Akita Bulldog Mix: A Complete Guide (With Pictures)

Learn everything about the Akita Bulldog Mix. Our complete guide will teach you about its physical appearance, characteristics, and expected health issues.  

You will also learn about their grooming requirements, dietary needs, and training strategies. Before we talk more about them, it is very important to know what exactly an Akita Bulldog Mix is.

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A Bulldog standing in the grass.

What Is An Akita Bulldog Mix? 

An Akita Bulldog Mix is a mixed breed that originated by crossbreeding an Akita and a Bulldog. They make great family dogs. They tend to be friendly, affectionate, loving, energetic, loyal, and courageous dogs. 

Akita Bulldog Mix Physical Appearance and Characteristics

An Akita on a leash.

Each Akita Bulldog Mix puppy will be different depending on how much they have inherited from each of their parents. If a Bulldog Akita Mix inherits most of its traits from the Akita side, then expect a Bulldog Akita Mix to be more like Akita in terms of physical appearance, temperament, and characteristics. 

But, if an Akita And Bulldog Mix inherits most of its traits from the bulldog side, you can expect them to be more like a bulldog.

An Akita is a double-coated dog breed. While on the other hand, the bulldog is a single-layer coated dog breed. You can expect a Bulldog cross Akita to be either a single-layer coated dog breed or a double-coated dog breed.

The color of Akita tends to be white, red, and brown. On the other hand, bulldogs tend to come in a variety of colors which include grey, white, beige, brindle, and black. You can expect a Bulldog Akita Mix to come in any of their parent colors.

Akita tends to be a medium to large-sized dog breed while on the other hand, bulldog tends to be a medium-sized dog breed more like a small size. So, you can expect an Akita Mixed with Bulldog to be either a small-sized dog breed or a medium-sized dog breed.

A Bulldog Akita Mix will never be a large-sized hybrid but you can find a medium-sized one.

Akita2 feet to 2 feet, 4 inches Tall At The Shoulder. (Average)
Bulldog12 to 15 inches Tall At The Shoulder. (Average)
Akita Bulldog Mix14 to 20 inches Tall At The Shoulder. (Average)
Akita70 to 130 lbs. (Average)
Bulldog40 to 50 lbs. (Average)
Akita Bulldog Mix35 to 58 lbs. (Average)
Akita10 to 12 Years. (Average)
Bulldog8 to 12 Years. (Average)
Akita Bulldog Mix10 to 12 Years. (Average)

English Bulldog Akita Mix History 

A Bulldog resting on a dog bed.

The Akita Bulldog Mix is a new breed. There is no history of this breed. We can look at the history of the parents to understand this breed better.

The Akita originated in Japan as a hunting dog. In the 1600’s Akita’s was used as a hunting dog. The Bulldog was bred to bait bulls in the British Isles.

Akita Bulldog Mix Temperament & Personality

An Akita looking up at the camera on a white background.

If we take a quick look at its parent’s temperament, then we can expect to get some data about the anticipated character of a Bulldog cross Akita.

It is very important to know the personality of a Bulldog Akita Mix because you don’t know what kind of pet they will turn into. It is important to train your dog and socialize them properly when they are puppies to raise them in a well-mannered dog.

When we talk about the temperament of the first parent Akita, they tend to be very obedient, stubborn, loyal, composed, receptive, courageous, faithful, and intelligent dog breed. On the other hand, when we talk about the temperament of a bulldog, a bulldog tends to be a wilful, friendly, and loyal dog breed. 

The prey drive seems to be very high in the Akita Bulldog Mix because the Akita breed used to be a hunting dog. It is important to provide your Bulldog Akita Mix with plenty of activity.

Akita American Bulldog Mix Health Issues

A Bulldog is sitting on a chain in the grass.

The overall general health of an Akita Bulldog Mix parent Akita tends to be e great, but when we talk about the health of the Bulldog, it is very poor.

A Bulldog Akita Mix is likely to be prone to several health issues that they will inherit from each of their parent’s sides, and this is much more common in hybrid dogs than pure breed dogs. If you want to know the health issues that are likely to appear in your Bulldog Akita Mix in the future, it is very important to look at their parent’s physical health issues. 

