplete them and will also affect their mental health.
  7. Help the dog grow up without feeling separation anxiety. This can be solved by training them.
  8. Make sure before you leave them to take them to the washroom. 
  9. Running fast and breathing fresh air will also help them take a nap.
  10. If you return home after leaving them alone and found your dog broke your favorite vase or something else. Do not panic and be calm if they break something don’t scold them abruptly.
  11. A little bit of anger is obvious but don’t go beyond limits. as it will create fear in their mind and make it even more difficult next time.

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