Corgi Border Collie Mix: A Complete Guide (With Pictures)

Learn all about the Corgi Border Collie Mix. This complete guide talks about their personality, training, grooming needs, and what to expect when owning one.

This guide will allow you to decide if a Border Collie Corgi Mix is right for you!

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Corgi Border Collie Mix - A border collie outside with green grass and green trees.

What Is Corgi Border Collie Mix?

Corgi Border Collie Mix is a hybrid breed that has been created by crossbreeding a Corgi and a Border Collie. It tends to be a friendly, active, loyal, intelligent, alert, obedient, and energetic dog breed.

They are straightforward to train if done correctly. They tend to be very friendly and affectionate towards their owners and family members. They are prone to several health issues that will be discussed later in this article but never leave your Border Collie Corgi Mix for too long on their own for an extended amount of time.

Border Collie Corgi Physical Appearance

The appearance and physical characteristics of Corgi Border Collie Mix are almost next to impossible to determine since they’re hybrid dogs. The data and information about the physical appearance or characteristics of a Border Collie Corgi aren’t accessible. 

We’ll review its parents’ physical appearance and traits.

Corgi Border Collie Mix - A corgi standing outside in the grass.

Both of the dog breeds are considered double-coated dog breeds making their offspring also a double-coated hybrid. You’re likely to find a Corgi Border Collie Mix with a double coat with smooth texture. The hair will be medium to large-sized.

A Corgi Border Collie Mix is likely to inherit the same color combination that it usually features.

The first parent Corgi is a small-sized dog breed while on the other hand, the Border Collie is a medium to large-sized dog breed. The offspring are likely to be a small-sized dog breed.

Corgi10 to 12 inches tall at the shoulder
Up to 30 pounds
12 to 14 years
Border Collie18 to 22 inches tall at the shoulder
30 to 45 pounds
12 to 15 years
Corgi Border Collie MixTall At The Shoulder.LbsYears

Border Collie and Corgi Mix Pros & Cons

Corgi Border Collie Mix - A border collie outside, smiling and looking up.


  • Corgi Border Collie Mix is an outgoing dog breed.
  • They are a loyal dog breed that is always there for its owners.
  • Border Collie Corgi Mix usually has a longer lifespan compared to its purebred parents.
  • They have a friendly, easy-going personality.


  • They tend to suffer from separation anxiety.
  • They are prone to depression if not exercised enough.
  • Corgi Border Collie Mix is not happy when he is neglected by you or any family member.
  • Some may be born with health issues from their parent’s breed.

Corgi Cross Border Collie Temperament & Personality

The personality and temperament of a Border Collie Corgi Mix can’t be predicted, just like the physical appearance. Many people are drawn to the distinctive features of a Corgi Border Collie Mix. They are dogs that love to be outdoors.

You can count on the Border Collie and Corgi Mix to be there or to provide support and companionship. They are great with kids.

Corgi Border Collie Mix - A corgi and a puppy sitting at a doorway, smiling.

Corgi Border Collie Mix isn’t normally an aggressive dog breed. However, it’s essential to provide your dog with proper training to raise them into a well-mannered dog.

Corgi Cross Border Collie is a highly active dog breed that requires exercise to channel its energy. They are not recommended for seniors because they are a high-energy dog breed.

Border Collie Corgi Health Condition

I’m sure you’ve been aware of the disadvantages of adopting a hybrid dog like this one. Hybrids are born by crossing two purebred dogs. You can expect your Border Collie And Corgi Mix to be affected by health issues that are genetically mutated in each of its parent’s pedigrees.

Corgi Border Collie Mix - A border collie outside during winter with snow everywhere.

To determine the health issues likely to irritate your Border Collie Corgi, you will need to be aware of their parent’s health problems. Whatever their parents carry, the offspring is bound to be carrying the same.

Border Collie Cross Corgi Grooming


Look for shampoos that are made with clean ingredients and are made for dogs.


After shampooing, the conditioner can be applied to the Border Collie Corgi Mix’s skin. This will keep their skin moisturized and their coat healthy.

Corgi Border Collie Mix - A corgi with a ribbon tied around it's neck and a pink background.

How To Brush A Border Collie Cross Corgi?

You will need to brush your dog’s coat. The best brush will give you the best results and make it simple for your dog.

You can brush your Border Collie Cross Corgi with any brush, but it will not provide you with a satisfactory result. Always brush the Corgi Border Collie Mix in the direction of their hair growth to avoid the pain.

How To Bath A Corgi Mix Border Collie?

If you bathe your Corgi Border Collie Mix more often, it causes their skin to dry, leading to more shedding. Excessive sheds aren’t healthy for dogs. You should bathe your dog using organic shampoo and conditioner.

The general rule is that dogs should only be bathed once per month or as needed. If you find your Corgi Mix Border Collie becoming dirty or smelly, it is OK to wash them, but be careful not to make it a routine.

Corgi Border Collie Mix - A border collie sitting outside in the shade.

