Corgi Great Dane Mix: A Complete Guide (With Picture)

Adopting a Corgi Great Dane Mix will give you the best of your two favorite breeds. Our guide will share everything you need to know from costs to their expected personalities. 

There are lots of similarities in both of the breeds, which makes the offspring exciting but still, they are hybrid dog breeds, which means that they will be unpredictable in terms of physical and behavioral traits. 

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Corgi Great Dane Mix, both parents, tend to be very friendly by nature, but a few things differentiate them from each other and make them unlikely to be the same in terms of various personality factors. In this guide, I will tell you all the information that is needed for you to know if a Corgi Great Dane Mix is right for you. 

In this guide, we will take a look at their physical appearance first, and then I will tell you about their temperament and the health concerns that you are likely to face in the future with your Great Dane Corgi Mix.

What is a Corgi Great Dane Mix? 

Corgi Great Dane Mix - two dogs in a photo. One is a Corgi puppy playing with a mini soccer ball. The other dog is a Great Dane with a red harness sitting in the grass outside.
Corgi And Great Dane Mix

A Corgi Mixed With Great Dane is a hybris dog that has been designed by cross-breeding a Corgi and a Great Dane. They tend to be friendly, adventurous, alert, eager to learn, and easy to train. Early socialization and training need to be given to raise them in a well-mannered dog breed. 

They are trendy in today’s world because they are modern-day designer dogs. Their popularity increases daily due to their enormous traits and beautiful, appealing appearance.

You may also have to pay extra bucks to get a Corgi Great Dane Mix puppy. This hybrid dog needs special care and attention to survive and live a long healthy life. They don’t do well when they are left alone on their own as well as it has been seen that they often get some health issues that are genetically related to their parents.

Corgi Great Dane Mix - A picture of a Corgi puppy standing against a railing. A picture of a grey Great Dane outside in the snow.
Great Dane Corgi Mix

Some of these health issues can be minor, which will be very easy to treat, but some can be major, leading to death. 

Although there are many downsides to adopting a Corgi Great Dane Mix, people are still adopting one. Still, I would highly recommend you avoid adopting a Great Dane Corgi Mix from a puppy mill.

I have personally visited 14 puppy mills in my lifetime, and believe me, all of them were unhygienic and the puppies were unhealthy and not getting the proper care that should be given. We should stop fueling those puppy mills by avoiding adopting a puppy from them. 

Corgi and Great Dane Mix Temperament

Corgi Great Dane Mix - A Corgi standing on a large rock by the ocean. A Great Dane puppy laying on a green blanket.
Corgi cross Great Dane

Nobody can predict the exact nature of the traits of a hybrid dog breed because every single hybrid puppy is going to be different from one another in terms of behavior and physical traits.

To know the exact Corgi Great Dane Mix temperament, we will need to look at its parent’s temperament first, and after that, we will be able to know what can be expected from a Great Dane Corgi Mix from the viewpoint of temperament. 

Talking about the first parent, Corgis, they tend to be very friendly by nature and can quickly get along with kids. It has also been noticed that Corgis tend to get along quickly with strangers. Their sensitivity levels tend to be very high, and somehow they can manage to survive alone for a few hours if their owner is busy.

They can tolerate cold weather and sometimes hot weather if they have been kept properly and healthy. Talking about their intelligence level, you can easily guess by saying that they are straightforward to train and very smart to learn how to perform tricks for you. 

They also have some potential for mouthiness, but they are safe for kids due to their low prey drive. When we talk about its second parent, the Great Dane, it also tends to be very friendly by nature and can quickly get along with kids and other pet animals. However, it has been noticed that they don’t perform well to owners who live in apartments due to their great size. 

A Great Dane never adapts well to apartment living and is not recommended for novice owners to avoid them. They tend to have very high sensitivity levels and can’t tolerate cold or hot weather changes. Plus, a Great Dane doesn’t do well when left alone, so the offspring can also inherit this quality. 

Corgi Great Dane Mix - A Corgi sitting outside on grass in the fall. A Great Dane sitting outside in the grass in the fall.
Corgi Mixed With Great Dane

They tend to be dog-friendly, stranger-friendly, kid-friendly, and perfect for families, but they also require special care and frequent grooming to stay healthy and look appealing. Now, after understanding the exact temperament of Corgi Great Dane Mix parents, we conclude that a Great Dane Mixed With Corgi will never tolerate being alone. 

On the bright side, both parents are friendly by nature which means that a Corgi Great Dane Mix will also be friendly and intelligent, making them very easy to train. A Corgi And Great Dane Mix can be great for families with kids. 

A Corgi Great Dane Mix may or may not adapt well according to the seasonal changes. Still, if they inherited most of their traits from the Corgi side, then they will probably adapt well.

A Corgi Great Dane Mix may also tend to bark and howl depending on the training they have.

