Are Huskies Good For First Time Owners?

Are huskies good for first time dog owners

If you have heard Huskies are a tough dog breed, you might have questioned are Huskies good for first time owners. We’ll discuss if Huskies are an appropriate breed choice for a first time owner and what to expect when adopting one.

Before you jump right to owning one, there are some things you should know. Not all dogs are meant to be a pet and not all dogs make good family pets. That being said, there are many things that make Siberian Huskies the perfect pet for just about everyone.

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Are Huskies Good For First Time Owners

One of the best things that make Siberian Huskies good for first-time owners is that they are a very loyal breed. Even when other pets are involved, such as cats, they will stick by their family. This is something you won’t find in any other breed.

Are Huskies good for first time owners?

If you’re looking for a dog who enjoys being around people and is gentle around the family, then the Siberian Husky makes an excellent pet for first-time owners. They have strong, friendly personalities, and enjoy being a part of any family. They are intelligent and eager to please.

However, keep in mind that they can be a bit territorial, and some owners have reported having trouble with this particular trait.

First time Husky owner tips

When you consider a dog as a pet, you usually consider its size, activity level, and training requirements. But there are other factors you should keep in mind.

You should also consider the personality traits that the dog may display. This can be an exciting and new challenge for you, but it is one that you must prepare for and be sure to fully commit to. 

Here are some of the things or questions you should consider when deciding on getting a Husky.

1. How much exercise does the dog need?

While each breed of dog will naturally require a certain amount of exercise daily, the Siberian Husky is an exception to this rule. They love to run around, so if your Siberian Husky is going to be an active participant in your life, you may want to consider allowing him or her more freedom to do so.

Some owners like to limit their dog’s physical activity, but if you are not one of those parents, then you should consider increasing your dog’s exercise level slowly.

2. How old is the dog?

This is something you should definitely ask yourself when considering a Husky. If you get a puppy it will have “puppy” energy for many years and constantly require training.

3. What kinds of treats can the dog consume?

While the Siberian Husky does not have a true appetite, it will eat any kind of food you prepare for it. Some dog breeds are well-known for having food sensitivities and this can lead to having to purchase expensive dog food. Be aware, Huskies are known for having food sensitivities.

Do Huskies get attached to their owners?

Are Huskies Good For First Time Owners

While they will oftentimes follow their owners around the house, especially when they are a little older, they are not like other breeds who follow us from room to room at all times. They have very unique personalities though and are fun to be around for sure.

That said, it does not mean that they don’t prefer their owners. They actually feel more comfortable if they are playing with you.

Little Huskies like to be held or petted and even play with you. Be warned that they are not the kind of dogs who prefer to be left alone to snooze off. Huskies will naturally gravitate towards you to comfort them when they need it.

Are Huskies good with children?

While on a recent trip to Sweden, I had the opportunity to visit a beautiful resort in the country where a number of Huskies were enjoying some time playing with little children. 

The resort was built around a beautiful lake and the surrounding environment was designed for Huskies and their gentle nature. In fact, it was the owners themselves who designed and created this beautiful environment.

One of the first things I noticed about Huskies when I was there was just how easy they were to manage around children. It was obvious that they enjoyed being able to play alongside little children. 

Even though they are moderately large creatures, they made no qualms about how easily they could get along with a few kids playing in the park. Their level of caution around children seemed to be entirely normal. 

The second thing that I noticed as I was watching these Huskies enjoying their time in the children’s garden was how protective they seemed to be of the children. It seemed as if they didn’t want to mess up any of the toys or even hurt any of the little children. 

I was absolutely fascinated by the way in which they seemed to take care of themselves and of the children without being aggressive. It was as if they instinctively knew everything there was to know about how they should behave around children and how to keep them safe.

I have never had an experience with Huskies where I thought to myself, “I wonder what the Husky was thinking?” I would say that these dogs were not violent toward any of the children.

Are Huskies Good For First Time Owners

Are Huskies easy to train?

Is training a Husky difficult? The truth is that it can be quite easy, but you will need to have a strong owner to turn your Husky into a properly trained canine. If you do decide to train your Husky, here are some tips for getting started:

1. Establish a Positive Relationship

First of all, it is important to establish a positive relationship between you and your Husky. You may have the best Husky in the world, but if you are not a good owner, they will quickly get fed up and either quit on you or completely ignore you.

When training them, remember that the key to successfully training a Husky is to be patient and kind. It is important that you establish a bond with your Husky early on before trying to train them and make sure that you avoid punishing them for what you don’t like about their behavior (this will only make them more difficult).

2. Can be hard to train

While they are extremely intelligent, they are not considered highly trainable. They are, however, very trainable when you know how to approach the task at hand.

The best way to train a Husky is to use short, positive reinforcement methods, and spend as much time as possible getting to know your Husky and understanding their personality before attempting to train them.

3. Feed them the Correct Diet

Another important piece of information to have before training your Husky is what type of dog food they prefer. Many people are surprised to learn that Huskies are actually allergic to some dog food brands.

The best option when considering this is to stay away from generic “meat” foods and stick with premium foods such as dry dog food or even canned dog food.

The problem with premium foods is that they cost more, which is one of the reasons that so many owners choose canned dog food. While it may be more expensive, you will save money in the long run by paying less for it every month.

4. Be Consistent with Training

Also, when training Huskies, it is very important to remember to remain consistent. Even if you give them praise after a certain action, they will still not remember what you did if you come out with different training methods.

It is better to do one thing consistently than multiple things depending on the situation. Also, be sure to always reward your Husky when they are doing good. A simple “Good Dog” pat is more effective than hitting them, screaming, or yelling.

As long as you remember to stay consistent, reward your Husky when they do something right, and do not get discouraged when they do not do something you expect, training your Husky should become easy.

Just keep these few things in mind when starting to train your Husky. If you become frustrated, the entire training process will become very difficult. In addition, be sure to take a break in between training sessions. This will help your Husky adjust to the training process much easier.

Husky in an apartment

Are Huskies Good For First Time Owners

Does it seem like keeping huskies in apartments is a very difficult task for first-time pet owners?

Especially, when they are already used to living in such den-like homes as they were in Alaska ages ago, some people may think that these animals are not suited for apartment life.

However, they might be surprised to know that many can actually thrive in an apartment. They just need a little love and attention and some basic care.

Before you take on the responsibility of owning one of these wonderful dogs, you need to have a place where it can feel comfortable and safe.

They should also get plenty of play time so that they can exercise off all of their excess energy. They also will need to go to the bathroom on a regular basis and have their waste removed regularly.

Siberians Husky sleeping habits

In a few rare cases, dogs are known to sleep on their own. Such dogs have a genetic predisposition that causes them to want to sleep on a soft surface, like your bed.

They will also roll over onto their back, which is highly similar to the position humans sleep in. It’s just a matter of finding a soft surface to sleep on.

Huskies can sleep alone but will be happier to sleep with their owners.

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