How Much Water Should a Husky Puppy Drink?

Are you curious how much water should a husky puppy drink? We’ll share that answer so you can look after your puppy and make sure they are well hydrated.

As a general rule of thumb, water is an essential requirement in a human’s life and so is for dogs. It is critical to a Husky puppy’s health (for proper cellular, organ, and tissue functioning) because a loss of 10% of water in their bodies can be fatal.

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For adult dogs, giving them about one ounce of water (rationed per pound of body weight) every day is enough.

However, more of that will be needed when it comes to puppies -though it still depends on their age, activity level, and size.

How Much Water Should a Husky Puppy Drink

How much water should a Husky puppy drink?

When they start to eat solid food, Huskies will need about one-half cup of water every two hours. Husky puppies that have already been weaned require 1/2 ounce to one full ounce of water per pound of body weight every day.

A puppy weighing 20 lbs should be given between 10 to 20 ounces of water every day and may need just more on active days

Why is water so important for Huskies?

Water is a crucial factor in puppies because it facilitates the metabolic process. This includes digestion, blood flow, breathing, and even brain activity.

As we all know, blood contains water and as it runs through the dog’s body, it clears toxins and transports oxygen meaning that this process wouldn’t have happened if water was not in the stream thus being harmful to some organs.

Another thing, water is essential in regulating your puppy’s temperature. When it is hot, dogs pant to cool down. When they do so, water is released through the respiratory system. In the process, they lose some water through the tongue hence the need to drink more water.

To add to that, Huskies need more water to keep them hydrated. You need to ensure that these dogs get just enough and not too much water during hot days to help them stay nice and cool.

How Much Water Should a Husky Puppy Drink

What factors affect how much water a Husky puppy should drink?

There are different things that will have an impact on how much water your puppy should drink. Whether he drinks enough, less, or more, here’s what leads to that;

  • Dry dog food vs canned dog food: Your dog will take more water if he eats dry dog food than he will if you give him canned dog food. This is because dry dog food contains about 15 to 30% water while canned dog food on the other hand can contain between 50% to 75% water. See how much a Husky should eat from this article I published a while ago.
  • Body weight: If your Husky has a huge body weight, he’ll require more water than smaller dogs. This is because water requirements are rationed per pound of body weight.
  • Sodium: Humans will have increased thirst after taking snacks with a high amount of salt and so will your Husky. High-sodium dog foods can make your puppy drink increased amounts of water.
  • Exercise and activity: More activity means more water loss through panting. For that, more active dogs will generally require more water to recover any lost water.
  • Weather exposure: During spring and summer, temperatures are usually very high making your dog pant a lot. Yes, panting will help them regulate their body temperature but they end up losing water in the process. That said, your puppy needs to have access to shade and also make plenty of fresh clean water available all the time.
  • Drug therapy: Some medications prescribed by vets could have an impact on a dog’s water intake. Some steroids or diuretics (e.g. Furosemide/Lasix) could make your puppy consume more water.
  • Disease: Some diseases e.g kidney disease or diabetes can lead to increased thirst in dogs meaning increase water intake.

How much water should a Siberian Husky drink?

Siberian Huskies are the epitome of herding dogs who were bred to be alert, agile, and intelligent herders. They need to be given enough exercise and water to sustain their energy levels.

The amount of water that these dogs require or any dog will depend on their body size or weight. The table below shows how much water each body-size dog needs to be given in a day.

*Required water per day is rounded to the nearest quarter cup
Dog Body WeightRequired Water per Day
3 – 5 lbs60 to 200 mL/day (¼ to almost a cup)
6 – 10 lbs120 mL to 400 mL/day (½ cup too little over 1 ½ cups)
11 – 20 lbs220 mL to 800 mL/day (1 cup to 3 1/3 cups)
21 – 30 lbs420 mL to 1200 mL/day (1 ¾ cup to 5 cups)
31 – 40 lbs620 mL to 1600 mL/day (2 2/3 cups to 6 ½ cups)
41- 50 lbs820 mL to 2000 mL/day (3 ½ cups to 9 1/3 cups)
51 – 60 lbs1020 mL – 2400 mL/day (4 ¼ cups to 10 cups)
61 – 70 lbs1220 mL – 2800 mL/day (5 cups to 11 2/3 cups)
71- 80 lbs1420 mL – 3200 mL/day (6 cups to 13 1/3 cups)
81 – 90 lbs1620 mL – 3600 mL/day (7 cups to 15 cups)
91 – 100 lbs1820 mL – 4000 mL/day (7 ½ cups to 16 2/3 cups)
101 – 110 lbs2020 mL – 4400 mL/day (8 2/3 cups to 19 1/3 cups)
111 – 120 lbs2220 mL – 4800 mL/day (9 ¼ cups to 20 cups)
121 – 130 lbs2420 mL – 5200 mL/day (10 cups to 21 cups)
131 – 140 lbs2620 mL – 5600 mL/day (11 cups to 23 1/3 cups)

Please note that:

  • 1 cup = 240 mL
  • 4 cups = 1 quart 
  • 8 cups = half gallon
  • 16 cups = 1 gallon.
How Much Water Should a Husky Puppy Drink

How much water should my Husky take during house training?

There are times when the rules change for how much water your Husky puppy should take and one of those is during housetraining.

For example, I recommend that you remove the water bowl and keep it at night. However, you should be consistent with this just the same way you do with food. 

I am used to removing the food bowls and water bowls exactly three hours before I go to bed. This has been so since I started raising my huskies Nova, Laika, and Leki.

If I go to bed at 2300hrs, I will have their bowls removed at 2000hrs. This usually gives me time to take him out for one potty break before the lights go off.

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