Akita Health Issues (Expected)

  • Hip dysplasia 
  • Gastric dilatation-volvulus
  • Progressive retinal atrophy (PRA)
  • Sebaceous adenitis (SA) 
  • Hypothyroidism 

Bulldog Health Issues (Expected)

  • Hip dysplasia
  • Tooth pathology
  • Cancer
  • Luxating patella
  • Cherry eye
  • Brachycephalic airway obstructive syndrome
  • Allergies
  • Heart Disease
  • Entropion

Akita Bulldog Mix Health Issues (Expected)

  • Hip dysplasia 
  • Gastric dilatation-volvulus

American Bulldog Akita Mix: Pros & Cons

An Akita dog resting on the floor.

Akita Bulldog Mix Pros

  • They are an easy-to-train dog breed due to their high intelligence level. 
  • They can adapt well to seasonal changes. 
  • Require less grooming if they inherited most of their traits from the parent bulldog side.

Akita Bulldog Mix Cons

  • Inherit a lot of health issues from the Bulldog side.
  • Might not be good around small animals like cats because of their possible prey drive.

Akita Bulldog Mix Grooming Needs

An Akita dog is laying on the floor.

It is always important to groom your dog regularly. Grooming means, brushing their fur, trimming their nails, and giving them a bath.

Akita Bulldog Mix Grooming Tools

It is vital to choose a brush that perfectly suits your Akita Bulldog Mix’s needs. Not all brands available in the market are going to be suitable and ideal for their skin and coat. Plus, You should also choose a brush that can help in distributing their natural oil while you brush them.

Natural oil is responsible for keeping their skin moisturized all the time and keeping their shedding at a minimum. Without their natural oil, their skin can become dry promoting more shedding and dander forming.

You will need a shampoo that perfectly suits their skin and coat needs. Always choose the shampoo that has been specially formulated for dogs and made with organic ingredients.

Akita Bulldog Mix Dietary Requirements

Best Supplements For Akita Bulldog Mix

I would recommend you always feed your Bulldog Akita Mix with supplements. The best supplement would be Omega 3 fatty acid supplement, and Omega 3 fatty acid supplements must be made of wild fish rather than farm pond fish.

Akita Bulldog Mix Training Strategies

Due to their high intelligence level, the Akita Bulldog Mix will be very easy to train dogs. An Akita Bulldog Mix will also perform great in training sessions due to its high energy and proactive nature. Adding to that, Bulldog Akita Mix can easily learn to follow your command.

Early socialization and proper training are mandatory to raise a well-mannered dog.

Akita Bulldog Mix Compatibility With Kids

A Bulldog Akita Mix is compatible with kids because they adapt well when around kids. They have a friendly nature. Always teach your children to respect dogs and not to pull on their fur.

Akita Bulldog Mix Compatibility With Other Animals

An Akita Bulldog Mix is less likely to get along with other pets. Small pets are vulnerable to Bulldog Akita Mixes because they tend to have a high prey drive from their Akita side.

Akita Bulldog Mix Adaptability To Apartment Living

An Akita Bulldog Mix can easily live in an apartment. Make sure they are exercised regularly to help them burn off energy.

Akita Bulldog Mix Adaptability To Hot Weather 

An Akita Bulldog Mix adapts well to hot weather if it has a single-layered coat. However, they are less suitable for extremely hot climates or weather if they have a double-coat.

Akita Bulldog Mix Adaptability To Cold Weather 

Akita Bulldog Mix does well when it comes to adaptability to cold weather. An Akita Bulldog Mix performs well in a cold climate. Having a thick coat on its body with sufficient hair protecting it from the outer elements and helping it regulate its body temperature makes it perfect for cold weather.

Cost Of Akita Bulldog Mix Ownership

RequirementsPotential Cost
Adoption Cost (Initial Cost One-Time) $1000-$2500 (Average)
Health Checkup & Insurance (Initial Cost One-Time)$100-$250 (Average)
Diet (Foods, Supplements & Snacks)$300-$700 (Average)
Toys$25-$85 (One-Time)
Grooming Accessories & Tools$100-$250 (One-Time)
Spay / Neuter (One-Time)$35-$400 (Average)
Vet Checkups$45-$65(Per Visit)
Total Cost For The First Year$1600-$2500 (Average)
Average Annual Cost (First Years Afterward)$485-$965(Average)

Akita Bulldog Mix Puppies For Sale

Here Are Few Website To Check The Akita Bulldog Mix Puppy Availability And Get One.


How Much Akita Bulldog Mix Puppy Cost?

An Akita Bulldog Mix puppy can cost you around $1500 to $2500 depending on availability, quality, and health condition of the puppy. The price also depends on your location and breeder’s reputation.

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