How to Clean German Shepherd Ears?

German Shepherd ear cleaning

Part of owning a dog is making sure you stay on top of grooming them. Ear cleaning is one of those tasks. We’ll go over how to clean German Shepherd ears so you can clean them like a pro!

How to clean german shepherd ears

How to Clean German Shepherd Ears?

Clean German Shepherd ears regularly with a veterinarian-recommended ear solution by completely filling the ear with solution after proper restraining. Clean the dirt using cotton balls. This should be performed once a month as per instructions and the dosage recommended.

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Use the following directions to help you clean your German Shepherd’s ears. 

  • Use a veterinarian-recommended ear solution to clean your dog’s ears. 
  • Ask your dog to sit down in a calm state. Show the bottle of ear cleaner to your German Shepherd. Allow him to smell and feel it.
  • Gently grip your dog’s head near the top. This will help hold his head in place so you can add the cleaning solution.
  • Pull the ears up for cleaning purposes with a soft hand. Do not hurt him otherwise, he will become aggressive. Put the optimal quantity of cleaning solution into the ear as suggested by your veterinarian into the ear.
  • Keep on filling the ear with the ear-cleaning solution until the ear canal gets filled.
  • After completely filling the ear with solution, calm down your dog and rub down the ear base in a rotational motion. By doing this, the cleaning solution will clean deep into the ears.
  • Pick up a towel and soak up the ear solution. Use cotton balls to clean away any dirt you see.
  • Give your dog a treat for letting you clean their ear.
  • Do not use the Q-tips for this process. Q-tips will damage the eardrum.
  • Repeat the same procedure with the other ear, if it is required.
How to clean german shepherd ears

How often should I clean my German Shepherd’s ears?

You should clean your dog’s ears once a month. If your dog has a lot of earwax or long ears, clean the ears once a week. If your dog has ear infections often, you can clean the ears once a week. 

What can I use to clean my dog’s ears at home?

Use cleaning solutions that your vet recommends. Do not use hydrogen peroxide solution for cleaning of ears. It is irritating for your German Shepherd.

The tissues of the ear are very sensitive. They can get damaged from using hydrogen peroxide.

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