Can Golden Retrievers Understand Human Language?

Do you ever wonder if your Golden Retriever can understand the human language? Let’s explore if they can by looking at simple dog commands.

Golden Retrievers are brilliant dogs. In studies measuring the IQ of dog breeds, the Golden Retriever is always ranked amongst the topmost intelligent species in the world.

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It’s no surprise why. The Golden Retriever is a fantastic companion and a loyal dog. Its ability to access certain situations and understand to perform some actions is to be praised in its own right.

Can Golden Retrievers Understand Human Language

However, can Golden Retrievers understand human language? Not entirely. Like most dogs, Golden Retrievers can understand simple human commands like ‘sit, ‘fetch,’ or ‘stay,’ with most Golden Retrievers getting used to this type of command quickly and efficiently as compared to other breeds of dogs.

Golden Retrievers have also been known to comprehend routine activities. Therefore, when specific movements or actions are carried out with the Golden Retriever, it gets accustomed to them.

It has a high ability to learn new things and understand human emotions to some degree, hence why it can be such a good companion.

How do I Train My Golden Retriever to Understand Simple Commands?

Training your Golden Retriever to be well-behaved is of utmost importance. Whether you introduced the Golden Retriever as a puppy into your home or a full-grown adult, it is best to have it behave appropriately.

The sooner you start training your Golden Retriever manners, the better. For pups, start from about three months of age with potty training.

Potty training is the first step in training your Golden Retriever puppy. Having to clean up after them all the time because they are not potty trained can be really annoying, although it is totally normal for the puppy at that time.

Your Golden Retriever puppy definitely does not know how to communicate with you to tell you that they may be having a bathroom emergency. As such, they will find a spot comfortable to them in your home and just go.

The simple way of potty training your puppy is to take them outside frequently. After every 20 – 30 minutes, take your puppy outside to a particular spot to pee or go.

Take them inside after and repeat the process continuously without missing for about two weeks. Ensure to take the same spot every day.

Can Golden Retrievers Understand Human Language

If they are older pups about five months, the intervals you take them out should be increased as they do have more self-control than younger Golden Retriever puppies.

Gently praise your Golden Retriever when you take them to the spot outside, and when they go. This would give them a sense of understanding that what they are doing is correct and Golden Retrievers are fast learners.

When you are done with potty training, it’s best to move on to simple commands such as ‘come,’ ‘stay,’ or ‘fetch’ is essential.

‘Come’ is the most basic and certainly the most helpful command. Start by placing your Golden Retriever far away from you. It is best to have another person hold your Golden Retriever in place.

Golden Retrievers are great companions and would instinctively follow you when you place them away from you in order to train them. Therefore, it’s best to have someone hold them, or you can invest in a leash.

Hold a treat in your hand and tell your Golden Retriever ‘come.’ When the retriever reaches you, offer some encouragement and pet them, this will help the retriever know that it is doing something its owner likes.

Most basic commands can also certainly be taught with this method. Constant repetition and receiving praise to establish the fact that such commands are good when understood are also crucial.

Golden Retrievers do love attention and are highly intelligent. This will work as an advantage when teaching simple retriever commands. They would be able to understand such orders faster than most dogs do.

Benefits of Training my  Golden Retriever to Understand Simple Commands

When your Golden Retriever lacks the understanding of specific commands, dealing with them becomes tedious. Training your retriever to understand simple commands wouldn’t just be beneficial to the dog but to you, the owner as well.

You might also be wondering whether or not an older Golden Retriever can be trained by you when you get them. Well, the answer is Yes! A Golden Retriever’s age is not a criterion for teaching new commands; they can learn to take orders as much as pups can.

The following are some significant benefits of training your Golden Retriever to understand specific commands.

1. For their safety

When your retriever is well-trained with voice commands, it makes it easier to keep them safe from dangers, especially when it is off the leash.

‘Stay’ is one of the most common commands to ensure your dog stays put in one place. This will come in handy when you are busy, probably preparing to leave the house, and wouldn’t want your dog to slip out the front door when you are not looking.

Also, the command ‘come’ will go a long way to keep your retriever safe. Imagine you take it out on a walk, and it yanks off your hand when something gets its attention.

Understanding the command ‘come’ will make it come back to you even if it doesn’t really want to. This will save it from any potential danger like an oncoming vehicle, falling into a ditch, or getting lost.

2. For their health

Basic commands like ‘leave it’ or ‘drop it’ are great tools to use to keep your Golden Retriever from taking and eating what might harm its health. If your Golden Retriever finds something it shouldn’t eat, this command will go a long way to help. 

Also, it helps give you peace of mind as your retriever will listen if it’s about to take something off its original location.

3. Sociability and smooth boarding

When your Golden Retriever understands simple commands, it becomes well-behaved, and it makes it easier for people to be comfortable around her.

There are times you might want friends or family to help you walk your Golden Retriever when you are too tired or extremely busy. A dog who understands basic and straightforward commands from its owners will also obey commands from others.     

This will make walking fun, and a lot easier and enable the dog to enjoy social encounters.

Understanding your Golden Retriever’s needs: One good thing about training your retriever to understand specific commands is that you are also teaching yourself to interact with your dog, thereby building a solid relationship and bond with your dog.

Working with your retriever regularly will also enable you to understand her needs.

Can Golden Retrievers Understand Human Language

Signs my Golden Retriever is trying to Communicate with Me

Aside from barks, most Golden Retrievers use signals displayed with certain body parts in an attempt to communicate with their owners. This method of communication is referred to as body language communication.

The responsibility of understanding such communication is essential as the retrievers try their best to ensure their owners understand them.

These are some of the most common methods most retrievers use to communicate. So next time your Golden Retriever is making certain facial expressions or behaving in a particular way with certain body parts, you would be able to understand what they may be trying to say.

The eyes of the Golden Retriever are generally relaxed and calm. However, when your retriever is staring straight at you or someone, this means that they may be feeling threatened and may want to attack.

However, when your dog tries avoiding eye contact with you with its head lowered, it most definitely means that your Golden Retriever is submissive.

Another way to know your retriever may become confrontational is when it widens the eye and the pupils are moved to the side, exposing more of the sclera (which are the whites of the eye). Your retriever is feeling angry and will most likely get aggressive soon.

The tail is also one sure way of understanding your retriever. Normally, the tail of the Golden Retriever is held low when the tail is however tucked between the legs. Your retriever might be scared or sometimes cold if this is accompanied by shivering.

A wagging tail in the natural position shows your Golden Retriever is happy. The Golden Retriever also tries communicating when it wants you to play with it.

Their forelimbs are stretched forward, and their chest is lowered to the ground. This is also accompanied by barking, and panting with the mouth opened slightly.

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