Dog Scratches Hardwood Floor: 9 Easy Fixes!

Dog nails on hardwood floors

Dogs are wonderful but if you don’t stay on top of trimming their nails you end up with dog scratches all over your hardwood floor. We’ll share 9 easy ways to fix these scratches and how to prevent them.

My dog Robbie never liked and appreciated it whenever I tried trimming his nails. I have dealt with my fair share of scratched hardwood floors from my beloved dog, but with time I learned how to fix scratches in hardwood floors from a dog. 

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I will discuss all the possible ways that can help you fix any scratches on hardwood floors. I have written this guide for beginners, so you won’t find any difficulties following any of those tips or ways if you go thoroughly throughout the article. 

So, without wasting time, let’s begin learning how you can fix the scratches on any hardwood floors that your dog has done. 

Dog Scratches Hardwood Floor

How to get dog scratches out of wood floor

Applying olive oil and apple cider DIY solution will help fix minor scratches on hardwood floors from a dog.

  • Take a few drops of olive oil. 
  • Make an apple cider DIY solution by mixing the olive oil. 
  • I applied the DIY solution to the minor scratches on the hardwood floors done by a dog.

How to fix medium scratches on hardwood floors from a dog?

By using a wood marker or a wood stain with a wax stick, you can fix medium-sized scratches on any hardwood floors from a dog.

  • Purchase a wood marker or a wood stain. 
  • Using wax sticks or wood fillers will help you out in fixing medium-sized scratches. Apply the marker or a wax stick or a wood stain as well as wood filler accordingly. 
  • Prevent your dog from making any further scratches on the hardwood floors. 
  • Use a carpet on the floor to prevent your dog from scratching it out.
Dog Scratches Hardwood Floor

How to fix large scratches on hardwood floors from a dog?

If the hardwood floor is severely ruined, you need to refinish it entirely or try to fix the significant scratches. Severely scratched hardwood floors require refinishing either entirely or partly to fix any hardwood floors from a dog.

If your hardwood floor is fully covered in dog scratches, then it is one of those challenges of owning a dog. You have to accept and face it properly.

3 Things to do before fixing scratches in hardwood floors from a dog.

You must do three things before fixing scratches on any hardwood floor that your dog has done.

1. First check the kind of floor finish of your floors.

It is the first step you must do before attempting to fix any scratches on the floor. You need to find out what kind of hardwood finish you have on the floor. It can be anything from a wax finish to a water-based polyurethane finish. Some may also have a varnish or be oil-finished. 

It is imperative to know the type or the kind of finish because it will help you manage and match in choosing a new finish or materials you need to fix the scratches. It is imperative to use the same quality of material as the finished floor.

This is the first step and the most significant step because using the wrong material that does not match the floor finish will make the results look awful.

2. Examine your dog’s scratches on the floor

First of all, you will need to evaluate or examine the size of the scratches themselves. If they look minimal, then the fix is going to be easier as well as cheaper. 

If you notice that the scratches are very few and distributed in very few areas, you won’t need to refinish your entire hardwood floor. Even if the scratches are minor or white, or significant, but only in a small space, you can use one of the methods below. 

Suppose you notice that your floor is fully covered in scratches even if they’re small, and not noticeable with the naked eye. In that case, you will still need to refinish your hardwood floors to obliterate every single scratch and start from new.

3. Super clean your floor before any attempt to fix it

Before you do anything or even attempt to fix any scratches on any hardwood floor done by your dog, it is imperative to clean it properly, ultimately, and thoroughly. This is the best possible way to eliminate and remove any dirt and dust that has been stuck for a while in those scratches. 

4. Keep your dog’s nails trimmed

Maintaining your dog’s nails will reduce the risk of scratched floors. This can be done by routine nail trimming.

Dog Scratches Hardwood Floor

How to fix scratches in hardwood floors from a dog

  • Clean the scratch area in and around by applying a small or mid-amount of hardwood cleaner directly. 
  • Now apply any pigmented wood polish you desire or use a stain filler or wood marker to the scratches.
  • I used a marker, so you will need to apply the marker directly to the scratch. 
  • In case you are going with the wood polish, you can also use another rag to apply it correctly.
  • One coat of stain is enough for minor scratches and a couple for medium. 
  • Add a layer of polyurethane to a glossy floor.
  • If the scratches are deep, apply some wood stain after filling the scratch with sand that matches your floor color.

Dogs nails scratching hardwood floors: 9 Easy Ways To Fix Scratches

Below I will share nine straightforward ways to fix any hardwood floor crash from a dog conveniently.

