How to Stop Labrador Jumping Up? 5 Solutions

Are you feeling annoyed that your Labrador is always jumping on you? Learn how to stop Labrador jumping up with 5 easy solutions.

It’s no secret that Labradors, a large breed, love food, toys, and even people. Labradors can get crazy over all of their favorite things, and their owner is one of these. When this happens, all of their manners go out of the window even if the Lab is trained enough.

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How to stop Labrador from jumping up.

How to stop Labrador jumping up? 

It may seem like a tricky task, but if you know about its psychology, then the job is relatively easy. Labradors jump on anything they want. The jumping behavior is not just a nuisance but can be dangerous at times, especially to guests and kids. Proper training is the way to solve this issue.

Follow the simple steps to stop Labrador from jumping Up

How to stop Lab from jumping?

There is a possibility that you are rewarding your Labrador unintentionally whenever it jumps. So firstly, all you have to do is to stop rewarding this jumping behavior of your dog.

Moreover, it is highly recommended to ignore your dog completely whenever it is jumping on you. The best act at the time is to walk away and turn around.

Most of the time, dogs jump to grab your attention; therefore, you should not even shout “no” or “down” to push your dog away.

Keep in mind that even negative attention is still attention for your dog; that is why avoidance is preferred. Even your hyper behavior makes the jumping habit stronger in the dog.

If you are dealing with an old Labrador, keep it on a leash to have a firm grip over the Labrador.

Stop Jumping Commands

The vast majority request a “sit down or calm down.” Maybe your Lab can’t sit and bounce up simultaneously. After they “sit” give them a treat.


When your Labrador is learning about a new behaviour you must keep them on a leash. It is not about controlling your dog but it helps you stay in control during training. 

Do Labradors jump on people?

Yes, Labradors are famous for jumping on people because they feel it is a sign of love and affection.

As they get what they want, their jumping behaviour gets stronger with time because of the reinforcement.

So your dog is jumping on people because it wants attention. Even with the negative attention, we are serving them what they want.

The same is the reason why it jumps up and down when it receives food and toys. But the good news is that you can efficiently train your Labrador to behave well and not jump on things.

All you have to do is to follow the points mentioned earlier so that you can raise an obedient Labrador.

Will my Labrador grow out of jumping up?

With time, dogs become stronger in their behaviour if not appropriately trained. The same is true with jumping, which is not something your Labrador grows out of.

Instead, you will notice that your Labrador is getting better at jumping with each passing day. Maybe you are not paying attention to the root causes of jumping or perhaps not correcting it properly to stop this behaviour.

To avoid this jumping behaviour, you should train your dog to sit down to get attention.

How to stop Labrador from jumping up.

How to stop Lab from jumping?

Labrador jumping and over-excited behavior are not acceptable at all. So as a responsible lab parent, it would be best to turn it into a calm dog.

As we know, Labradors are quick learners, so training them at the right time is the best approach. For this purpose, there are simple methods along with tips and recommendations to help you out.

1. Don’t encourage wrong behavior

Do not encourage the excited and loud behavior of your Labrador if you want to calm it down. Labradors are friendly and we do love our Lab, but, it does not mean we should start encouraging their wrong behavior.

Most of the time, dogs get excited to get your attention, so you should ignore it rather than give a positive or a negative reaction. There should be no eye contact, patting, or talking with your Labrador whenever it attempts to jump on you.

2. Encourage when the dog calms down.

Instead, you should encourage your dog when it is calming down and behaving well. Try to be sweet with your Labrador, pat it, and provide the treat to encourage this behavior.

Moreover, saying positive commands such as “good boy” or “good girl” is also a good approach when you are trying to enable it.

So all you have to do is ignore the excited behavior and reward the excellent or calm behavior so that your dog will interpret that behaving well is the key to getting a treat or love.

3. Regular exercise

Labradors need plenty of exercise. (Also read How much exercise does Labrador need?) If they don’t get enough exercise, they may get some behavioral problems; jumping is one of these.

Take your dog on long walks to walk off all of its excess energy.

4. Calm down

Keeping yourself calm is crucial because Labradors can mirror your energy and behavior because of their conservative nature.

Before correcting your Labrador, you should behave in a quiet manner so that your dog will not copy your anger. Also, updating the dog with a loud voice may make it panic, which may harm your dog.

5. Provide outlets

Providing outlets or toys for your Labrador is an excellent approach to help decrease behavioral issues. Provide them with some chewing toys or stimulating toys for their mind.

This way, your dog will be busy and drain its energy over the toys rather than jumping on you. Even playing fetch games along with the hidden treat are also good ways to calm down your excitable Labrador.

You will find a wide range of methods to stop jumping Labrador, but the mentioned tips will be expected in all. So, the very first step is to follow these tips and then stick to some additional methods with consistency.

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