Do German Shepherds Attack Other Dogs?

If you own a German Shepherd you might have noticed they can be dominating and have aggression issues which can be concerning. Do German Shepherds attack other dogs?

German Shepherd aggressive to other dogs?

Do German Shepherds Attack Other Dogs

Do German Shepherds attack other dogs? 

The answer is quite obvious YES, German Shepherds can attack other dogs. We always hear about German Shepherd’s chasing and dominant nature and wonder whether the behavior is the same towards the other dogs, or if they can get along with them.

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German Shepherds are social dogs but aggressive at the same time, and in this aggression, they may attack other dogs.

German Shepherds are known as the most aggressive dog breeds with a lot of strength in them. This nature of German Shepherds makes them the strongest guard dogs.

Are German Shepherds good with other dogs?

German Shepherds can be dominant around other dogs. Sometimes this can lead to dog fights.

Always socialize your German Shepherd and supervise their interaction with other dogs.

Do German Shepherds kill other dogs?

The answer to the question is sometimes yes, and most of the time, it is a big no.

In some situations, like if your German Shepherd is not trained enough to be friendly with other dogs, it may attack and even kill them.

Mostly all of this happens when the other breed is small and not strong enough to fight back with a German Shepherd. But you may not find German Shepherds attacking or killing dogs of the same height and breathing because of the same strength.

While on the other hand, if your German Shepherd is friendly and calm, it will not even chase other dogs.

Unfortunately, the dominant nature and strong prey drive in German Shepherds force them to attack other dogs.

Do German Shepherds Attack Other Dogs

Why does my German Shepherd attack other dogs?

Why does your German Shepherd attack other dogs? All of these questions are mostly asked when you adopt a new puppy while having a German Shepherd.

1. Lack of exposure

There is a possibility that your German Shepherd is living alone after birth, so there is a lack of exposure to other dogs.

German Shepherds should interact with other dogs on a regular basis. In this way, they will learn about controlling their biting nature and will be friendly with other dogs.

But if you are not introducing your German Shepherd to other dogs, it might be aggressive and attack other dogs.

2. Dominant nature

As mentioned above, German Shepherds are pretty dominant in nature, and this is the reason why they attack other dogs.

Controlling this dominant nature is relatively easy just by introducing your German Shepherd to other dogs in puppyhood.

3. Overly enthusiastic plays

There is a possibility that your darling German Shepherd is trying to be over-enthusiastic while playing around with the other dogs.

This situation can cause sudden aggression hence biting other dogs and sometimes growling at them. Dog parents can quickly stop and control this nature in their dogs by proper training at the right time.

4. Protecting territory or owner

The breed is possessive in nature, and for the owner, it’s frustrating to deal with. Whenever they feel some threat or suspicious dog, a German shepherd will attack it.

Separation anxiety can be the reason your dog is behaving aggressively and showing a possessive nature. 

5. Lack of training

German Shepherd may attack other dogs due to lack of training. If you are not socializing your dog, not introducing it with other dogs, and not teaching it to behave well, then they might attack other dogs.

For dog parents, raising a German Shepherd is a huge responsibility because the breed is more prone to get behavioral issues and especially aggression.

Anti-bark Collars and Muzzles Specially Designed for GSD are a good option to familiarize your dog with overtime to make sure of any happening situations.

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6. Medical problem

If your dog has behavioral issues consider consulting a vet and getting the appropriate medical tests run.

There might be a problem with their thyroid or another medical issue that causes aggression. They can also recommend medication that helps calm them down to assist with training.

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