Are German Shepherds Good With Cats?

German Shepherds and Cats

If you just added a German Shepherd to your family you’re going to need to know are German Shepherds good with cats? Read our guide on how to successfully introduce your German Shepherd to a cat.

Are German Shepherds Good With Cats

Are German Shepherds good with cats? 

Yes and no. German Shepherds are obsessed with cats, and they never miss a chance to run after them.

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Along with chasing cats, German Shepherds have a strong prey drive which is a reason why they may attack cats.

They never meant to kill or attack cats, but their big size and aggressive mood can cause harm to cats. You can train German Shepherds to get along with cats.

Would a German Shepherd kill a cat?

Yes, a German Shepherd can kill a cat. Having a cat and a German Shepherd at the same time can mean big problems if they are not introduced properly. Adopting a cat is not a problem when you have some other dogs breeds at home. But when it’s about a German Shepherd and a cat, you need to think twice.

But still, if you dare to keep both in your home, you need to set them up for success to get along. Don’t allow your dog to chase your cat because, in the end, it’s dangerous and can cause the death of your cat.

It’s crucial to mention that pet owners should not force their German Shepherd and cat to be friends.

Are German Shepherds Good With Cats

How to train a German Shepherd to like cats?

Ok, you have a big heart and the courage to adopt a cat while having a German Shepherd at home. Now be a responsible and hardworking parent of both and train your German Shepherd to get along with your cat.

Luckily there are multiple ways you can smoothly train your German Shepherd to be cat-friendly.

1. Total Separation

Keep them separated at first. For example, keep your cat in a separate room. Keep in mind that you are just isolating them. It is not a punishment, so provide them with toys and beds separately.

2. Introducing their scent

The next step is to exchange their scent by exchanging their blankets or pillows. Keep doing this each night, so both pets will understand that there is another animal in the house. Also, they will get used to each other’s scent.

I think you know your pet well, so you will get an idea of how long you will have to exchange their scent.

3. Make good plans

Create a scenario to make good things happen; for example, feed them from the opposite sides of a closed door. In this way, animals will smell the scent and will realize that the scent is quite familiar.

Are German Shepherds Good With Cats

4. Switch the rooms

Moving ahead, the next phase is to switch rooms. In this way, both of your pets will spend quality time in each other’s room and will sense each other’s scent there. Try spending time with both pets after switching their rooms.

So you can make them feel comfortable in their places. Keep moving back and forth so that your pet will notice your behavior and will try to follow you.

Make sure that you are consistent when you are following the method, due to which German Shepherd will start liking the cat.

5. Introduction

Now it is time to introduce your dog to your cat. Make a point to keep your dog on a leash so you can pull it back in the event that it attempts to pursue your cat. Don’t assume they will be instant friends.

Since your German Shepherd is excited, it may nibble or attempt to be dominant. discrete. Keep having them meet for short periods of time until you feel they are ready to be together in your home safely.

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