Can German Shepherds Climb Stairs?

When you adopt a large dog breed you need to be concerned about hip dysplasia. Can German Shepherds climb stairs? Our guide to what you can allow and what you should be avoiding to protect their hips.

Can German Shepherds Climb Stairs

Can German Shepherds climb stairs? 

Yes, German Shepherds can climb stairs but you need to be mindful that this breed is prone to hip dysplasia. If your dog already suffers from this they shouldn’t be climbing stairs. It is best to not allow German Shepherd puppies to climb stairs until they are 3 months old. 

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Are stairs bad for large dogs?

Stairs are not great for large dogs. According to PetMD, stairs should be avoided and large dogs should have everything they need on the main floor of the home. 

Puppies who use stairs on a regular basis before the age of 3 months are at greater risk for developing hip dysplasia.

Is going up and down stairs bad for dogs?

It can be bad for dogs who are at risk of hip dysplasia. Constantly going up and down the stairs can increase their risk of developing this issue.

Can German Shepherds Climb Stairs

When can German Shepherds climb stairs?

German Shepherds can start climbing stairs after 3 months of age. When they climb stairs earlier than that they are at greater risk of hurting their hips when they are older. 

How do I stop my dog from going up and down stairs?

You can stop your German Shepherd from going up and down the stairs in various ways. Practice the command “stop” when you see your dog about to climb the stairs. 

Consider using a baby gate to block off the stairs until your dog understands not to use them. 

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