Are German Shepherds Dramatic?

Are German Shepherds dramatic or are all dogs like this? If you’re a German Shepherd owner you might have noticed that your dog likes to get dramatic over everything. You’re not alone, it’s common, and we’ll explain why they do this.

Are German Shepherds dramatic? 

Yes, German Shepherds are total drama queens. The breed carries a tough and even scary look in its eyes, but all of us know that a German Shepherd is a big baby. They will have tantrums over not receiving a treat.

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Their dramatic behavior may look cute and funny but may get excessive with time. For example, it’s hard to manage a dramatic German Shepherd.

Are German Shepherds Dramatic

Why are German Shepherds so dramatic?

Obviously, for attention!

All your German Shepherd expects from you is attention, attention, and the bulk of the attention. There is no choice for you but to serve your dog with attention.

1. They want to play games

Your German Shepherd suffers from boredom because you don’t have enough time to play games with them.

This can be why your naughty GSD is trying these fake tactics to grab your attention and get himself out of boredom.

2. They are bored

If you don’t have enough time to exercise your dog they can get dramatic over everything.

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3. Not willing to exercise

If your dog doesn’t want to exercise they will refuse to move from the couch and be dramatic about it.

4. They want cuddles

Your dog will throw itself at you to get cuddles. It will run to you on the couch and shove its face into yours to get your attention to get cuddles.

5. They want to sleep with you

They will beg to get on your bed to sleep with you. If you tell them no, they will whine and continue asking.

Are German Shepherds Dramatic

How to stop your German Shepherd from being dramatic?

You might have trained your dog to be dramatic, unintentionally. They learn that when they are being dramatic they can get your attention.

1. Ignoring it

Don’t encourage your dog by providing too much attention. Don’t run to cuddle your dog when it is being dramatic.

2. Keep it busy

Provide some entertaining toys for your German Shepherd like a snuffle mat if you don’t have enough time to spend with it.

3. Don’t punish them

Don’t punish your dog when it is being dramatic. Ignoring the behavior is enough. 

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