Akita Newfoundland Mix: A Complete Guide (With Pictures)

Would you like to know more about the Akita Newfoundland Mix? Our complete guide will share everything you need to know about this breed.

In this guide, you will learn about the physical appearance of a Newfoundland Akita Mix, along with the pros and cons of adopting an Akita And Newfoundland Mix.

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You will also learn about their temperament, health condition, personality, health issues, grooming tools, grooming requirements, exercise needs, training requirements, dietary requirements, compatibility, adaptability, and tolerability.

Akita Newfoundland Mix. An Akita with multiple fur colors.
Akita Newfoundland Mix

What Is Akita Newfoundland Mix?

An Akita Newfoundland Mix is a hybrid dog originating by cross-breeding Akita and Newfoundland. They are very popular among United States people due to their special appearance.

They tend to be very friendly, sweet-tempered, trainable, faithful, loyal, and receptive dog breeds. There are lots of downsides and upsides of adopting a Newfoundland Akita Mix in your home, but it can be overcome if you follow the care guide properly.

Akita Newfoundland Mix Physical Appearance

Akita Newfoundland Mix. An Akita placing its head on a couch.
Akita Newfoundland Mix

It’s virtually impossible to identify the exact physical appearance of an Akita Newfoundland Mix puppy. After doing thorough research on the parents and gathering information, we can get an idea of what an average Newfoundland Akita Mix puppy would look like.

It is vital to note that the information below is a guess based on our research and is not guaranteed to be accurate. 

Akita And Newfoundland Mix puppies are hybrid dogs, meaning that each one will possess a distinct physical appearance, which makes them attractive and appealing. This makes them extremely attractive, which is why they are so popular among breeders and the United States.

Akita usually have a thick coat on their body making them a double-coated dog breed. On the other hand, Newfoundland is also a double-coated dog breed with very thick hair on its body.

A Newfoundland Akita Mix is likely to be a double-layer coated hybrid dog making them suitable for extreme cold weather as well. In the shedding season, you can expect a lot of shedding. An Akita Newfoundland Mix is going to shed heavily 2 times a year in the shedding season.

Akita usually has white, sesame, red fawn, and brindle color on its body. On the other hand, the Newfoundland dog tends to have brown-black, tan, grey, white, and black and white.

Akita is a medium to large-sized dog breed while on the other hand, Newfoundland dogs are considered a large dog breed. Both come under the same group which is working dogs. However, an Akita Newfoundland Mix is likely to be a medium-sized dog breed for sure. 

Akita2 feet to 2 feet, 4 inches tall at the shoulder
70 to 130 pounds
10 to 12 years
Newfoundland2 feet, 1 inch to 2 feet, 5 inches tall at the shoulder
100 to 150 pounds
8 to 10 years
Akita Newfoundland MixTall At The Shoulder.LbsYears

Akita Newfoundland Mix Pros & Cons

Akita Newfoundland Mix. A Newfoundland dog sitting in a field with sunflowers.

Akita Newfoundland Mix


  • An Akita Newfoundland Mix will be great at guarding your house making them the perfect watchdog.
  • An Akita Newfoundland Mix can create a very fun, exciting, and environment around your family.
  • A Newfoundland Akita Mix will always keep entertaining your family through their unique personality and temperament.
  • An Akita Newfoundland Mix is likely to perform the best in any outdoor session due to its high intelligence level and energetic nature.
  • An Akita And Newfoundland Mix is a high-energy dog breed that can play all day long with your kids keeping them busy.
  • The appearance of an Akita Newfoundland Mix will be visually attractive making your family look more cute and beautiful.
  • A Newfoundland Akita Mix is a very highly intelligent dog breed making them very easy to train as well as follow the command.


  • An Akita Newfoundland Mix is prone to several health issues including allergies that they inherit from each of their parent’s sides.
  • A Newfoundland cross Akita is a hybrid dog who will require special care and attention to feel belonged, loved, and cared for so that they can be happy and healthy all lifelong.
  • An Akita cross Newfoundland never tolerates being alone as they are prone to separation anxiety and depression.
  • An Akita Newfoundland Mix will never appreciate being ignored even by you or your family member.
  • An Akita x Newfoundland will require frequent visits to the veterinarian’s office for the occasional testing to be done.
  • The grooming part of an Akita Newfoundland Mix is going to be exhausting in the shedding season especially 2 times a year.
  • Akita Newfoundland Mix will increase your monthly expenses by $150 to $200.