Corgi Great Dane Physical Appearance 

Corgi Great Dane Mix - A Corgi walking on a concrete dock beside the lake. A Great Dane puppy sitting in a leather chair.
Great Dane x Corgi

As you know, they are a hybrid dog breed, and it is unpredictable to know their physical appearance, but after looking at their parent’s physical appearance, we can predict how a Corgi Great Dane Mix will look.

When we talk about Corgis, we can see that the Pembroke Welsh Corgi dog breed tends to be small in size, perfect for apartment living, and on the other hand, Great Danes tend to be one of the tallest dog breeds in the world. 

Great Danes come in 6 standard colors: brindle, black, fawn, mantle, mental, and harlequin. Corgi colors tend to be red, black, ebony, fawn, and tricolored. Corgi’s have a double-layer coat. 

The Corgi’s topcoat tends to be very long, and the undercoat usually tends to be very thick. On the other hand, Great Danes have a single-layer coat that tends to be very smooth and short and easy to care for.

A Corgi Great Dane Mix may develop a double coat on its body or a single-layered coat on its body depending upon from whom and how much they have inherited its physical traits from each of its parent sides. A Great Dane Corgi Mix coat will be very smooth by touch and is likely to have medium to short size hair on it.

A Corgi Great Dane Mix is going to inherit one of its parent colors which could include brindle, mantle, black, tricolored, sable, and harlequin. A Corgi Great Dane Mix that comes in very unique colors will also come with a high price tag.

The size of a Corgi Great Dane Mix will be unpredictable because each puppy may have each kind of trait that they inherited from each of their parent’s sides. You can expect a Great Dane Corgi Mix to be a medium to large-sized dog breed.

Great Dane Corgi Health Condition 

Corgi Great Dane Mix - Two Corgi puppies sitting on blankets. A Great Dane outside in the forest.
Corgi x Great Dane

A Corgi Great Dane Mix is likely to inherit some of their parent’s genetic health problems which could be minor or significant depending upon their ability.

Health concerns in hybrids tend to be more common than in purebred dogs. If you want to be on the safe side and want to raise a very healthy dog in your home, then I would highly recommend you always visit the vet office with your hybrid dog for the periodic testing done on their hips, elbows, skin, and coat. 

A Corgi cross Great Dane is prone to development issues like gastric torsion, hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, heart disease, bone cancer, allergy, epilepsy, progressive retinal atrophy, retinal dysplasia, and cataracts.

Great Dane and Corgi Mix Grooming Needs

Two Corgi puppies playing with a pumpkin. A Great Dane with a red harness laying in the grass.
Great Dane And Corgi Mix

A Great Dane x Corgi requires special care and attention to be very healthy and look appealing by appearance, which means that a Great Dane And Corgi Mix will need and will have its own grooming needs. 


You must brush your Corgi Great Dane Mix coat in the direction of its hair growth to make the whole experience for your dog painless. Whenever a dog owner brushes their dog’s coat against the direction of their hair growth, it becomes excruciating for the dog to handle. 


You should always avoid bathing your Corgi Great Dane Mix too much or too often because it will make their skin dry, indirectly increasing the dander forming, which is not suitable for people who have an oversensitive immune system. 

It would help if you only bathed a Corgi cross Great Dane once a month or when needed because it is more suitable for their skin and coat. When you bathe a Corgi Great Dane Mix, its skin gets naturally dry because the water washes away its natural oil leaving the skin dry. 

Great Dane Corgi Mix Training Needs

Corgi Great Dane Mix - A Corgi sitting in a field with its tongue out. A Great Dane standing looking away.
Great Dane Mixed With Corgi

As you know, a Corgi Great Dane Mix is an intelligent dog breed that is very easy to train, and there are a few requirements. You must train your Great Dane cross Corgi early when they are puppies because training an adult dog would be tough. 

You can train your dog and make them perform tricks for you like rollover, bark on command, fetch, play dead, and many more. You can also teach your dog to stay away from a particular area on command.

Corgi Great Dane Mix Physical Needs 

A Corgi Great Dane Mix will be very energetic by nature, and to keep their energy level low, they require exercise. If your Corgi Great Dane Mix is more miniature, then I would recommend you train your dog for at least 30 minutes twice a day. If your dog is medium in size, then 40 minutes of exercise twice a day would be optimal for keeping their energy level low. 

Great Dane and Corgi Mix Dietary Need 


You should go with food that contains animal protein in it and has the right balance of nutrition. Research has found that dog food available in the supermarket tends to be lower in price tag and lower in nutrition

Always choose a food that has the right balance of Nutrition. You should avoid feeding a Corgi x Great Dane with grains because grains are bad for dental conditions. It has been found that grains increase the chances of gum diseases and dental problems in dogs.


Omega 3 Fatty Acids

You should give your dog Omega 3 fatty acids because it will help your Great Dane cross Corgi with any skin issues, inflammation, and allergies. Omega 3 fatty acid supplements are great for the skin and coat of their dog

You must ensure that the Omega 3 fatty acids that you purchase have been formulated and derived from wild fish because the Omega 3 fatty acid supplements have been derived from farmed pond fish they are not great for dogs exceptionally high breed dogs. 

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