How Smart Are German Shepherds Compared To Humans?

We see German Shepherds perform so many important roles like assisting the police. Have you ever wondered how smart are German Shepherds compared to humans?

How smart are German Shepherds Compared to Humans

How smart are German Shepherds compared to humans?

German Shepherds or other dogs are pretty smart and generally believed to be as intelligent as toddlers. While this is valid in some aspects, research proves they are less intelligent than infants in many ways. 

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Infants are born with abilities that dogs do not possess. For instance, language is peculiar to humans, and dogs can learn this from humans.

Through training and repetition of words, they can understand a few things. A fully developed human can learn faster and process information which later converts to memories.

It helps them have a formal knowledge of everything in life, build structures and modify their environment to be more suitable for themselves or fellow humans.

Dogs, on the other hand, are unable to do so.

How smart are German Shepherds?

All dogs are super bright, although they sometimes act silly and goofy. However, the intellectual ability of dogs varies, and the dog’s breed mainly determines these differences.

According to research, it has been discovered that German Shepherds can solve complex tasks and are similar to humans.

Through various developmental measures, it is claimed that a dog’s mental skills are comparable to that of a human child aged 2 to 2½ years.

German Shepherd Intelligence

German Shepherds are naturally smart. They pick up new skills with only a few training sessions. They love to work with people and are known as a working breed dog.

German Shepherds possess a high intelligent quotient and are regarded as the 3rd most intelligent dog breed globally. 

Why are German Shepherds so smart?

German Shepherds can learn new commands in less than five repetitions and demonstrate a high obedience rate.

They will successfully obey known commands on the first try with a 95% above success rate.

How smart are German Shepherds Compared to Humans

Benefits of having an intelligent dog? 

The benefit of having an intelligent dog is they are easier to train. They always want to learn something new and be challenged.

1. Easy to play with

German Shepherds want to play fun challenging games that exercise their minds. Give them snuffle mats to play with or other dog toys that make them work to find the treat.

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2. Sense of fulfillment

When you raise an intelligent and obedient dog, you feel your efforts paid off.

The ability to teach them to play games, do stunts, and participate in sports gives you an even greater sense of fulfillment.

3. Easy to train

A smart dog is easy to train since they naturally pick up new skills fast.

The Challenges of Owning a Smart Dog?

Although having an intelligent dog has numerous advantages, there are also some drawbacks.

If you’re not prepared to face these challenges, you shouldn’t get a German Shepherd dog.

1. GSD requires Extra Care and Attention

Intelligent dogs demand a certain level of commitment. Therefore, to stimulate their cognitive abilities, you must devote adequate time and effort.

Otherwise, they might adopt some detrimental behaviors. Furthermore, intelligent breeds are typically high-energy dogs.

As a result, they will require mental stimulation and a variety of physical exercises.

2. They’re easily bored

Despite their enthusiastic nature, they require effort to keep them engaged. In addition to mental stimulation and physical exercises, You must provide adequate motivation for them to listen and train.

Also, because they become bored easily, you may need to replace toys and rewards more frequently.

3. They Easily pick up harmful habits

Intelligent dogs can become destructive dogs quickly if you don’t keep them exercised.  

4. They can outsmart their owners

Dogs are intelligent and will utilize it to obtain what they want. To get some more rewards, they could moan and wail.

They might even persuade you to stop what you’re doing and play with them. Intelligent dogs require a firm but loving handler who knows when to relinquish control or exert it.

Jobs for German Shepherds 

Since German Shepherds are intelligent they have been used in many roles: 

1. Law enforcement operations 

German Shepherds are well-known as police dogs. Their intellectual capacity, tracking ability, physique, and temperament make them excellent companions in assisting police officers.

They’re trained to use their extraordinary scenting ability to detect explosives, drugs, human remnants, and other things that assist the police.

2. Personal Security 

When adequately trained, you can utilize a German Shepherd’s instinct to protect both lives and properties.

They’re ideal for this job because of their intelligence, loyalty, and respect for their handlers make them easier to control even in stressful situations.

3. Support services

German Shepherds make excellent service dogs due to their high intellect and temperament.

They serve as support and guide dogs for the physically challenged and therapy pets for the mentally challenged.

4. Entertainment Actors 

German Shepherds have been in films, television shows, and commercials. They are easy to train and have a strong work ethic, allowing them to perform well.

5. Sport Athletes

German Shepherds excel in various dog sports. In addition, they perform excellently in activities such as the Schutzhund competition that was created specifically for their breed.

They also succeed in other sporting activities such as dock diving, flyball, and agility, demonstrating exceptional athleticism.

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