Akita Newfoundland Mix Temperament & Personality

Akita Newfoundland Mix. An Akita dog laying in the grass with leaves.
Akita Newfoundland Mix

The temperament and the character of every Akita Newfoundland Mix puppy will be unpredictable. There is no way of knowing the exact character or behavior until you take one in and train it.

However, after looking at their parents ‘ temperaments and talking to a few owners of Newfoundland Akita Mixes, we discovered certain traits common to all personalities – evident in the majority of Newfoundland And Akita Mix puppies.

The dog’s parent from the Akita side is usually an intelligent, lovely, composed, receptive, and courageous dog. On the other hand, the Newfoundland dog tends to be very gentle but trainable and sweet-tempered. A Newfoundland Akita Mix should be a sweet-tempered, composed, intelligent, faithful, loyal, and gentle hybrid dog.

A Newfoundland and Akita Mix is not going to be very aggressive if they have been trained and socialized early when they were puppies. The aggressiveness in dogs totally depends upon their owner. If the owner uses the proper positive reinforcement technique and tactics then a Newfoundland Akita Mix will always be a well-mannered dog without any aggressiveness.

Akita Newfoundland Mix will be extremely loyal to their family and to their family members, especially to the ones who have been raised alongside them. Faithfulness and loyalty should never be a concern when it comes to an Akita Newfoundland Mix.

An Akita Newfoundland Mix might develop a guarding capability on them by itself but it has been noticed that it has to be trained externally. A Newfoundland cross Akita is a very highly intelligent dog breed making them compatible with being trained for guarding.

An Akita Newfoundland Mix is also going to be very intelligent on a scale of 4 out of 5. Their high intelligence makes them capable of learning anything very quickly as well as keeping it in their memory for a long time.

No doubt that the friendliness of an Akita Newfoundland Mix is extremely attractive because they can easily get along with anybody. However, with strangers, you may find they get defensive.

If an Akita Newfoundland Mix has met the person more than three or four times then they will be friendly towards them. A Newfoundland x Akita can be friendly towards other pet animals like cats.

As you can see, they are a medium-sized dog breed, they are going to be high-energy dog breeds that will require intense exercise of at least 90 minutes a day.

Akita Newfoundland Mix Health Condition

Akita Newfoundland Mix. An Akita puppy with multiple fur colors playing in the snow.
Akita Newfoundland Mix

Unfortunately, every hybrid dog, including an Akita Newfoundland Mix, is prone to several health issues that they usually inherit from each of their parent’s sides. Hybrid dogs are more likely to suffer from problems with their health than pure-breed dogs.

In this instance, the health issues appear to be a major problem for most Newfoundland Akita Mix owners. To be safe, one of my preferred ways to protect my dog is to bring my dog to the veterinarian for occasional testing on his hips, elbows, skin, and coat.

I found this method to be much more effective in detecting and eliminating any risk before it gets worse or causes harm to dogs. This method is a good idea and should be used. I highly recommend you take the method as a tip for your puppy.

Akita Newfoundland Mix Care Guide

Akita Newfoundland Mix. A Newfoundland dog laying in a field with sunflowers.
Akita Newfoundland Mix

Akita Newfoundland Mix Grooming

Always be aware of and follow the best grooming methods. Take care of your dog since hybrid dogs need the best of everything.

Akita Newfoundland Mix Grooming Tools

Bath time is the time when shampoo plays a crucial function. It is essential to select the right shampoo for your dog. Many shampoos in the market are chemically treated. It is a fact that this kind of method will always be practiced as it saves money for them and allows them to earn an enormous amount of profit.

If you’re looking for an effective shampoo that won’t cause irritation or skin burns, it is vital to choose the correct shampoo.

Dry skin is a common occurrence for dogs after bathing. Their natural oils that keep their skin moisturized all the time also gets washed away by the water.

This can lead to dry skin in dogs, which may lead to more shedding and the development of dander. This is why most veterinarians, as well as experts, recommend applying the highest quality conditioner on your Newfoundland and Akita Mix after shampooing them during the bath.

A good quality conditioner made with organic ingredients will aid in making sure that your dog’s skin is moisturized after shampooing and after a bath.

