Can You Shave A German Shepherd? 6 Reasons Why Not To

Are you tired of your German Shepherd shedding? If you are thinking of shaving them, can you shave a German Shepherd? I’ll discuss 6 reasons why you should not shave them.

There is nothing wrong if I say German shedders instead of German Shepherds because they actually shed a lot.

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Normally German Shepherds grow their hair in four months depending on their diet and as well as on their shedding cycle. According to groomers, within three to four months, the breed will have its coat back.

Can you shave a German Shepherd?

Can you shave a German Shepherd?

The straightforward answer is NO and NEVER. No matter what, shaving is not allowed for German Shepherds, despite the excessive shedding.

Hold your horses before using a pair of clippers at home because there is something crucial you need to understand about German Shepherd’s fur. They are created uniquely when compared to other dog breeds.

Most dog breeds will grow their fur back just like human hair. But breeds with double coats may not grow back their hair as nicely as before. 

Do German Shepherds need haircuts?

In most cases, a German Shepherd does not need a haircut. We agree that the breed has a lot of long hair and sheds a lot year-round, but still, the NO is rigid.

Firstly, long hair is never problematic for the breed, neither in mobility nor in hygiene issues. Some dog breeds may get haircuts because the long fur gets in their eyes and may become dirty. 

But the case is entirely different with German Shepherds. The coat is the source of protection for the breed.

The German Shepherd has a double coat. Hence, removing the fur means removing the outer and as well as an undercoat. They would lose their protection from weather changes and have more chances of getting injuries.

It may also cause ingrown hairs along with some other skin problems, so avoid shaving your German Shepherds.

Should you shave a German Shepherd?

Yes, it is bad to shave your German Shepherd unless there is some medical reason for shaving. For example, if you are shaving your dog to get rid of excessive shedding, then it is quite a bad idea.

While on the other hand, if you are shaving it to treat any hotspot or infection, then shaving is not that bad. Also, when you are shaving to treat some disease it will be from some specific area, not the overall coat.

It is crucial to mention that you should not confuse shaving with grooming. Grooming is the basic need of every dog breed, but shaving is not.

Still, if you are not convinced enough to avoid shaving in German Shepherd, then you should know about the following reasons why we are not in favor of shaving its double coat.

Shaved German Shepherd: Why should you never shave them

Experts are recommending dog parents not to shave their German Shepherd, but still, the most asked question is why they should not. So there are some reasons which will make it clear why you should not shave a German Shepherd.

1. German Shepherd double coat

The presence of a double coat is beneficial for dogs to keep them warm in winter and even cool in summer. So shaving means losing all types of protection which can affect health badly.

A shaved dog is less tolerant of the weather in such a way that it will feel cold and warm quickly.  Never shave a German Shepherd before winter.

But, it never means that shaving in summer will make them cooler.

2. Shaving never makes them cool in hot weather.

After the winter point, if you are planning to shave your dog in the summer, just abandon the idea. Shaving is never acceptable, neither before summer nor during winter.

There are some guard hairs on the coat of your dog which trap the air and keep circulating it over the dog’s skin. The process keeps the German Shepherd cool during the hot weather, isn’t that amazing?

3. Not effective against shedding

If you are thinking that shaving is the only solution to avoid shedding in German Shepherds, let me mention, you are wrong. There is no specific month for German Shepherds to shed, and you can’t keep them shaved all year.

Let’s say you are shaving the outer coat of your dog, then what to do with undercoat shedding, which is their genetic makeup? Shaving them to delay or avoid the shedding process is the worst thing to do with a pet dog.

But as a dog parent, you can manage their shedding by using different ways so that you will not have to pick up fur all over your house.

4. Shaving interrupts the natural blow of the coat.

The breed is German Shedder more than German Shepherd; the reason is shedding 365 days of the year. Coat blow refers to the shedding of clumps of fur. Don’t panic; your dog is never going to be hairless, even after this excessive shedding.

But, fur everywhere in clothes and houses is unacceptable. The coat blow happens twice a year, but if you are shaving the coat, you may make it excessive or irregular.

5. Shedding can easily be managed.

You can easily manage the shedding just by following good grooming methods.

Brush twice or three times a week and use a double-sided brush. The time recommended for brushing is between 15 to 20 minutes.

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6. No protection from sunlight

The German Shepherd’s undercoat is short and pleated. This makes it ideal for catching air and protecting them.

The more drawn-out topcoat helps by shielding them from the sun. The topcoat is there to protect the skin from the sun.

I believe at the end of this guide you are aware of the importance of coats in German Shepherds. Shaving is never allowed, no matter what, but you can clear a patch in case of any wound.


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