Why Puppy Smells Bad? (7 Reasons Why Your Dog Stinks)

Puppy Smells Bad

You love cuddling with your dog, but what’s that smell? Some dog parents keep asking why their puppy smells bad.

The truth is your tiny puppy should not smell bad. Sure I understand that some parts of your puppy will not smell like roses or flowers, but you can reduce that stinky effect by keeping him clean or focusing on health reasons. 

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For some dog owners, it can be gross, but most of them will say that they love the smell of their pup. For them, the fur of their tiny puppy smells sweet and fresh, but at the same time, it can be stinky for the guests.

However, it’s not the same. Maybe your puppy smells fresh and sweet. After adopting a puppy, you will realize why pet stores sell dog perfumes. 

Keep in mind that just like humans, puppies also contain unique smells due to the oil on their bodies. In sniffing a dog’s feet, you will always get a smell like popcorn or some chips. 

It’s not a bad smell, right? 

There is a possibility that your puppy didn’t usually have a bad smell, but it is getting stinky the last few days. 

There is a complete list of the causes and reasons why your puppy smells terrible enough that you can’t stand nearby.

A fluffy puppy in the arms of a person.

Why does my dog stink?

There are several reasons why your dog stinks so badly. You may notice your dog smells bad even after a bath. Here are some reasons which are most commonly seen in many puppies.

  • Dental Problems
  • Gas Problems
  • Skin Allergy
  • Anal Sac
  • Grooming issues
  • Ear Infections
  • Urinary tract infections, and more

Let’s discuss all of them in a bit more detail to get an overview of each issue that could be the reason you are wondering, why my dog stinks.

1. Some dental problems

There is a possibility that your puppy smells terrible due to dental problems. You might have noticed your puppy’s breath smells like a fish. It is important to notice if their coat smells too or if is it just puppy bad breath.

The type and quality of the food your puppy is consuming can be a reason for the dental problem.

If your puppy eats grass and dirt, then their mouth may smell bad. The presence of bacteria and parasites in the soil can cause mouth infections, which causes terrible breath.

Also, some dog breeds are more prone to get dental diseases as compared to the other species. Take your puppy to a vet to investigate any dental issues.

2. Gas problem

When your puppy farts smell like rotten eggs it’s going to be hard to stay in the same room as your puppy. You need to figure out why your puppy farts a lot.

There is a wide range of reasons why puppies suffer from gas problems. Excessive and frequent farting is not normal for a puppy.

Understand the cause and how to treat the gas problem. Take your puppy to their vet for a recommendation. You might need to change their food.

3. Skin Allergy

Another cause your puppy smells bad can be because of skin allergies. There is a possibility that the food you give your puppy is causing an allergic reaction. 

When your puppy is allergic to certain foods, its body may excrete excessive oil, which results in a bad smell.

Also, food allergies can cause sweating which can contribute to your puppy smelling bad. Not treating the skin allergy can cause skin infections which may cause worms or parasites. 

4. Lack of grooming

Staying on top of grooming your puppy can help reduce smells. Some dogs have oily coats that can smell bad. Making sure to groom your dog like brushing them and giving them baths will help a lot. You can use my homemade dog shampoo.

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5. Ear infection

The presence of some harmful and stinky bacteria, along with the yeast in your puppy’s ear, causes a bad smell.

Also, there is a condition in which foreign bodies make their home into a puppy’s ear, which causes infections and, hence, a bad smell.

6. Anal sac

The anal sac is the most common cause of the foul smell of stinky puppies. Know that there are two sacs at the bottom of your dog.

If any of them or both of them get impacted, they become the cause of stinky puppies. 

Get an appointment with an experienced veterinarian and solve this problem to reduce the pain and irritation of your dog.

7. Urinary tract infection

If your puppy smells like pee, there is a possibility that he is suffering from a UTI ( urinary tract infection).

Sadly, UTIs are a common issue in dogs (7 out of 10). 

Blood in the urine of your puppy is also a symptom that he is suffering from a UTI. This issue can be more painful if you are not treating it on time.

Visit an experienced veterinarian as soon as possible.

How can I make my puppy smell better?

Checked all of the causes? Luckily your puppy is not suffering from any health issues. Now, the next step is to make your puppy smell better.

All you have to do is know about the dog grooming steps described below in detail.

First of all, brush your puppy’s coat with a soft brush to remove all of its loose fur or hair.

Most of the time, dead and loose hair causes a smell and a terrible look and you can prevent it by regular bathing and brushing.

The next step is to sprinkle baking soda on the puppy’s body and keep brushing. Baking soda is a natural item that is easy to get, and it naturally helps reduce the smell.

Baking soda will absorb all of the foul odor from the body of your dog and give it a fresh look and it acts like a dry shampoo in between baths.

Keep washing your puppy’s bedding or crate so that he will not get any parasites, bacteria, or awful smells from these fabrics.

Do puppies smell more than dogs?

No, not at all; puppies do not smell worse when comparing them to adult dogs. Puppies contain a developing coat that smells less because it is incomplete whereas adult dogs have a complete coat that traps dirt and sweat. 

Does the puppy smell go away?

Luckily reducing the foul smell or odor from your puppy is easy by focusing on the causes and treating them correctly.

Keep up with dog grooming and the puppy smell will quickly go away. 

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