It is recommended to choose a top-quality brush that will take away any loose hairs which could fall out. Since this breed sheds a lot during shedding season, and daily, it is important to choose a quality brush. A high-quality brush is necessary for the best results.

Akita Newfoundland Mix Training & Exercise Requirement

You should start training your Akita Newfoundland Mix when they are puppies especially when they are two or three months old.

Adding to that, you can start with the basic training and as time goes on, you can move further with potty training, crate training, and obedience training. A Newfoundland Akita Mix is likely to follow all your commands and perform their best in outdoor activities due to their energetic nature.

A Newfoundland Mixed with Akita will also perform tricks for you if trained properly. Always use positive reinforcement techniques and tactics to train your dog and ensure to reward your dog whenever they do well in the training session ey perform their best in the outdoor activity.

You will need to give them an intense amount of exercise because they are not only very energetic but also considered medium to large-sized hybrid dogs. At least 1 hour of exercise and half an hour of walking is needed to drain their energy.

This could be the best method to channel their energy. If you want to adopt an Akita Newfoundland Mix then consider hiring a pet walker to exercise them properly.

Akita Newfoundland Mix Dietary Requirement

The health of your Newfoundland Akita Mix will be determined by the quality of their diet. For any positive change to be noticed regarding your Akita Newfoundland Mix’s health or appearance, it’s essential to supply them with the correct supplements and a nutritious diet.


Food made from human-grade ingredients and under the supervision of a professional is considered to be the most nutritious. While it may cost more you’ll be able to be sure that the health of your Akita Newfoundland Mix is of the highest quality.

Make sure you choose the best protein-rich ingredients and top-quality human-grade ingredients when cooking your meals.

Foods that contain grains are considered to be extremely dangerous for dogs. The presence of grains can cause gum disease as well as other dental issues. Numerous studies have revealed that low-quality dog food that you purchase from the supermarket, doesn’t have the right nutrition for certain breeds of dogs.

Many brands claim that they are VERIFIED for use by companies or agencies and even government agencies, but they’re only there to earn a profit. They are not accountable to make food suitable for all breeds of dogs.

It is evident that “the majority of products available are labeled as suitable for large-sized dogs as well as medium-sized dogs or puppies, based on the type of food available” doesn’t contain the right balance of nutrients. If you can, stay away from processed food items.



You’re probably aware that the supplement glucosamine helps prevent problems like arthritis. It is also possible to give your dog glucosamine to improve the cartilage. Giving your dog glucosamine can provide numerous benefits.

It aids in maintaining synovial fluids that aid in lubricating the joints of dogs. It also helps cushion cartilage. The majority of glucosamine supplements available currently are made of oysters and crabs, shrimp, and various other plants.

Glycosamine can also be produced naturally by the body of dogs. There are many great applications for glucosamine.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids

It’s a must-have ingredient to your dog’s diet. It’s a fantastic supplement to support your pet’s health and heart, increases the silkiness and shine of their coats, and helps reduce flaky or itchy skin.

It can also be used to treat your dog’s allergies. It is recommended to select high-quality Omega 3 fatty acids fish oil for your pet. There are a few great Omega 3 and 6 fatty oils for dogs. Be sure that the fish oil you select comes from wild fish, not pond fish from farms. Select the most natural fish oil – easy to absorb.


The dog’s body needs antioxidants to safeguard their bodies from the damage caused by free radicals. Each dog has its own natural antioxidant defense system, that protects them from the harmful effects of free radicals.

You can include some antioxidants in your pet’s diet. It will be absorbed into your dog’s body to fight free radicals and will not cause harmful effects. The most effective antioxidants for puppies are selenium, Beta carotene, vitamin C as well as vitamin E.

Polyphenols, vitamin C, and vitamin D have been proven to be extremely effective in boosting adult dogs’ immune systems and overall health. It also helps prevent the development of cancer and other diseases.


Probiotics are widely sold in local shops and on the internet. Probiotics that are not of high quality should be avoided since they could cause more harm than benefit. Probiotics are beneficial bacteria. They aid in keeping out bad bacteria and make it harder to get the bad bacteria back into the body.

Probiotics also can help to prevent your dog from becoming sick. Probiotics are recommended to boost the number of beneficial bacteria present in the body in case your dog is sick.

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