Dog Treats Recipe

Lots of different types of dog treats that you can make at home.

Treats are just that a treat for your dog. Just like we indulge in a cookie or cupcake from time to time, dogs enjoy one too. But should only be given in moderation.

But we don’t just share recipes for indulging treats, we also cover homemade dog training treats too.

These are tiny treats that work great as rewards when you are trying to leash train, house train, behavioral train, or whatever the training may be.

Homemade Dog Training Treats
Dog Cookies
Frozen Treats
Dog Gummies
Soft Treats
Hard Treats
Dehydrated Treats

One thing that should be noted about homemade goodies is that they do not last as long as store-bought. That is because they are a much healthier treat without all the added crap. So we normally make in smaller batches for the best freshness.

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