Are German Shepherds Carnivores Or Omnivores?

Many people believe that dogs are carnivores. So let’s see are German Shepherds carnivores or omnivores? 

Even the presence of sweet potatoes in dog food forces you to question whether they are carnivores or omnivores. Not just dogs, but the wolves in the wild get their nutrition from the animals as well as from plants.

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Are German Shepherds Carnivores Or Omnivores

Are German Shepherd’s carnivores or omnivores? 

The straightforward answer to the question is German Shepherds are Omnivores. The answer reflects the point that GSD can be fed on plants as well as on animals. 

For parents, it’s a good thing that they can feed their dog vegetables and meat. Or, it’s completely up to you whether you want your German Shepherd to be a vegetarian or a non-veg.

For example, most veg parents want their dogs to eat a vegan diet rather than feeding them non-veg foods.

Can you feed a German Shepherd raw meat?

Yes, you can feed German Shepherds raw meat. Due to the benefits of meat, most dog parents want to feed their German Shepherds raw meat. It’s quite safe to provide a German Shepherd raw meat as long as it is in its fresh form and is free of any spices, sauces, etc.

The gastrointestinal system of the German Shepherd is suitable to eat raw meat. Therefore, it allows the GSD to consume raw meat without being affected by the bacteria.

You still need to follow some precautions when feeding raw meat. For example, consult the vet before adding raw meat to your dog’s meal.

Also, make sure that you are feeding the right amount of meat according to the age and medical condition of your GSD.

Are German Shepherds Carnivores Or Omnivores

Can German shepherds be vegetarian or vegan?

Yes, German shepherds can be vegetarian or vegan because their body is capable of surviving on a vegan diet.

Firstly, let me clear a false perception that only meat or meat-oriented food is healthy for dogs. I agree that meat is a huge source of essential protein and nutrients for dogs, but it’s not the only source.

They do not just survive on plant food, but they are capable of being healthy on it. However, parents must consult an experienced vet before bringing some changes to the German Shepherd’s diet.

Make sure to never feed them vegetables that are toxic to dogs.

Are German Shepherds Carnivores Or Omnivores

Reasons German Shepherds are Omnivores

Due to the large size of German Shepherds, most people assume they are carnivores and capable of eating only animal food; that’s not correct.

There is some science and reasons behind the German Shepherd’s omnivore nature.

Some of the reasons include their history, while others have their bodily functioning.

1. Their ancestors ate berries and grains

As we know, dogs are descended from wolves; while they are carnivores, their meal includes complex substances.

In the wild, most wolves can eat non-animal products to eliminate their hunger. There are even multiple reports that wolves eat berries or other plant food from the stomach of their prey.

2. Adapted to handle grains

While most wolves consume grains occasionally, recent research compared the genetics of these two species.

There were clear differences in the genes of German Shepherds, which makes it clear that their body is capable of breaking down the grain into starch and glucose.

Studies show that you will find more amount of AMY2B in the body of dogs compared to other species.

This gene allows the German Shepherd’s body to quickly break down food by producing amylase.

3. Intestine of omnivores

Another specific physiological factor, i.e., intestine size, defines the clear difference between a carnivore and an omnivore.

Know that plant food is difficult to digest which requires a large size of the intestine. While on the other hand, animal food is much easy to digest and requires an intestine of small size.

German Shepherd’s intestine is large, which again makes it clear that the dogs are omnivores. The longer intestines of the German Shepherds work for the digestion of plant-oriented food.

4. Presence of molars

German Shepherds have molars. Molars are used to chew plant food. 

5. Digest carbohydrates

A German Shepherd’s body is capable of producing vitamin A out of the beta-carotene present in plant materials.

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