What Dog Should I Get? Tips To Figure Out The Best Breed For You

What dog should I get?

Thinking about getting a dog but find yourself asking the question, “What dog should I get”? Check out these tips to figure out the best dog breeds for you.

There is no right or wrong choice when it comes to choosing what dog breed you should get. The aim here is to find the right breed for you according to your lifestyle, house, and other personal choices.

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Having a pet comes with a huge responsibility and that’s why it is highly recommended to spend some time asking yourself, should I get a dog?

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Choosing the right dog can make a huge difference in a happy relationship with your dog. There are certain factors that must be considered before committing to any breed.

Instead of choosing a breed based on Instagram pictures, always have some basic knowledge about the breed. Look for the breed history and what type of environment that specific breed requires.

In simple words, when it comes to what dog should I get, you need to make informed decisions.

What dog breed should I get?

There are hundreds of online quizzes and applications that claim to help you with choosing the right breed. Most of these applications are based on irrelevant insights and usually don’t offer any practical help.

For dog lovers, choosing the right breed is a critical decision. So, in this detailed guide, we are going to focus on practical steps and tips that actually prove to be helpful.

Here are some amazing tips for you to get the best breed as per your lifestyle and accommodation. The following tips can ease the dog selection process for anyone who is confused about choosing the right breed:

1. Make a Checklist for Dog Breed Selection

The process of selecting the right dog breed is going to be easy, yet it needs your dedication. Instead of rushing into the selection process, you need to follow different steps.

Different factors must be considered and a plan should be followed. Before you start your search for the right dog breed, here are some questions that you need to answer:

  • Is my chosen pet going to fit in my house or accommodation?
  • Can I afford to manage food, toys, and other essentials for the breed?
  • Do I have enough time to focus on grooming, entertainment, and other needs?
  • What is the motive behind choosing the specific breed?
  • Should I get a hypoallergenic breed?

2. Match your Lifestyle with the Breed

Dogs from different breeds are known to have unique personalities, food requirements, and behavioral characteristics.

They are born with these unique properties and the breed of the dog defines all of these factors. Some breed traits can be changed with proper training and care but most of the personality traits will remain the same.

Instead of forcing a noisy breed to stay quiet within the premises, you should consider the quieter breed in the very first place.

The same goes for other factors that are related to your lifestyle. Simply, you should not get a dog who likes to go for a walk if you are always busy with office work.

3. What Size of Dog can fit in your Home?

This is one of the most important yet overlooked factors in dog breed selection. You need to consider the space in your home that you can specify for the dog.

There are certain breeds that are popular for bigger sizes so you will have to arrange bigger beds and more space to accommodate them.

People who live in small rooms and studios should not opt for Great Dane. It does not matter how much you love that breed but you cannot accommodate bigger dogs in a tight space.

Doing so is eventually going to make the animal frustrated and uncomfortable.

The other thing is to consider whether the selected breed can adjust in your house because some breeds require more grooming and personal space than others.

4. Does the Dog Need Training?

For a safer environment for your dog, your neighbors, and the community, you should focus on training your dog. There are services that offer training services for a dog yet you will have to dedicate some personal time to training too.

Not every breed is meant to be trained and you should know this thing before choosing the breed. Some breeds are shy and don’t like socializing. If you live in a community where pets are in abundance, you need to train your dog to socialize.

5. Can you afford the Veterinary Expenses?

The economics of pet ownership is pretty shocking. Your love and dedication for the dog are not going to fulfill their food needs and other veterinary expenses.

The annual cost of owning a pet can easily hit $500 and the lifetime cost of having a dog can easily cross $20,000. Not every breed requires the same level of care and medical treatments.

Routine vaccines, medical care, grooming, and food supplements are expensive deals. So, if you are not ready to spend enough money on pet care, don’t choose the breed that needs high maintenance.

6. Have you ever owned a pet before?

Pets need attention, care, and love and if you are a beginner in this field, never go with breeds that require the most attention.

Siberian husky needs the most attention and the same goes for Australian Shepherds. While choosing the right breed, compare your knowledge of dogs with the attention needed to have a certain breed.

Just like human beings, dogs and other pets also demand love and attention. If you are not ready for a serious commitment, you should not get involved with this stuff.

7. Should I get a hypoallergenic dog?

Another thing to consider is if you have allergies to dogs. If so, not choosing the right breed will not be good for you or them. 

If you are someone that has allergies, you should consider getting one of the Hypoallergenic Dogs to lessen the chances of a reaction.

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