Can German Shepherds Eat Chicken Bones?

Did your dog get into some table scraps? You might be wondering can German Shepherds eat chicken bones? Read our guide to German Shepherds eating chicken bones to understand what they can have and what they can’t.

Can German Shepherds Eat Chicken Bones

Can German Shepherds eat chicken bones? 

It depends on the type of chicken bone. German Shepherds can eat raw chicken bones but they cannot eat cooked chicken bones. You always have to supervise them when they are eating raw chicken bones

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Bones are good for the oral health of a German Shepherd. Bones help in the strength and cleaning of teeth and gums. Bones provide strength to the muscles of the stomach.

Best bones for German Shepherds?

Bones provide calcium and phosphorous for feeding. There are bones that you can feed your German Shepherd. The following are the two kinds of those bones.

  1. Palatable
  2. Entertaining

Both of these kinds of bones have their benefits for German Shepherds.

The palatable bones are beneficial and are considered part of dog feed. Palatable bones are low in weight. They include:

  • Neckbones
  • Quarter bones

Bones provide nutrients and minerals to the dogs. They also provide collagen.

Entertaining bones help relieve their stress and boredom. Bones entertain them. Entertaining bones are weight-bearing compared to palatable bones. They include:

  • Knucklebones
  • Large bones with bone marrow
  • Large bones with flesh

Precautions of bone feeding:

  • Select a bone whose size is equal to the mouth of the dog.
  • Do not feed broken bones.
  • Do not cook the bones because they can splint.
  • Do not feed uncleaned bones.
  • Monitor your dog while giving them bones.
  • Do not offer larger and weight-bearing bones.
  • Do not offer a bone that has edges.
  • In case of any underlying condition like diarrhea, inflammatory bowel syndrome, and gastric dilatation-volvulus do not give them bone-in feed.
Can German Shepherds Eat Chicken Bones

Why we should not feed bones to a German Shepherd?

Bones can cause serious harmful effects on a German Shepherd. The followings are some of the side effects.

  • Gastrointestinal Tract Blockage
  • Choking of the digestive tract
  • Injuries to rectum
  • Lacerations in mouth and throat
  • Vomiting
  • Septicemia
  • Diarrhea
  • Death

Some of the important issues are discussed below.

Blockage and Choking

Larger bones or bones with edges are not easily swallowed by German Shepherds. It is obstructed in the GIT. It causes choking and obstruction in the throat and it causes difficulty in breathing.

If there is a blockage there will be drooling of saliva, pain on touch, anorexia, coughing, vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, depression, and open-mouth breathing are some of the obvious signs.

GIT and Respiratory tract Injury

Bones can result in severe bleeding in the body. The injury to the respiratory system may lead to death even.

It can cause injury to the whole gastrointestinal tract, especially the mouth, throat, and rectum.


Dirty and uncleaned bones are a good source of bacterial contamination. Bones are a good source of salmonella infection. This may lead to a septicemic condition resulting in anorexia, depression, fever, and general systemic issues.

Can German Shepherds Eat Chicken Bones

What happens if a German Shepherd eats cooked chicken bones?

In spite of your best efforts, dogs will sometimes steal cooked chicken bones from the garbage, your dinner table, the street, etc. This has happened with my dog a few times.

If your dog has eaten a cooked bone, you do need to worry a little bit. 

  • Peacefully try to remove the bone from the mouth of the dog.
  • Do not use harsh words or behavior in front of your dog. Your harsh behavior will induce him into a situation of fight and flight and he will swallow the bone faster.
  • Immediately give your dog some soft foods like bread, canned dog food, etc to coat the intestines while the bone travels through your dog’s body. 
  • Observe your dog after ingestion of bone. In case of any blood in stools, bring him to his vet as it is an indication of internal gut injury.

Is Milk Bone Good for German Shepherds?

Milk bone is the best bone to be fed to a dog. It can be given to a dog as a treat. It helps the dogs by providing them with essential minerals, easy chewing, and no obstruction issues. It is an ideal bone to feed a dog.

It provides essential nutritional benefits to a German Shepherd. It is a high-quality product. 

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