German Shepherd Crying (20 Reasons)

Why is my German Shepherd crying? There can be many reasons why dogs cry. We’ll share 20 reasons why.

German Shepherd Crying

German Shepherd Crying

German Shepherds cry because of discomfort due to several reasons, like isolation for a long time, disease, fear, new surroundings, attention-seeking, hunger, boredom, excitement, nature, stress, starvation, and pain.

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Why do German Shepherds whine so much?

Following are some reasons that result in German Shepherds crying.

1. Sickness

Sickness or any injury to your dog either outside the body or inside the body results in crying. He tries to tell you that he is in pain. This is also an instinct that pain or injury results in crying.

The external cause can be an injury or a tick infestation and the internal causes are various issues like stomach dilation, volvulus, intestinal infection, endo parasitic infestation, pain in the visceral organs, and some foreign body that injures the stomach or intestines.

The following signs are visible:

  • Drooling of saliva
  • Loss of weight
  • Foul-smelling breath
  • Sleeping more than usual
  • Irregular Panting
  • Digestive issues
  • Excessive intake of water
  • Eyes turn cloudy
  • Skin gets rough
  • Eye’s secretions

Rush to the nearest veterinarian as soon as possible in case of any such issues.

2. Fear

Fear is a factor that can be dangerous for the development of the behavior of a dog. Fear of anything is an alarming situation. It can be from the owner, the visitors, the guests, or the unusual thing that he sees and makes him scared.

The angry behavior of the owners, and the scary attitudes of the guests and the visitors. Socialize your dog so that visitors do not become a source of their fear.

German Shepherd Crying

3. Attention seeking

Attention-seeking is an instinct in German Shepherds. When the owner does not pay attention to them, GSDs start crying to seek attention from their owners.

Pay attention to your dogs and spend much of your time with them. 

4. Hunger

If a German Shepherd is not provided a meal or snacks at its proper time, he starts crying. This crying is just to notify the owner he is hungry.

Provide well-balanced and nutritious meals at regular intervals on a daily basis for your dog.

5. Boredom

If your German Shepherd has nothing to do or he is not doing any activity for a long time, he will get bored. GSDs are very active, energetic, and watchful dogs. They need to be exercised on a regular basis. If you don’t have time to take them on a walk give them a mental stimulation activity like a snuffle mat.

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6. Excitement

In case of excitement, a GSD can also cry. This is an instinctual behavior of your German Shepherd to show his feeling of joy and happiness.

7. Nature

Crying might be part of your dog’s personality. Always check with your vet but there is no need for medication if this is just part of their personality.

8. Punishment

If you discipline your dog for doing something then you will probably hear your dog cry because it feels punished. 

9. Separation Anxiety

The most common issue a German Shepherd is facing is separation anxiety. When you leave your beloved pet alone and leave home, he will get worried. GSDs love being with their owners. 

10. Stress

Stress can also cause crying and it can be of various kinds. It can be management-related, environmental, or physical. Stress can be a lack of feed, water, and other such necessities. It involves regular grooming as well. Environmental includes temperature management. Physical involves injuries and normal physiological maintenance.

Try to figure out the type of stress and the stress factors. It will help to alleviate the stress from your dog and hopefully help them stop crying.

11. Distress near other dogs

The presence of the other dogs can make some German Shepherds fearful. It is a discomfort for the German Shepherd. Take your dog to doggy daycare to get socialized around other dogs.

12. Alarm about unusual things

Dogs like routines and if something unusual is happening then your dog might cry. This can be a dog entering the home or going taking your dog to a new place.

13. Need something

German Shepherds make various sounds to tell you that they need something. Crying is one of those sounds. If a GSD needs something to eat or play with, he will communicate that through crying.

14. Welcoming the owner

Some dogs get so excited when they see you coming home that they cry in excitement.

German Shepherd Crying

15. Feeling Sorry

If a GSD makes a mistake or does something that is not liked by his owner, he will start crying to say sorry. This behavior is just to show the feeling of shame and sorry for what they have done.

Make sure to praise them and give them a treat without getting angry.

16. Refusal of Treat

Refusing to eat something that is not liked by them will make them cry. It is not like GSDs are hating something or having some digestive disorders. If food has some unwanted ingredients, foul smell, or anything fishy, the GSD will refuse to eat it.

17. Empathizing the owner

GSDs have empathic behavior. GSDs love not only their owners but also the other dogs. If GSDs feel that any of their fellow dogs or their owner is disturbed and is in discomfort, GSDs also start crying to show sympathy to them about their discomfort.

18. Missing pack member

After the walk or during the normal routines, if GSDs will find anyone missing from their pack, GSDs will start crying very loudly. This is an alarm for the owner as well.

19. New surroundings

New environments, whether that is a new walking spot or a new home, is a stressful experience for a dog and it can cause them to cry.

20. Dirt in their eye

In case of any irritation to any part of the body will cause discomfort to your dog. He will first try to relieve himself from it and afterward start crying when he can’t fix it. Take him to the nearest vet to address this issue.

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