Why Do Dogs Like Sticks? 6 Reasons and Solutions

If your dog is always chewing on sticks instead of their toys you might have wondered, why do dogs like sticks? We’ll share why they prefer sticks and how to stop them from chewing on them.

Why Do Dogs Like Sticks?

Dogs love the shape, texture, and aroma of sticks. Chewing helps dogs relieve anxiety and stress, and it’s fun for them.

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Why Do Dogs Like Sticks?

Why does my dog eat sticks? 6 Reasons

1. Playing

Dogs love to play. We know that dogs often like to do something with their mouth. Dogs can chew anything for hours and hours, and sticks are an excellent substitute for them. Sticks help to drain their energy.

2. Bone Shaped Sticks

You must have seen how much a dog likes to chew bones, and in such a situation, a dog can consider a stick as a bone because of its shape.

Dogs love bones, and if they don’t get one, they can try chewing on anything that resembles the shape of a bone or smell or texture of a bone. A stick is a great substitute and choice for some dogs.

3. Stick’s Taste and Texture

Dogs love the taste of chewing on a stick. They enjoy that woody taste. There’s something about the texture of wood that attacks dogs because they love to chew on furniture!

4. Stick Smell

Dogs love the smell of sticks. They immediately find them on walks by using their nose.

5. Nutritional Deficiency

Your dog may have some nutritional deficiencies which cause them to chew sticks. This could be why do dogs like sticks. When I changed my dog’s diet she stopped chewing on sticks and rocks.

6. Tooth or Jaw Pain

Any pain or soreness in the mouth can increase the desire to chew everything! if there is any swelling or soreness or pain in your dog’s mouth, this could be the potential reason why dogs like sticks.

Why Do Dogs Like Sticks?

How to get my dog to stop eating sticks

Give your dog a chewing toy so they won’t think of chewing on sticks. 

Divert your dog’s focus to something else. 

When you take your dog for a walk, give him that toy/ball play substitute for the sticks. While playing with that toy. 

Clean your backyard so that there are no fallen branches or sticks from the tree to attract your dog. Gifting your dog chewable toys and balls will keep them busy all day long and will also keep their energy level low.

Are sticks bad for dogs?

If you don’t control your dog’s chewing habit, then your dog can be prone to various kinds of gum diseases and dental problems. Chewing the sticks continuously is more likely to cause blisters and swelling in their mouth.

Insects and germs present inside the sticks could enter your dog’s stomach and cause them various kinds of diseases in the future.

Is it ok for dogs to eat sticks?

No, it is not ok for dogs to eat sticks. If the stick is from a Black Cherry tree or a walnut tree, or even a yea tree, it can prove fatal for your dog.

However, if the stick is from an Orange tree or a neem tree, it will not harm their health. Sticks can get stuck in your dog’s teeth, mouth, or throat leading to a vet to the vet.

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