Can Golden Retriever Puppies Swim? (Let’s Find Out)

If you just got a puppy, you might be wondering can Golden Retriever puppies swim? Our guide will teach you when to start teaching them to swim and how to do it safely so they have fun!

Golden Retrievers being energetic and larger dogs, most times require day-to-day exercise to keep them agile and free from developing some health-related challenges or sickness.

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There are so many outdoor exercises and games that help in achieving their daily exercise routine perfectly. One such exercise is swimming.

Can Golden Retriever Puppies Swim?

When can Golden Retrievers swim? 

Golden Retrievers do not have a specific time or age to begin to swim. Although, some are born with a phobia for water, a condition known as Aquaphobia. When this happens, it takes the dog a much longer time to adjust and even start to go close to water.  

To achieve this, start by putting it in small water bodies like pools, bathtubs, and shallow parts of the stream. Then, you should place your palm under its belly and chest and allow it just to swirl around and move its legs.

Can Golden Retrievers puppy swim?

Yes. Golden Retrievers puppies can swim. Swimming comes naturally to them. They may, however, require extra practice that goes a long way in helping them learn and get comfortable and relaxed around water.

In addition, they may not have the flexibility in their body or be confident enough to swim independently, which is why extra care and attention should be given to them in the first few months when they start swimming.

Can a two-month-old Golden Retriever swim?

No, two-month-old Golden Retrievers can not swim because, at two months, they are only just being introduced to the water body to make them acquainted with the water. 

They could drown if you let them into the water by themselves, and you definitely don’t want that!

Golden Retrievers at two months can only swim if they have been introduced to water at a very early stage which is unsafe for them.

While in water, extra care should be taken, and some safety precautions should be put into consideration.

1. Get a life vest

In teaching your dog how to swim, for the first time, it is expected that they wear a life jacket/vest to enable it just float on water, and help them feel comfortable. Golden Retrievers are good listeners and brilliant dogs. They may learn how to swim just after two swimming lessons.

2. Take breaks in between swimming lessons

Do not make the mistake of letting your puppy get tired on the water. Always give it short swimming lessons to make it want to go for more of the water. If you always stress them, they might develop a hatred for water, anxiety attacks, or may even become aquaphobic because the water scares them.

3. Always consider the health of your dog

Most two-month-old puppies are prone to fall sick due to weather and irregular temperatures in the environment. In addition, at two months old, they are mostly not strong enough to swim.

Do not attempt to teach your golden retriever puppy to swim if they are sick or do not have the physical strength and energy in its body to swim. You may be too eager and want your dog to be a swimmer right away, but it is best to keep calm and teach your dog how to swim at the right time when it is old enough.

Can Golden Retriever Puppies Swim

Why are some Golden Retrievers scared of water?

Due to the general assumption that all Golden Retrievers swim, most people become too eager to see their dogs swim. Well, you may have noticed that your Golden Retriever has a phobia for water, and you want to know why.

Golden Retrievers can get really scared and anxious around water, so don’t be surprised. They may run away from every form of water and even bathing. Some of the reasons why this happens:

1. It is a new experience for them

Just like humans, dogs get anxious about the feeling of water over their bodies. When water pushes their fur, it makes it sticks together, thereby making movement uncomfortable for them. In addition, they may feel strange, so they want to get out and not stay another second.

2. They were introduced into the water too early.

Golden Retrievers that were often forced to swim at a very early age may grow up to hate water. Many younger dogs find it hard to swim and need time to grow and get strong enough to be in the water. Your curiosity and eagerness to watch your dog swim might just be the reason why it may never swim.

3. They had a traumatic experience

If your dog has had a bad experience with water, i.e. drowned, then do not expect them to be good with water right away. It may take them a long time, and they may never even swim again.

Is it safe for Golden Retrievers to swim every day?

Yes, it is. In fact, swimming as an outdoor activity helps Golden Retrievers stay healthy and fit. It helps it get the necessary energy it needs to carry out normal day-to-day activities effectively. It also helps burn body fat and energy a lot faster so even physical exercises do not.

If your dog enjoys swimming, then let it swim. You, however, should rinse your body immediately after swimming, especially if the water swimming in was salty.

What are the health benefits of swimming for Golden Retrievers?

If you’re looking for a natural way to make your Golden Retriever agile and stay healthy, then your best and sure bet is to take it swimming. Swimming for you may just be one of the many exercises you do, but it has a lot of benefits for your dog. They include :

  • It helps in reducing age-related illnesses such as weakness of the elbow and legs, i.e., joint-friendly
  • It helps in reducing stress, anxiety, restlessness, and  sleeplessness in dogs
  • Warm water is therapeutic to dogs because it helps in reducing pain and stress in the body system of dogs.
  • Swimming as an exercise helps in burning fat in your heavy or overweight dogs.

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