My German Shepherd Is Aggressive

Are German Shepherds aggressive?

What do you do if my German Shepherd is aggressive? We’ll discuss if aggression is common in this breed and what to do to help.

German Shepherds are likely to attack people and other dogs out of aggression. That’s why they are usually bred to be guard dogs rather than family dogs. German Shepherds are powerful, intelligent, and energetic dogs that require lots of physical exercise. 

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My German Shepherd Is Aggressive

My German Shepherd is aggressive

Yes, German Shepherds have aggressive behavior that helps them protect and defend their owners. Although this behavior can be helpful, you need to train your German Shepherd dog properly to avoid unnecessary attacks.

Why Are German Shepherds Aggressive?

German Shepherds were originally bred for herding and protecting sheep from predators. Since these dogs are large and powerful, they can be very aggressive.

In addition to their herding instincts, their high energy can make them chase people and other dogs around.

German Shepherds can be trained to be great attack dogs, police, or military dogs, and even search and rescue dogs.

German Shepherds are excellent at whatever they are trained to do. With the right training, they can be taught good behaviors.

These dog breeds can also serve as family dogs, but they need daily physical and mental exercise to keep them busy. German Shepherds also tend to be aloof and suspicious, so it’s best to expose them to other people and dogs early.

Are German Shepherds aggressive to humans?

German Shepherd dogs can be aggressive to humans, especially when they assume the person to be dangerous. Often, they might attack people randomly, so these dogs need to be trained on how to recognize threats and danger. 

There are several reasons why the German Shepherd may become aggressive, but it mostly stems from the primal instinct to protect their territory.

Lack of proper training can also make these dogs misbehave and attack humans. It’s possible to train aggression towards people out of a German Shepherd.

When they are puppies, they need to be taught obedience and feel comfortable around people. Otherwise, they will see everyone else as a threat, and it would be hard to correct them when older.

My German Shepherd Is Aggressive

What age does a German Shepherd become aggressive?

Some German Shepherds might show signs of aggression at 3 months of age. However, their behaviors will increase when they reach adolescence. In contrast, other German Shepherds will only demonstrate aggression when they are at least 2 years old.

Whether they show aggressive behaviors or not, they need to be trained as puppies. It will help them understand those circumstances that require them to be hostile. 

German Shepherds can become more aggressive if they aren’t trained well and don’t socialize with other humans and dogs.

Are German Shepherds dangerous?

German Shepherds give such powerful bites that they are referred to as a dangerous breed. Although poorly trained German Shepherds are more dangerous than the average dog breed, they are not as harmful as Rottweilers and Pit bulls.

This dog breed is naturally protective of its owners. And that’s why they need to be trained and socialized properly. Otherwise, GSDs will go about attacking any stranger that comes close to their territory. German Shepherds are known to cause a lot of fatalities and injuries.

Even if they have been trained, strangers should be careful around these dogs. Sometimes, they might even show aggression towards their owners. (Also read Can German Shepherd attack their owners?) So it’s important to give formal training while they are still a puppy.

My German Shepherd Is Aggressive

What to do if a German Shepherd attacks you?

German Shepherds are not always friendly toward people who seem threatening to their families. They attack if they smell danger or some unsafe energy. It can be scary if an aggressive German Shepherd attacks you, so you should stay away from them.

If you get attacked by a German Shepherd, you should not run away; else, it will chase you. Try to put something between you and the dog attacking you to help shield yourself.  

When struggling with a German Shepherd, you need to call for help. Hopefully, the owner is nearby, so they can help you escape the attack. Otherwise, you might have to fight back to save your life. If the dog bites you during the attack, you need to see a doctor for immediate treatment.

German Shepherd aggressive to other dogs

German Shepherds can be very protective of their territory and will be aggressive towards any intruder. It doesn’t matter if it’s a human or a dog; GSDs will be hostile if GSDs feel invaded. But this only happens when the dog lacks proper training. (Also Read Do German Shepherds attack other dogs?)

A well-behaved German Shepherd will be friendly towards other dogs and won’t see them as a threat. That’s why these dogs need to be socialized as early as possible. They need to be able to understand circumstances that require them to be aggressive.

German Shepherds should be taken to puppy classes and allowed to play with other dogs. They need to understand that it’s normal and safe to have other people and dogs around the house.

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