8 Reasons Why French Bulldogs Are The Best

Why are French Bulldogs popular?

A French Bulldog can bring joy and a smile to anyone who loves snuggles. Apart from snuggles, the French Bulldogs are also famous for their cute looks. 

In this article, we will talk about 8 reasons why French Bulldogs are the best breed ever.

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They are a high-energy dog breed, but they are also easy to tire out due to their small size. Frenchies tend to be friendly, energetic, and funny, making them so popular.

French Bulldogs Are The Best

8 Reasons Why French Bulldogs Are The Best Breed

1. They adapt well to smaller spaces 

If you live in an apartment or reside in a house with little floor space, then a French Bulldog is what you need. Frenchies tend to be perfectly happy in small places, and sometimes they prefer to retreat to a small crate when they feel threatened. 

2. French Bulldogs do fine in cold weather

Believe it or not, when you want to go for a walk with your dog in cold weather, French Bulldogs will be fine. However, a doggy sweater or a warm coat that fits their body will be needed when going outside in colder temperatures.

3. French Bulldogs are goofy 

French Bulldogs tend to be very affectionate and friendly not only to humans but also to other dogs. They quickly get along with other dog breeds and even clowns around them.

4. French Bulldogs love people

A French Bulldog will always love his human family. Just like golden retrievers, Frenchies love their owner and their family. 

Avoid shouting or yelling at your Frenchie as they have the habit of taking it seriously and moping around when they feel sad. It’s best to give positive reinforcement as they respond well to that.

French Bulldogs Are The Best

5. Frenchies don’t need a lot of exercise

A 30-minute daily walk two times a day is all you need to keep your French Bulldog’s energy level low as well as happy. You will love to snuggle with them as they make the best couch potatoes while you watch your favorite TV show.

6. Frenchies are highly entertaining 

Many people have stated that French Bulldogs are best for people who need comedy in their life. Your buddy will always run and prance around your home. 

They are known for rolling around the floor while chatting with you. Frenchies have also been seen singing along with their favorite tune in the car.

7. French Bulldogs are low-maintenance

Although they are low maintenance, you need to give them regular baths and grooming just like all dogs. They have short fur so they don’t shed a lot.

8. Frenchies are talkative

French Bulldogs do not bark much, instead, they talk a lot. French Bulldogs have a very complex system of gargles, yips, and yawns, which convey an illusion of language.

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