Are German Shepherds Dangerous?

How dangerous are German Shepherds?

If you’ve been thinking of adopting a German Shepherd you have probably heard they have behavioral issues. Are German Shepherds dangerous?

Are German Shepherds Dangerous?

Yes, German Shepherds can be dangerous dogs. GSDs have been ranked among the top 5 harmful dogs in the United States of America. The research carried out to verify this fact was based on the seriousness of the injuries the dog caused and the regularity of biting.

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It is no secret that GSDs have a very fierce physique. Their vast size, large teeth, snarls, tremendous bite force, and sharp barks cause people to be fearful around them. But under all this stature, they are certified, softies.

Are German Shepherds Dangerous

Although they have been proven to be dangerous dogs, just like every other dog, they act violently when provoked.

German Shepherds were bred to be tough and deadly. They were bred as guard dogs for security. This training has become an identity for GSDs, passed on from generation to generation.

Why do German Shepherds turn on their owners?

Despite their fierceness, GSDs are very affectionate towards their owners. Will German Shepherds attack their owner? No, German Shepherds will not naturally attack their owner.

German Shepherds are overprotective of their owners. They are also very clingy and intense lovers.

A German Shepherd will always want to please its owner and not hurt the one person who has most likely been good to them.

GSDs are likely to have aggressive attributes, but they can grow into calm dogs with the correct training

How a German Shepherd act is wholly dependent on how they are trained or the kind of environment, they grow up in.

If your German Shepherd is showing signs of unnecessary aggression, then you should have it checked. It could be caused by an illness or discomfort, or even something you’re not doing right.

Are German Shepherds good with babies?

All dogs should be supervised when they are around babies and young children. Even the most calm and loving dog can suddenly snap and attack a child. No dog is safe around children.

Are German Shepherds Dangerous

Are German Shepherds Dangerous to Strangers?

A German Shepherd will do whatever it takes to protect its owner and its territory if it feels threatened. So, are German Shepherds dangerous to strangers? Yes, German Shepherds pose a significant threat to strangers.

German Shepherds are very intelligent dogs, and they actually know this. They think and act based on whatever interaction goes on in their head.

If a German Shepherd perceives you to be a potential threat to it, its owner, or someone it cares for, you’re in big trouble. It will most likely attack.

A larger percentage of the dog bites or injuries inflicted on humans by German Shepherds were strangers. 

When seeing a German Shepherd for the first time, try not to get too engaged with it. Avoid eye contact. They see it as a form of “challenge” or threat. Most of all, try to stay calm and confident and avoid movements that suggest violence.

If you’re already familiar with a German Shepherd, but it hasn’t opened up to you yet, don’t stress it. Be nice, wave at it, and smile; it reduces the tension piling up. Eventually, the German Shepherd will reciprocate the gesture and feeling.

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