Corgi Border Collie Mix Training & Exercise Requirement

A Corgi Mix Border Collie will need training as soon as they reach 2-3 months old. Training your Border Collie Corgi Mix early is vital. It is recommended to play with your puppy at the park with other dogs and kids.

Start with the basic training moving forward to command training over time. You can add obedience training to your dog’s session as they move up the levels. It is possible to easily transform them to become well-trained mannered dog breed later on with the help of positive reinforcement techniques and techniques.

Their high level of intelligence allows them to obey your commands and pay attention to you. They are also able to perform tricks on your behalf if they are taught properly.

A Corgi Cross Border Collie requires a large amount of exercise as it’s a high-energy dog breed. Your Border Collie Corgi Mix will need at the very least 30 minutes of regular exercise a day to channel it in the right way.


Your Border Collie Corgi Mix will need a customized healthy diet rich in nutrients to maintain their best health. Let’s discover the most beneficial and least effective foods to feed your Corgi Border Collie Mix.

Do not buy cheap food items on the market. Researchers have revealed that the majority of the cheap foods available on the market have essential nutrients, but they don’t have the correct balance of nutrients that is essential for the Border Collie cross Corgi to meet its nutritional need.

To cut down on cost and maximize profit, many pet food brands use low-quality ingredients that are more affordable. This lets them make food more affordable and prepare meals in large quantities.

Don’t fool yourself by thinking that they are concerned about your dog. They only care about the company and want to make as much profit as possible.

Corgi Border Collie Mix - A corgi peeping out of a structure.



It doesn’t matter if you are aware of it or not, but as dogs age, the capacity they have to make glucosamine decreases. In the end, the ability to make glucosamine drops dramatically.

Keep in mind that the cartilage of your dog’s joints also becomes thinner with the aging process. It is possible to stop this from occurring by giving your dog glucosamine supplements.

Fish Oil

Fish oil is a must in your dog’s diet. Fish oil is beneficial for their coat and skin. Fish oil can prevent skin irritations, skin burns, allergic reactions, flaky skin, and skin irritations.

Good quality fish oil also improves the heart function of your dog. You should give Omega 3 fatty acid supplement that has been derived from the wild fish to your Border Collie Corgi Mix on daily basis – every day, at the very least.


Antioxidants are very useful to protect your dog from exposure to oxidation as well as other harmful free radicals. It can effectively kill all free radicals inside your Border Collie Corgi Mix body. Your dog needs to be fed antioxidants at a minimum of 3-4 times every week.


Probiotics are recommended by most vets as one of the most well-known supplements. Probiotics supplements are just good bacteria that usually keeps the bad bacteria out of their system. Probiotics should be fed to your Border Collie Corgi Mix because it also keeps their stomach and immune system healthy.

Can Corgi Border Collie Mix Adapt Well To Apartment Living?

Yes, a Corgi Border Collie Mix is suitable for living in an apartment as long as you regularly exercise them.

Can Corgi Border Collie Mix Adapt Well To Seasonal Changes?

Yes. Due to the thick layered coat on its body, Corgi Border Collie Cross can withstand and quickly adapt to changes in the seasons. The capacity of Corgi Border Collie Mix to adapt to seasonal changes is astounding.

Is Corgi Border Collie Mix Good With Kids?

Yes, Corgi Border Collie Mix is a friendly dog breed and is excellent with children. But proper training and socialization are essential for making this happen.

Is Corgi Border Collie Mix Good For Senior Citizens?

No. Corgi Border Collie Mix isn’t a good choice for seniors, and the need for grooming and exercise is worrying. This kind of practice also requires time and effort, making it a suitable pet for senior citizens.

Can Corgi Border Collie Mix Tolerate Being Alone?

No. Corgi Border Collie Mix can’t stand being alone for extended lengths of time. They are prone to depression and separation anxiety.

Can Corgi Border Collie Mix Tolerate Hot Weather?

Since, they have an extremely thick coat, you might think they won’t be able to keep their body cool in hot weather, but it is not the case. To regulate their body temperature, they shed their coat twice per year, and the coat gets thinner in summer and thicker during winter.

Can Corgi Border Collie Mix Tolerate Cold Weather?

Yes, Corgi Border Collie Mix can withstand frigid weather since they have a thick, cozy coat on their body. They can shed up to twice a year, which helps them regulate their body temperature to cope with seasonal changes.

They’ll keep their bodies warm in winter with the help of a thick coat.

Cost Of Corgi Border Collie Ownership

RequirementsPotential Cost
Adoption Cost (Initial Cost One-Time) $1000-$2500 (Average)
Health Checkup & Insurance (Initial Cost One-Time)$100-$250 (Average)
Diet (Foods, Supplements & Snacks)$300-$700 (Average)
Toys$25-$85 (One-Time)
Grooming Accessories & Tools$100-$250 (One-Time)
Spay / Neuter (One-Time)$35-$400 (Average)
Vet Checkups$45-$65(Per Visit)
Total Cost For The First Year$1600-$2500 (Average)
Average Annual Cost (First Years Afterward)$485-$965(Average)

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