Do Golden Retrievers Need A Blanket? (Let’s Find Out)

If it’s cold outside, you may wonder do Golden Retrievers need a blanket to warm up or if their fur is enough. Our guide to keeping your Golden Retriever warm during the winter.

Like humans, Golden Retrievers can get cold if exposed to cold weather for too long. There are several ways to tackle the frigid. The best way is the use of blankets. Of course, we already know humans do, but what about our pets?

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Do Golden Retrievers Need Blanket

The straightforward answer is yes. I suggest you keep Golden Retrievers close to the fireplace or cover them with a blanket when the weather goes between 45°F and 90°F. The need for a blanket depends on a few considerable factors; age, temperature, and place.

If the weather drops below 45°F and 90°F, a blanket is necessary. Exposing your Golden Retriever to a temperature below 20°F or -6°F can cause damage to its health.

Dog houses are a thing but cannot guarantee their safety from the cold outside. Even with blankets, your Golden Retriever should not, for any reason, sleep in their outdoor dog house or spend more than 30 minutes outside even though they can tolerate the cold when it’s 45°F.

Adult Golden Retrievers can endure the cold weather because of fully grown coats and more extended and thicker hair, unlike puppies who are still tender and delicate.

Do Golden Retrievers Like Blankets? 

Choosing a bed for your Golden Retriever seems very easy, but it’s a tricky task because breeds like the Golden Retriever will spend the entire night in their bed. Golden Retrievers like blankets mainly because it helps them sleep well and relax.

Golden Retrievers need blankets most time, especially at night when it’s cold. So they appreciate an excellent and cozy blanket at night.

Therefore, ensure they are comfortable when setting up a sleeping place. Ensure that their kennel or crate is conducive, warm, and has a soft blanket. Also, hygiene cannot be over-stressed, so make sure to clean their sleeping area regularly.

Note: Never wash their sleeping area with a fabric softener. The reason is that it irritates their skin.  

Sleeping is essential for Golden Retrievers. It is not unusual for a Golden Retriever to sleep longer than 8 hours, especially when they can’t go outside to play. Like most dog breeds.

Golden Retrievers can survive cold weather like humans, but if exposed to the cold for too long, they can catch a cold.

If you’re wondering if it’s transferable, don’t worry because you cannot get the cold from your Golden Retriever and vice versa.

Golden Retrievers display some signs that alert them to a deterioration in their health. To tackle them before they cause pain and discomfort, it is essential to know these signs:

  • Seeking shelter
  • Anxious or discomfort
  • Shivering and shaking
  • Limping 
  • Reluctance to walk or move
  • Lifting their paws from the ground
  • Excessive whining and barking.
  • Sneezing
  • Watery eyes
  • Runny nose

More severe symptoms are:

  • Change in appetite
  • Behavioral abnormalities
  • Vomiting
Do Golden Retrievers Need A Blanket

Can Golden Retrievers Regulate Their Temperature?

With your help, your golden can regulate its temperature. Golden Retrievers can tolerate hot temperatures, but they are vulnerable to hot weather like cold temperatures. The best temperature for this breed is from 60°F to 80°F.

They can risk being dehydrated, overheated, or sunburnt if subjected to a temperature between 90s°F and 100s°F.

Dogs do not regulate body temperature by sweating as humans do. Instead, they do so through panting. However, they sweat too, but the location of their sweat glands is in their paws, though most of the temperature is circulated through the coat.

Several blogs about Golden Retrievers being comfortable in every weather, but this is false. Notwithstanding, Golden Retrievers can live happily in both kinds of weather with the proper treatment.

Here are a few tips to help our furry friends live in hot weather:

  • Switch to lighter foods. They don’t need to burn food for warmth, and they exercise less, hence the need for less food
  • Take them walking in the early mornings, late afternoon, and at night
  • Always pay attention to where your Golden Retriever is walking because they have very sensitive paws. Also, rather than pavements, green grasses are way cooler and smooth
  • They should always have access to fresh water at home, of course, by refilling their bowls regularly. And when you go for a walk, a run, or even a trip, always have cold bottled water for them
  • Frozen treats are a great option
  • Regular grooming and baths
  • Golden Retrievers love water, so swimming isn’t a bad idea

How Can You Tell How Cold Your Golden Retriever Feels?

It goes way beyond temperature to know how your Golden Retriever feels. Humans feel temperature differently, and dogs aren’t any different in this scenario. However, several factors determine how cold your Golden Retriever feels.

  • Age is a significant factor in examining your golden retriever. Senior Golden Retrievers may feel the cold a lot easier than adult retrievers, which applies to puppies.
  • Bathing your dog or deciding to swim, they get wet, so you should dry them properly and thoroughly to avoid dampness.

What is the average body temperature of a Golden Retriever? 

Compared to humans whose average body temperature is between 97.6°F and 99.6°F, the normal temperature of a Golden Retriever falls between the range of 101°F and 102.5°F.

If their temperature drops below average, you must first apply first aid (covering them with a blanket, and getting them warm drinks). Then, take them to the vet if there are no signs of improvement.

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