Are Labradors Loyal? Do Labradors Pick a Favorite Person?

Inside: Labradors are very loyal dogs. But do they pick a favorite person? And how can you become your Lab’s favorite family member?

Labrador Retrievers are bred to be loyal dogs. So yes labs are loyal to the whole family, not just one person.

In fact, the AKC breed standard for Labrador Retrievers reads: The ideal disposition is one of a kindly, outgoing, tractable nature; eager to please and non-aggressive towards man or animal. The Labrador has much that appeals to people; his gentle ways, intelligence, and adaptability make him an ideal dog.

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a lab with their favorite person

1. My Lab likes my spouse best!

Let’s put this in perspective.

Does your Lab jump all around and get really happy when one person comes home, as opposed to all the other people in the household?

If your Lab is choosing a specific person in your home, then you need to ask why. I’ll use children as an example.

When kids are little, they are usually just over the moon when grandparents arrive. Why is that?

Well, typically when grandparents arrive, they come with gifts. And, it’s often a holiday or other special occasion. So, the small child begins to associate that person with celebrations.

And boring old parents are associated with…bedtime, naptime, and cleaning your room. Of course, they’re happy when Grandma comes!

The same can be said about Labs. Your Labrador Retriever has learned to associate a certain household member with more positive experiences than others.

labrador retriever having fun jumping on a beach with their owner
Labs love to have fun!

2. Do Labs pick a favorite person?

The answer is….maybe.

Labradors, like other dogs, can form strong bonds with their human family members. While they may not necessarily have a single “favorite” person, they often show affection and loyalty to the individuals who provide them with love, care, attention, and positive experiences.

Labradors are known for their friendly and sociable nature, so they may show affection and seek attention from multiple people in their household or those they frequently interact with.

However, it’s important to note that individual dogs can have their own preferences and personalities. Some Labradors may naturally gravitate more toward one particular person, while others may distribute their attention more evenly among different family members.

Factors such as the amount of time spent together, the quality of the bond formed, and the activities shared can influence a Labrador’s attachment to a specific person.

However, labs find several different ways to show their love and affection for the person. 

But, kids don’t necessarily not like or not love their parents…just because Grandma came over.

And your Lab doesn’t dislike you…even if they get more excited to see your spouse, roommate, or child.

loyal labrador and his owner
Labradors have enough love and affection to go around.

3. How to get a Labrador like you?

You may wonder on what basis a Labrador selects their favorite person. One who is spending quality time with the Labrador and keeping it engaged.

  • Hand Feeding: There is a hidden benefit of hand-feeding your Labrador, such as making your bond stronger. The act of serving food improves and increases the contact you have with your Labrador. Moreover, it is the best way to spend quality time with your Labrador without getting bored. Therefore if you are willing to improve your bond with your Labrador, then hand-feeding is the simplest way.
  • Fun and Relax Time: Cuddling for a few minutes will improve your bond with your Labrador, and you can easily become your lab’s favorite.
  • Training your Labrador means spending quality time with it without getting bored. Labradors love the leadership or dominant nature of humans. 
  • Grooming: Your lab may love you more if you groom them often. Give them a good brushing, clip their nails, and massage their backs.

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How many times a day should you feed a Labrador?
Participate in your Lab’s daily activities that they enjoy.

4. How Can You Tell if You are Your Lab’s Favorite

If you notice the following behavior in your Labrador when it’s around you, congratulations, it loves you a lot.

  1. By wagging its tail when you are around: The tail is the most used body part by the Labrador to communicate and express their emotions. They show fear along with happiness and aggression by wagging their tail.
  2. A Body Wag: Similarly, they convey feelings of love and affection through the same body language, such as wagging their tail. When their favorite person is around, they will shake their whole back and show a level of trust in the person.
  3. Labradors love to follow their loved ones no matter where the person is going. It is because they feel secure and safe around you, and that is why they want to be around you. So be happy if your Labrador is continuously and frequently following you and not allowing you to go somewhere alone. It is a sign that your Labrador is completely in love with you and enjoys your company.
  4. Licking your face: Labrador licking your face means they are kissing you to show their love and affection. As we know, puppies lick their mother’s face and show their love; the same is the case when they lick the face of their owner. Or maybe your Labrador is grooming you, which is another way to show love and care for you.
  5. Your Labrador will show their affection by jumping on you. If you don’t like this behavior you can teach them not to jump.
  6. When your Labrador is in love with you, it will demand to be social with you, such as forcing you to play with it or bring it for a walk.
  7. Watch over: Labradors will show their love for you by protecting you. 

Are Labradors Loyal?

In the end, remember that your Lab loves you. It’s very unusual for a Lab to not like its family.

It may show more excitement or affection for one person but don’t take it personally. They love you too!

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