Do German Shepherds Need AC?

Since German Shepherds are large dogs and have a lot of fur you might be wondering over the summer do German Shepherds need AC? Read our guide for summer care for German Shepherds.

Temperature is very high in some parts of the world. The use of air conditioners is common in those areas. We want our dogs to feel comfortable during the summer.

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If you don’t have AC or if you want to keep your dog outdoors at all times you need to know when your German Shepherd requires AC.

Do German Shepherds Need AC

Do German Shepherds need AC? 

Yes, a German Shepherd needs AC depending on the weather, its body size, and the amount of fur.

Can German Shepherds sleep in AC?

I always let my dogs sleep with the AC on. I want to keep them comfortable. Read below for what to consider for turning the AC on for your dog.

1. GSD size

Every German Shepherd has a different body size. A very large German Shepherd is going to have a harder time staying cool in this weather than a smaller German Shepherd.

2. GSD body coat

The coat of a German Shepherd provides the characteristics of 2 coats in 1. One layer provides safety from the essentials and the other layer that is present inside protects the body and skin. It is the reason for normal body temperature during any season like summer or winter.

Due to this double and thick coat, German Shepherds can bear more temperatures whether that is cold or hot.

Most GSD owners make the mistake of giving their German Shepherds a haircut to keep them cool during the summer. This results in direct exposure to sunlight resulting in hyperthermia, heatstroke, or sunburn.

It is better to provide them with AC instead of giving them a haircut.

Do German Shepherds Need AC

3. GSD body weight

A German Shepherd with a higher body weight will feel hotter in warm weather and will really benefit from being in air conditioning. 

4. GSD health

If a German Shepherd is sick or has a compromised immune system you have to be careful keeping them in a room with the AC turned on because it might be too cold for them. Be mindful of the temperature of the AC and how cold it is making your dog

5. GSD age

Older German Shepherds are unable to cope with cold temperatures. As they get older, German Shepherds require their bodies to get warmer as compared to the dogs that are active instead. 

Do German Shepherds Need AC

Hot Temperature Instructions for German Shepherds

When the temperature is hot outside always need to make sure to give your dog plenty of water and shade. Make sure to observe your dog for heat exhaustion and heat-stroke signs like sweating via their tongue, loss of balance, salivating, etc. 

I suggest allowing your dog to be in your home and enjoying the AC during those hot humid days. 

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