Why Is My German Shepherd So Clingy? Unraveling the Surprising Reasons Behind Their Velcro Behavior!

As a dog owner, you’ve probably wondered why your German Shepherd is so clingy or why it constantly wants to be by your side.

Sometimes, it could be bothering you, and you feel like something is just not right. It could also be that you love the attention it gives to you.

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Why is my German Shepherd so clingy? German Shepherds get attached or become so clingy due to; their nature, training received from you, past experiences, and age-related changes.

These and many other factors may be the reason why your German Shepherd clings to you so much all the time.

Are German Shepherds Clingy Dogs?

You may have asked this question over and over again to yourself without having a definite answer.

Well, Yes. German Shepherds are clingy dogs. They could even go as far as clinging to a particular person simply because that person shows them love and attention.

They also follow their owners everywhere they go and often set zero boundaries to what length they show how they want to be close or attached to their owners.

German shepherds sometimes act like babies – or a family member if they happen to be family dogs. They will enter every room, lie in bed regardless of who has it, and will always want to be kissed, hugged, and cuddled.

The kind of relationship a person has with their German Shepherd is adorable and shows a deep bond. No wonder German Shepherd owners reciprocate the affection they show them.

Sometimes, their dogs mean more to them than a lot of people. Their dog’s clingy behavior rubs off on them eventually.

Why Is My German Shepherd Obsessed With Me?

German Shepherds could be obsessed with their owner for many reasons, but below are the most common ones:


German shepherds are usually bred to be able to work with one person at a time. During this process, they are conditioned to work, listen and obey instructions and commands from that person.

This makes it almost inevitable for the German Shepherd not to be clingy to its master or owner. It may sometimes become really disturbing because you want your dog to leave, but it just sits there growling and pawing without leaving.

Craving for Attention:

German Shepherds, like every other dog, do not speak human language, but they try to communicate their needs to you. If your German Shepherd is clingy, it could mean that it craves attention from you.

It wants you to cuddle, kiss, or take it out for strolls. It could also just want to be allowed to sit on the couch beside you.

German Shepherds demand attention because they are often left alone for a long time and allowed to take care of themselves.


German Shepherds adapt so quickly to everything within and around them. It doesn’t matter the kind of training you put it through, whether good or bad, it adopts it, and that becomes its way of life.

German Shepherds are very loyal and teachable dogs, and a possible reason they may become so clingy to you is that you give them too much attention. You have unconsciously made it believe that it can always have whatever it wants.

Past Experience:

We have already established the fact that German Shepherds are very teachable and can adapt to almost anything.

One of the reasons your dog may be so clingy is that it may have a hard time adjusting or getting over a bad past that has somehow become a part of it.

If it was constantly bullied, shouted at, starved, or locked out by its previous owners, it has a very high chance of becoming clingy. Its clingy behaviour gives it a sense of acceptance, assurance, and satisfaction.

Most times, it is a strategy they use to make their way into the heart of their new owner.

Age-related Changes:

As German Shepherds grow over the years, they age. They may begin to experience so much deterioration in their health and not do their normal day-to-day domestic activities.

These changes come with so many difficulties because they cannot stay on their own or even help themselves anymore.

When this happens, they begin to get clingy with their owners to be taken care of because they tend to be scared all the time.

Some of these common health challenges German shepherds to face as they age include; loss of vision, difficulty in hearing, weak bones, constant tiredness, and weak jaws and teeth.

Is It Normal For My German Shepherd To Be So Clingy?

German Shepherds are very clingy and can easily get attached to anyone.

They could show signs and sometimes deliberately make you know they want to be around you such that you cannot pretend not to understand what they are trying to do.

Therefore, it is perfectly normal for your German Shepherd to cling to you. It only shows it loves you and loves spending time with you. In fact, you should expect your dog to be clingy.

When your German Shepherd is clingy, it’s impossible to not notice.

Some of the signs they exhibit that are automatically translated to it being clingy are; following you around the house, knowing when you are getting up, wanting to be beside you all day, wanting to keep an eye on you, and never saying no to cuddles and pecks.

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German Shepherds are clingy dogs and can sometimes become really obsessed with their owners. Their obsession is completely normal, except if it’s beginning to get in the way of your day-to-day activities.

However, you could seek positive training tips and exercises to help reduce their clingy behavior. Aside from these, it is healthy to have your German Shepherd all over you any time of the day.

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