Why do German Shepherds Whine A lot?

Dogs are lovely creatures that bring joy into our lives. At the same time, they can be very annoying. The most annoying thing dogs do is whine. There are so many things that make dogs, specifically German Shepherds, whine a lot.

So, why do German Shepherds whine a lot? GSDs whine for many reasons. Some of them are Illness, Injury, craving for attention, fear, and anxiety.

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Since it’s not always clear why exactly they whine, it’s best that we pay attention to differentiate the reasons.

Is it normal for German Shepherds to whine?

The best way mammals and other animals let out pain of any kind are by crying or whining. Is it normal for German Shepherds to whine? Yes, it is normal for German Shepherds to whine.

Every dog whines. It could be for normal or peculiar cases, but all dogs whine. The reason for whining decides whether they are to paid any attention or not. Here are some of the common reasons German Shepherds whine:


Your German Shepherd could be whining because it is sick. Sickness can cause pain and discomfort in animals. When they can’t bear it anymore, all they can do is cry or whine.

When you know your German Shepherd is not well and you hear it whining, do take it to a vet doctor for treatment.


Another reason your German Shepherd might be whining is if it is injured or hurt physically. You may have let your German Shepherd wander off and get itself injured.

When they are hurt, they let out the pain by whimpering. At that point, it is essential to check on them and administer first aid treatment to them.


German Shepherds are attention seekers. They whine a lot when they are left alone or when they are not getting enough attention.

If you give in and pay attention to them, they become accustomed to whining. This is because GSDs believe that when they whine, they get the attention they are seeking.

Giving your German Shepherd attention isn’t a bad act. It’s actually perfect for them and for you, their owner. But when you pay too much attention to your dog or when you run to them whenever they call for you they develop behavioral problems.

These issues they develop make them grow up as over-demanding dogs and thus stress you out.

Therefore, when your German Shepherd whines at night or when they’re lonely, it’s best you let them be. Ignore them. If you must go to them, then do so only when they have stopped whining.


Your dog could be whining because it is scared. Dogs get frightened too. It’s quite normal for your dog to whine and call out to you when something makes it afraid.

It could be that your dog is afraid of loud sounds. If it’s raining outside with thundering sounds or a car with a siren is passing by, or everyone is screaming and running about, then your dog will be scared.

Each dog has its individual fear. When it experiences the fearful event again, it will definitely whine and run to you. In this case, you should comfort it and help it through the event.

Make your dog feel confident and realize that such things are not scary.


Dogs are very prone to anxiety. This feeling is more common in new dogs. When you bring in a new German Shepherd, it may whine because it is not used to being with you or being in its new environment.

At this point, you should assure it and make it feel loved, at ease, and welcome.

German Shepherds can also feel anxious when there is an unfamiliar guest around. Your German Shepherd may not feel comfortable with that guest around and will let you know by whining.

That is its way of alerting you of a possible threat.

Furthermore, your dog may be whining because it misses someone or a fellow dog that just moved out of the house.

Another form of anxiety that causes whining in German Shepherds is separation anxiety. Your dog may not be used to your absence and will cry when you’re taking too long to return.

Separation anxiety could also set in when you lock your dog up as a form of punishment. Refrain from giving your dog this type of punishment. It paves the way for behavioral issues in the dog.

As a good dog owner, it is your responsibility to know the different kinds of sounds your dog makes for every emotion. That way, you can guess the reason for its whining and make the right decision.

Should you ignore a whining dog?

As a dog owner, should you ignore a whining dog? Whether or not you should ignore a whining dog depends on the cause of whining.

Paying too much attention to your dog isn’t really helpful. When you’re always there for them, they may abuse that and start throwing tantrums whenever you don’t come to them as you always do.

When you are not familiar with a sound your dog is making, you should pay attention. The only causes of whining that require necessary attention are illness, injury, anxiety, and fear.

Anxiety may lead to illness, and fear may stress your dog out.

Causes of whining like attention, boredom, and related reasons do not require a visit from you. Please refrain from the temptation of acting interested in their whining.

How to stop it

Your dog whines a lot. Do you want to know how to stop it?

More exercise:

If your German Shepherd is whining because it is boring, especially if it is usually engaged in an activity at that particular time, do the needful.

German Shepherds are very active dogs and need to be engaged a lot. Give them more exercise, go on longer walks, play with them, do not neglect them for an extended period.

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German Shepherds grow up better when they are praised more than they are punished.

When your German Shepherd does something wrong, please don’t shout at them. Tell them they can do better and show them how. It’s okay the be stern once in a while but don’t be too harsh.

If you are constantly using negative reinforcement for your dog, they will feel sad and will always whine.

Know when to be a strict dog parent to avoid spoiling them and know when to give in.

Regular checkups:

Check your dog for illness or injuries. Take them to the vet if required.

Continuously groom your dog correctly and when due to avoid lice, ticks, and bacteria, which cause discomfort and thus whining.


German Shepherds are known as the dogs that whine the most. This can be linked to their affectionate personality. They are softies and can easily be hurt emotionally.

This is a significant cause for their whining.

As a dog owner, you should only pay attention to your German Shepherd’s whining when it is vital. This shouldn’t stop you from loving your dog immensely.

After all, they are lovely creatures.


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