How to Clean Labrador Ears? 2 Easy Methods to Try

When you have a Labrador you need to learn how to groom them. Learn how to clean Labrador ears. Labradors are famous for being more prone to getting ear issues such as bacteria or infections. But thankfully, just by cleaning their ears at home, we can keep them healthy and free from infections. 

As a Labrador parent, you should have complete knowledge about cleaning your lab’s ear. 

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How to clean Labrador ears

It is highly recommended to take care of your Labrador’s body and especially ears. After all, a groomed and healthy Labrador will feel their best and live a healthier life.

Most dog owners are in favor of grooming their dogs at home without hiring a professional. In this way, you can save money, and the dog feels a strong bond with the parents due to the grooming sessions.

Moreover, grooming your Labrador by yourself gives you a chance to inspect your Labrador ear to make sure there is no infection.

To help your Labrador avoid ear discharge and other infections, you must clean them regularly. Labradors contain curvy and Twisty ears, which may get bacteria or parasites if not groomed at intervals.

Regular cleaning of your Labrador’s ears gives you an excellent opportunity to analyze debris and other related issues. Preventing the growth of harmful bacteria becomes much easier due to grooming.

Cleaning your Labrador’s ear is especially crucial when they have a tiny ear and a bulk of ear wax. Depending on your Labrador, it can be self-evident when the ears need to be cleaned, and at the same time, it can be challenging when something is wrong.

How often should I clean Labrador Ears?

It is highly recommended by the vet to groom your dog 2 to 3 times a week. But when it comes to cleaning the ears of your Labrador, they recommend it whenever it needs.

Note: Over-cleaning may cause irritation in the ear canal which may lead to ear infections. Please consult with your vet.

If your Labrador is quite moody and does not let you touch its ears, then you can clean its ears twice a month but not less than this.

How to clean Labrador ears?

There are several different methods you can use to clean your Labrador’s ears. Almost all of these methods are getting positive reviews from dog parents.

The first one is the spritz and shakes method, in which the hemostat is the only necessary tool.

Step 1 Pick a work environment.

Choose a spot to clean your canine’s ears that’s comfortable and easy to clean in case your lab shakes its head.

Step 2 Inspection initially.

Start by investigating each of his ears for dirt, signs of infection, redness, etc.

Step 3 Open up and add oil.

Open your puppy’s ear by holding the fold up if necessary and pour a couple of drops of mineral oil within the ear fold, then, at that point, pour some more inside the ear trench.

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Step 4 Massage time

Before your canine gets an opportunity to shake his head, begin rubbing the foundation of his ear to assist the mineral oil with separating any dirt in his ear.

Do this for a few seconds or longer, depending on how grimy your dog’s ears are.

Step 5 Shake everything out.

Now discharge your dog’s head and remain back. As he shakes his head, the oil will move any dirt out of his ear.

Do the same for the other ear.

Method 2

Moving ahead, the next one is the positive experience method, and again the only tool required is a hemostat.

Step 1 – Be calm

Unless you need to battle with your little guy during the ear-cleaning, which obviously will make the interaction take longer, approach this task without a care in the world way.

The most ideal system to do this is to make a positive encounter – consider having a pile of his favorite treats close by so that you can reward him when he co-operates.

Step 2 – Grab the correct tools

Just like your mother told you that you shouldn’t use Q-tips to clean your ears, you should never use them to clean your puppy’s ears.

You can use cloth folded over a finger or cotton balls and if needed, a couple of hemostats to hold them. You will require a decent-quality ear wash. Ideally, one from your vet.

Be sure you pick an ear wash that doesn’t contain steroids, antitoxins, liquor, or some other kind of poisonous fixings.

Step 3 – Keep your tools within reach

Put your devices and your cleaning supplies within reach, so you don’t need to get up while trying to clean your dog’s ears.

Step 4 – Outer ears

Soak a cotton ball in the ear wash solution and start by cleaning the outside of your dog’s ears. Please start at the extreme outside, cleaning the spaces of his ear that you can see.

Continue cleaning their whole ear.

Step 5 – Inner ears

Once the external part of your dog’s ears is clean, splash another cotton ball in the cleaning solution and clean the inward parts of his ears.

Be careful cleaning the inside of your dog’s ears. Do this gently. You need to clean your puppy’s ears once per month.

Positive training is highly required when you want to groom your dog at home. Keep serving your dog with treats and praise it for the positive behavior; otherwise, your dog will not feel motivated for grooming.

Also, make sure that your dog is in a happy mood and does not feel irritated or forced when you are trying to clean its ears.

With positive reinforcement, cleaning ears can be fun.


What can I use to clean my labs ears?

Hemostat and dog ear cleaners will be the only tools that you need in order to clean your Labrador ears at home.

Should I clean my labs ears?

Yes, definitely you should clean your Labrador’s ears. Experienced vets always recommend cleaning dogs’ ears whenever it needs.
Note: Over-cleaning isn’t a good thing for a dog so only clean whenever it needs.

Can I use baby wipes to clean my dog’s ears?

You shouldn’t use baby wipes for your dog. Please consult your vet to figure out the relevant tools for your dog.

Why do my labs ears smell?

A yeast ear infection is pretty common in dogs. It is very itchy for dogs and you may notice them always scratching their ears with the wall or floor.

Can you put olive oil in your dog’s ear?

Yes, you can use olive oil if you don’t have any other dog ear cleaners. Put the olive oil into the dog’s ear canal, and massage for 2-3 minutes so it will help to loosen any wax.

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