Are German Shepherds Emotional?

Does your German Shepherd get sad or upset? Are German Shepherds emotional? We’ll explore the emotions German Shepherds feel.

Are German Shepherds Emotional

Are German Shepherds emotional? 

Yes, German Shepherds are emotional. Even the breed feels the energy of its owner and changes its behavior accordingly. 

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When we mention a dog’s emotional ability, from waging its tail to feeling afraid, all are emotions we see our dogs experience.

Once you realize how complex a dog’s emotional life is, you will be more loving and patient.

Understanding your dog’s emotions is the best way to help him out of any situation.

Why German Shepherds Are Emotional?

The very first reason people think the German Shepherds are their image as obedient police dogs.  

Below is a list of emotions or actions which prove that your German Shepherd is emotional.

1. Happiness

When your dog’s tail is wagging and you see that happy grin on their face, you know they are feeling happy.

2. Sadness

Sadness is another excellent emotion that German Shepherds feel. You will find them sad when they are left alone with no entertainment.

Some punishment or guilt also makes them sad. GSD getting sad or upset is another point to mention that they are pretty emotional.

3. Wagging tail

You came home after a long day and found your dog moving around you while wagging its tail.

Your dog starts wagging its tail when you show treats to him. A wagging tail is your dog’s way to say it feels happiness and excitement.

4. Separation anxiety

If you leave your dog alone for a day, and it will feel separation anxiety. Separation anxiety is a strong emotion for the dogs, and they feel it quite seriously.

5. Fear

Although German Shepherds look tough and aggressive, they also get scared even by little things.

  • They are scared of thunderstorms and lightning
  • Weird shadows also make them scared
  • Some bad experience gives them fears for life
  • They get scared of water and loud noises

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