Why Does My Labrador Smell So Bad? 8 Reasons Why

Smells like a wet dog is a famous saying which is used to refer to something stinking badly. Labradors are always accused of smelling bad. Unfortunately, Labradors are considered a smellier breed in the dog world. But, why does my Labrador smell so bad? 8 reasons why and what to do.

According to us, Labradors are not at fault for this smell; it’s because they are wired with a double coat.

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Why Does Labrador Smell So Bad

Yes, this is the actual reason why a Labrador smells so bad… While on the other hand, dogs with a single coat typically do not smell at all.

Why does my Labrador stink?

However, not all dog owners find the odor bad. So why does Labrador smell so bad? It’s crucial to mention that even smell varies from dog to dog, just like people smell.

Such as, if your Labrador rolls in something terrible, it will smell differently as compared to the unique signature lab scent. Dog parents can easily recognize the type of smell on their dogs.

Biologically, each animal, especially a dog, has their own scent signature, also known as odor type. Due to this odor type, animal parents find their babies and even pick the mate depending on this odor.

Similarly, Labradors also smell but two Labradors will never smell the same. This way, you can easily recognize your Labrador even in the crowd.

Do labs smell worse than other dogs?

As we know that Labradors contain double coats to protect them from environmental changes. The excretion of body oil, along with the oxidation of fat, causes the smell in Labrador dogs.

However, some dogs do not stink, while some contain the worst smell. Yes, labs smell worse than other dogs due to the apparent double coat reason.

Luckily, by different means, dog parents can reduce this smell, such as by grooming or by using suitable products. Today’s dog products are much gentler than ever before, so using them twice or thrice a month will definitely help you out of this situation. 

Why does my Labrador smell so bad.

Why does my Labrador smell of fish?

There are multiple causes due to which Labradors smell like fish. Knowing about the actual causes is highly recommended before moving toward treatment.

1. Rolling on dead animal

As a dog parent, you should know about the Labrador nature of rolling on stinky substances such as on dead animals and the pool.

2. Dental problems

Maybe it is not the coat of your Labrador that is smelling bad, but their mouth. Most of the time, dental problems put your dog in a situation where they start smelling like a fish.

The dental problem can be due to the type of food, or maybe your dog ate something terrible. The presence of harmful parasites in the soil also becomes the cause of dental problems, which as a result, makes your dog stink badly.

3. Skin allergy

Although Labradors include themselves in the smellier dog breeds still there can be some other reasons, such as skin allergies (dandruff, dry and flaky skin). There is a possibility that the food you are serving to your dog is not suitable and causes some sort of allergy to its body.

Allergic food forces the dog’s body to excrete oil and excessive sweat, which again becomes the cause of a bad smell in Labradors. Using any expired or unsuitable dog products also causes skin allergies and hence awful stink.

Moreover, skin allergy is a significant source of bacteria and parasites in the body of Labrador.

4. Lack of grooming

Maybe you are not fulfilling your responsibility as a dog owner and not paying attention to regular dog grooming, which makes your dog smell bad.

It is highly recommended to wash your Labrador twice or thrice a month or this can cause several skin issues; the smell is one of them.

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5. Ear infection

Among the reasons your dog smells like fish, the next one to discuss is an ear infection. There is a possibility that the ear of your Labrador is becoming the source of bacteria along with yeast and some other parasites, and all of them are causing a bad smell.

6. Urinary tract infection

Most of the time, Labradors smell like fish because they are suffering from UTI or urinary tract infection. This issue is not just painful but is a significant source of irritation and smell for your Labrador.

7. Anal sac tumor

The anal-centric sac is the most widely recognized reason for the foul smell and the stinky young doggies. Realize that there are two sacs at the lower part of your canine.

On the off chance that any of them or the two of them get affected, they become the reason for stinky doggies.

If this effect of contamination isn’t treated at that point, it might cause agony and disturbance for your canine. Subsequently, get an arrangement from an accomplished veterinary and tackle this issue to decrease the torment and bothering of your dog.

8. Gas problem

Moving ahead to the reasons for the bad smell, the next one under discussion is the gas problem in Labradors. There is a possibility that it is not the coat of your Labrador due to which it smells like fish, but it is a farting problem.

Now there is a massive list of the causes and reasons why dogs suffer from the gas problem, such as the type of food. Therefore you should know about the actual reason for your Labrador’s stink rather than just wasting the perfume in the air.

Why does my Labrador smell so bad?

Does Labrador smell go away?

Know that living with a Labrador is full-time entertainment, but more than this, it’s a responsibility. As mentioned above, reducing the bad Labrador smell is possible just by proper care and responsibility.

There is always a question in parents’ minds does Labrador smell go away, or do they have to bear it their whole life? Don’t panic; the answer is going to be in your favor.

Focus on all of the previous causes and try to reverse all of these with the best possible solutions. Simply by regular dog grooming, you can reduce the overall Labrador smell.

By providing a fresh and clean environment along with quality products, you can concentrate more than half of your lab’s issues.

Make sure to wash your Labrador twice or three times a month if you want to avoid the smell in it. 

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