German Shepherd Climbing Fence

Is your German Shepherd climbing fence? It’s important to keep your dog inside your backyard. Lots of dogs can easily jump fences. Learn how high your fence needs to be if you have a German Shepherd.

German Shepherd Climbing Fence 

Yes, German Shepherds can climb fences. The only solution is to keep the fence high enough so that your dog can’t jump over it. For this, you will have to know at what height German Shepherds can jump. Experts recommend that parents make a fence of some specific height if they want to keep German Shepherds in their backyard.

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German Shepherd Climbing Fence

Is jumping bad for German Shepherds

At a certain height, jumping is not bad for German Shepherds. However, in some situations or above a specific size, it can be bad for this breed.

Also, there are some conditions, such as if a German Shepherd is jumping the fence, it is bad. While on the other hand, jumping to catch a Frisbee or ball is not that bad.

German Shepherds are a medium to a large dog breed, so excessive or frequent jumping may damage their hip bone.

Do German Shepherds try to escape?

Yes, German Shepherds are known for trying to escape. They are an energetic breed and need to be exercised often. If they are not exercised they get into trouble like trying to escape from the backyard.

German Shepherd Climbing Fence

What distance can a German Shepherd jump?

German Shepherds can jump 4 to 6 feet. If your German Shepherd has a running area it may jump higher than 6 feet.

Can a German Shepherd jump over a 5-foot fence?

It’s crucial to consider the size along with the personality of the breed when you are planning to install a fence on your lawn. For example, the small or toy breeds cannot jump high enough to jump a fence of 4 feet.

While large dog breeds can easily cross a 5-foot fence. And when it comes to German Shepherds, the strong, the energetic, and the naughty ones, 5 feet is nothing for them to jump.

Fence height for German Shepherd

Large breeds, such as German Shepherds, should have tall and strong fences around them because they are capable of jumping high.

No matter if your German Shepherd is a good jumper or not, still there is a need to install a fence of more than 7 feet.

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