1. Use olive oil and apple cider DIY mixture to fix a few small scratches

Use Olive Oil And Apple Cider DIY Mixture To Fix Few Small Scratches
Use Olive Oil And Apple Cider DIY Mixture To Fix Few Small Scratches

If you notice that the scratches are microscopic are few, and have been distributed in very few areas, you can always create a DIY mixture of olive oil and apple cider to clean up the scratches. You need to mix the ingredients, and once you have a combination apply it to the scratches done on the hardwood floors by your dog. 

To apply it, you can also use a cloth and bluff it up. After that, you can leave it to dry and clean it later. This is something that is very easy and can be done in a very few minutes. It will also improve the appearance of your hardwood floor.

2. Use sandpaper and stain to fix small scratches

If you want to give your hardwood floor an improved appearance or look, you can also use sandpaper and stain in the scratches. You can use sandpaper to sand and smooth your hardwood floor before applying any color. You can use any stain, whether it’s a water-based stain or an oil-based one. 

If you have new floors, then I would recommend you go with the water-based stain. Always remember to take the current floor color into account.

3. Use a wood marker to fix shallow scratches on hardwood floors

A straightforward method for an alternative option is to use a wood marker to quickly cover up the scratches done on the hardwood floors by your dog. Remember that it is only suitable for shallow or minor scratches that aren’t noticeable from afar view site or when observing while standing. 

This kind of marker is available in the market in a variety of colors, so you can always match it up with your hardwood floor coloring and then purchase it to apply. If you do it properly, then it is sure that nobody will be able even to tell you that you used a marker to cover up any damage.

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4. Use a floor restorer for small/medium size scratches on any hardwood floors

The floor restorer can easily fill in scratches and restore or protect the shine of your hardwood floor. It works excellently on hardwood floors, vinyl tile, terracotta, and many more.

5. Use wax and steel wool to make the scratches less noticeable on any hardwood floor

If you are considering refinishing the entire floor but not right now and need something that can make the scratches less noticeable, you can always use steel wool and wax to make it happen. First of all, you will need the grain of the thread and rub the scratch to become less noticeable. 

Now you can use the wax to fill in the scratches done by your dog. However, if you want your floors to look a little better in terms of appearance, you can also consider it using wax paste after you are done with the wax stick. 

6. Use a wood stain to fix a few small scratches on any hardwood floors

You can choose a water-based stain on oil-based paint, depending on your floor finish. If your floor finish is brand new, you can use a water-based stain, but if the floor is older, you can use oil-based paint as it will help improve the appearance of the old floor. You can also use a combination of both colors.

The advantage of using a water-based stain is that it doesn’t get very messy and gets dry quicker compared to oil-based paint. Another advantage of using a water-based stain is that if you accidentally spill it all over your floor, it will be easier for you to clean it up.

You need to fill in the scratch by using your chosen stain according to the finish of your floor and let it dry. If you notice that the color is in excess, you can use a soft cloth to remove it accordingly.

7. Use natural oil to fix scratches on hardwood floors

If you are looking for a more natural solution to fix your hardwood floor, then maybe crude oil is the one you are looking for. Walnut oils are great as they contain natural brown dyes that can easily conceal any scratches done by your dog if it is Shallow. Another great alternative to walnut oil is coconut oil.

8. Use sandpaper and refinish the area of your floor to fix scratches in hardwood floors

If you notice any scratches in one part of your hardwood floor from your dog, you may want to refinish that portion particularly. You can even spot refinish with sand. 

Always make sure that you are using the same type of stain that your floor already has so that it matches the rest of the portion of your floor.

9. Refinish your entire floor

If you notice wide and long scratches in your hardwood floor from your dog in every area and portion of the bed, you will need to refinish everything. You can do this by using this ultimate floor finish and wax strip remover.

Dog Scratches Hardwood Floor

Scratch-proof hardwood flooring with these tips!

  • Don’t walk with your shoes on the floor. 
  • Cover the entry at the doorstep with a mat. 
  • Use felt pads on the furniture installed in the room’s hardwood floors. 
  • Don’t keep chairs with rollers. 
  • Avoid wearing stilettos on hardwood floors. 
  • Avoid wearing cleats on hardwood floors. 
  • Don’t wear spiky shoes and walk around on the hardwood floors. 
  • Clean the floor regularly to get the dirt up. Rug the areas where the chair moves very often.


How To Remove Scratches Of Hardwood Floors Without Sanding?

You can use DIY solutions like apple Cedar and olive oil mixture to reduce and remove minor scratches on hardwood floors without sanding.

Why Do Dogs Scratch Hardwood Floors?

Dogs accidentally scratch the floors because of their nails. Keep their nails trimmed to help avoid scratches.

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