The Complete Guide on How to Groom a Dog

There’s no question that dog grooming is an important task for both owners and their dogs. However, the process of grooming a dog can sometimes be overwhelming, especially if you’re new to it.

That’s why we’ve put together this comprehensive guide on how to groom a dog – from start to finish.

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Whether you’re looking to give your dog a bath, trim their nails, or give them a good brushing, we’ve got you covered!

So read on for all the essential information on how to groom your dog like a pro.

Grooming your dog at home can be challenging, especially for first-time owners. The number of tools and products you’ll need is a little overwhelming. You might have doubts about the process, especially if you’ve never groomed a dog before. 

Don’t worry! We’re here to give you a complete guide on how to groom a dog. We’ll be with you to answer your questions on why grooming your dog is so important.

Why is dog grooming important?

Grooming a dog is one of the most important tasks you can take on. There are many benefits to grooming your dog, including removing dead hair and helping tame knots.

Also, grooming your dog will help them avoid skin diseases and keep a clean coat. 

The grooming you give your dog should lead them to grow healthy hair, and if they have a healthy coat it would be easier to keep them brushed.

Brushing regularly will help keep the dog’s skin and fur in good condition. 

This means they’ll have fewer chances of getting dandruff or developing skin problems like allergies or itchy skin. It can also lower your dog’s risk of having fleas.

Basic grooming for dogs

Grooming a dog can be tiresome and stressful, primarily if your dog hasn’t been taught to behave during bathing and brushing or is afraid of the clipper. Grooming your dog on your own can be tricky.

So, read on as I give some tips on the basics of dog grooming.

1. How often should a dog be groomed?

Washing is mainly determined by the dog’s age and way of life. A young puppy will need to be washed every few days before it learns to keep itself clean.

2. How long does it take to groom a dog?

Professional groomers might take up to three hours to groom your dog, depending on how unclean and hairy it is.

The very first time you groom your dog will take a longer time because you’ll both be learning.

3. Where to groom your dog

You’ll need to figure out where you’ll groom your dog at home before you can learn how to do it. Expect puddles of fur everywhere when you bathe your dog for at least a week after the clipping.

It’s better to groom your dog in the backyard, in a large bathroom, or in a little unoccupied room.

The Complete Guide on How to Groom a Dog

Tools Needed for Dog Grooming

Yes, the first thing you need when grooming a dog at home is patience. However, to start the process, you’ll need to have some primary grooming products as well.

This can be divided into four sections.

1. Brushing Equipment

A top-quality brush that is suitable for your dog’s coat is required. Brushing your dog at least three times a week, preferably regularly, is critical for its general health.

Brushing eliminates dead skin and hairs that would otherwise become stuck and create a breeding ground for bacteria. We also don’t want our dogs to acquire skin problems.

Different dog breeds have different brushing needs. Here’s how to select the appropriate brush base on your dog’s hair:

Dog with long hair

The coats of long-haired dogs require a lot of attention. Brush them every day to keep them from tangling and matting.

You’ll need a variety of brushes for this. 

  • basic slicker
  • pin brush
  • deshedders
  • dematters
  • combs

Wirehaired dog

Wirehaired dogs’ coats are rough to the brush. The coarse fur of these dog breeds was intended to protect them from sharp roots underground when they were raised for hunting tiny animals.

Wirehaired dogs benefit from slicker or pin brushes, which gently collect any excess hairs without causing discomfort.

Dogs with curly coats

Curly breeds shed very little. They do, however, require regular brushing to remain healthy. If you have a curly dog, here are the brushes that you need:

  • slicker brush
  • deshedder
  • comb
grooming a dog

2. Bathing Equipment

You’ll need to know how to bathe a dog before you can learn how to shave it. And you’ll need some things before you can do it.

Dog Shampoo

Prevent artificial colorings and fragrances by using shampoo created particularly for dogs.

Dog Conditioner

Conditioners are beneficial if your dog has matted hair. Using the conditioner, thoroughly saturate the mat and carefully comb through it.

Bathing Gloves

Shampoo lathering and distribution are made easier by using gloves. They also massage your dog and make bathing a relaxing experience.

You should be able to wash your dog thoroughly before learning how to cut a dog’s hair.

3. Drying Equipment

So, do you give your dog a bath before grooming? If you start trimming your dog’s hair before it’s completely dry, it can acquire a cold.

Here are two essential things in drying your dog’s hair.


After a bath, set aside several old towels for your dog and pat him dry. After a regular stroll, you may also use them to clean your dog’s paws.


Especially if you have a double-coated breed, invest in a powerful dryer. A regular one will suffice, but drying your puppy’s hair will take a long time.

4. Clipping Equipment

You’ll need some sharp dog clippers if you want to learn how to clip a dog. Before you begin, make the following preparations:


They’ll assist you in shaping the tail and chest hair of your dog. Scissors, when used correctly, may make a haircut look neater and more professional.

Elevated Grooming Tables

While it isn’t required, it will make grooming much more accessible. You won’t have to lean over your dog if you raise it to a comfortable height.

The Complete Guide on How to Groom a Dog

Safety Tips When Grooming a Dog at Home

You should know how to avoid mishaps before you begin grooming your dog. Because you’ll be using sharp clippers and scissors, it’s critical to keep your dog motionless.

Furthermore, you should be aware of the items you may and may not operate when grooming your dog.

  • Before brushing your dog, make sure he gets some activity. Your pet will expend less energy turning around, barking, and causing difficulties due to this.
  • Establish a tranquil and secure environment. Make your dog feel at ease to avoid accidents.
  • Take several breaks and give your puppy time to relax before continuing.
  • Reward your dog when they behave well.
  • Bathing a dog once a month is enough. Brushing it often and wiping away mud with a moist towel can clean it.
  • Never use hot water, no matter how cold it is outdoors. It can cause your dog’s skin to become dry and flaky by burning it. 

How to give a dog a bath at home

  1. Before you begin, remove all extra items from the bathroom. That would be anything you don’t want to get wet or destroyed by fur.
  2. Thoroughly wet your dog’s coat, use lukewarm water. Avoid getting shampoo and water in their eyes and ears by washing their head separately.
  3. Get the dog shampoo and work it into the coat well. Please take your time. It’s critical to shampoo your pet’s entire skin. A bathing glove comes in handy in this situation.
  4. After shampooing your dog, wait a few moments and follow our dog grooming guidelines. You’ll be allowing the substances to begin operating in this manner. But don’t wait too long, as this may cause your dog’s skin to dry out.
  5. Apply the conditioner after thoroughly rinsing out the shampoo. Just use enough conditioner because it can make your dog’s coat oily. Wait a few minutes more, and then wash it out.
The Complete Guide on How to Groom a Dog

How to cut dog hair with scissors

It’s okay if you prefer to work with scissors rather than clippers. You’ll still be able to complete the task.

  1. Begin by brushing your dog’s fur to prevent tangles.
  2. Proceed to shave the face’s hair. Comb and hold your hair, then cut it as short as you like. Work in small portions and try to maintain a consistent length.
  3. The ears, neck, chest, legs, sides, and tail should all be combed and clipped in the same way.
  4. Brush repeatedly, and trim any hairs that have missed your notice.

I hope this complete guide on how to groom a dog has answered most of your questions about grooming. Remember that your dog can get matted hair no matter how much you brush it.

The key is to groom every day and be prepared if you have a month-long shedding period. This will keep the mats at bay.

Also, remember not to try and brush mats out yourself, as this can cause the hair to become more matted between the brush’s bristles. If you do find a matt, see a vet or professional groomer.

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