Controversial Cure? How To Use Tobacco as a Dewormer for Dogs – What You Need to Know!

Will tobacco kill worms in dogs?

There are many natural dewormers for dogs and tobacco is one of them. This is the best guide for how to deworm a dog with tobacco.

When we talk about deworming a dog, the first thing that comes to our mind is visiting the vet and getting the medicine by mouth or by a shot to kill all the worms in our dog. As you already know, many medications and deworming treatments available over the counter or prescribed by a veterinarian are considered safe for dogs. 

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However, some of them can be allergic to some dog breeds, leading us to look for a more natural solution. You may be wondering will tobacco kill worms in dogs?

How To Deworm A Dog With Tobacco

In this article, we will tell you how you can deworm any dog using tobacco safely and get the best result out of it. Tobacco is a natural dog dewormer. But before that, let me be clear with you, the information below is based on our hours and hours of research and interviews with dog owners who have already practiced the method using tobacco. 

If done correctly, you will get your desired result within a few weeks. So, let’s talk about how exactly you can deworm a dog with tobacco.

How to deworm a dog with tobacco

The first thing that every dog owner should do to deworm a dog with tobacco is to weigh their dog. The amount of tobacco should be given according to their weight. The tobacco should be delivered in a small amount. A larger dose of tobacco can be harmful and dangerous for your dog, which is why I would recommend you only give a smaller quantity of tobacco to kill all the worms. 

A small pinch of tobacco mixed in their food is enough to get rid of worms in dogs. Nicotine sulfate in chewing tobacco is dangerous to parasites and worms in dogs.

The tobacco present in cigarettes can be harmful compared to the tobacco found in chewing tobacco. To understand what would be the proper dose for your dog, you must weigh your dog.

How To Deworm A Dog With Tobacco

How much tobacco do you give a dog for worms?

The rule of thumb says that 1/2 teaspoon of tobacco should be given per 10 lbs of dog’s body weight. If your dog is less than 10 lbs, make sure you are not giving them more than 1/2 teaspoon of tobacco. For larger breeds, it can go up to 2 to 3 teaspoons. This is what we got on average from most dog owners who dewormed their dogs and puppy

Another reason for not recommending the tobacco present in cigarettes is the nicotine and the type of tobacco present. Chewing tobacco has fewer chemicals and is considered less dangerous for your dog if given a smaller dose. Here is the correct procedure for deworming a dog with smoking.

Tobacco for worms in dogs

  1. Get the best quality chewing tobacco from an online or local store.
  2. Weigh your dog correctly.
  3. Analyze and determine the correct dose of tobacco according to your dog’s weight.
  4. Mix the tobacco with the dog food and feed them.
  5. Wait to observe the work and analyze the effect of tobacco on the worms.

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How To Deworm A Dog With Tobacco

Does tobacco kill worms in dogs?

Many dog owners and researchers have recently found that a small amount of tobacco works in killing worms in dogs, but how much is it true? To understand how exactly tobacco works in killing worms, you will need to realize that most of the chewing tobacco available in the market contains nicotine sulfate, which effectively kills all kinds of worms present in dogs and cats. 

Many dog owners have reported the effectiveness of killing and treating worms in dogs. However, proper research and analysis should be done before giving any substance to a dog’s tummy. Since you might have noticed that tobacco and nicotine are not one of the most appealing things for dogs to ingest, making your dog eat them can be difficult.

The nicotine sulfate present inside the tobacco is poisonous for most parasites and worms found in pet animals. However, you can mix some pinch of tobacco in their food and feed them but still, knowing the safety of deworming a dog using tobacco is essential. If the nicotine present in the tobacco is given in a small amount after determining your dog’s body weight, it can quickly kill it.

How to deworm a dog with tobacco

Is it safe to deworm a dog with tobacco?

It is safe to deworm a dog with tobacco when he is given a small dose. There are certain parasites and worms considered more dangerous and destructive.

When we compared the tobacco with the worms, the tobacco seemed to be less dangerous and more helpful in treating those parasites. It would be best if you kept your dog protected from any worms and parasites. 

Tobacco helps treat most dogs’ worms. So, we can say that it is very safe to deworm a dog with tobacco if given in a smaller dose. However, make sure to take proper precautions and weigh the dog properly.

When should deworming be done in dogs?

It is imperative to get your puppy dewormed as soon as you adopt one or as soon as they reach 2 to 4 weeks old. The deworming program will be beneficial in maintaining your dog’s health and coat condition properly. If you don’t deworm your dog correctly, you will find their coat getting matted, uneven, shedding heavily, and looking unnatural from every perspective. If you want to keep your dog healthy as well as comfortable all lifelong, then you can start deworming your dog on a regular basis.

How often to deworm dogs?

The very best time to deworm a dog is once you notice the worms present in their body. Always deworm your dog once a month to get an effective result in killing those worms or parasites.

How to deworm a dog with tobacco

Home remedies for deworming dogs

If you notice the worms in a small number, you can feed your dog using tobacco very quickly. Tobacco is effective enough in killing every type of worm if given in a smaller dose. However, it is essential to understand that smoking will only work if the worms are in limited numbers. 

If you notice any worms or different kinds of worms that are more vital for your dog’s health, then consider visiting the vet to get it treated properly. This is because a few types of worms can be dangerous and more harmful for your dog, challenging to be treated by tobacco. 

Tobacco as a dog dewormer: Tips for Using at Home

Most dog owners think they can deworm their dog using tobacco once, and work will be done, which is wrong. You must understand that deworming a dog once or twice will not make much difference in killing those worms or parasites. If you want to get the effect and the desired result using natural remedies, then make sure you practice the method almost 1-2 times a month on your dog.

If you have more than one pet animal in your home, consider deworming them. 

The worms in one animal can get transmitted to the other pet animal very quickly and cause them the same issues. To be on the safe side, you should consider deworming all the pet animals in your home to get practical and permanent results using natural remedies.

Always make sure that your dog has swallowed the tobacco.

How to deworm a dog with tobacco

Most dog owners don’t seem to check or make sure if their dog has swallowed the tobacco properly or not. This mistake can be fixed quickly if you ensure that your dog’s given amount of tobacco has been eradicated by your dog.

Don’t fool yourself by thinking that only deworming a dog once a month or once in 3, 6, or 12 months is going to work in killing those worms permanently.

The natural solution requires more effort and work to get practical. You will need to practice the method repeatedly until the worms are gone.

Nicotine sulfate present in tobacco is effective in killing worms but not all kinds of worms.

Not all anti-parasite or tobacco will work for every kind of worm present in your dog. You may fool yourself by feeding chewing tobacco to your dog to eliminate all the types of worms from their body in the environment. Few parasites and worms can still be present and survive even after eating tobacco.

If you notice no effect at all after feeding tobacco 3 or 4 times at least, then consider visiting the vet because they require a more professional solution.

Avoid feeding your dog a higher dose of tobacco and consider only giving them according to your dog’s body weight. Always know your dog’s body weight before deworming the dog using tobacco.

Never fool yourself by thinking or rethinking that deworming a dog only once using a natural remedy will eliminate all the parasites, and the worms present inside your dog’s intestine. There are a few kinds of parasites and worms that can easily survive natural remedies in their intestine.

How do I know if my dog has worms?

A few symptoms can appear in your dog if they suffer from worms or parasites present in the body. Read below to understand the signs that indicate the presence of worms and parasites in their body.


Diarrhoea In Dog

If you noticed your dog suffering from diarrhea, then the possibility of getting the worms or the parasites in the body would be high. It can also be heightened through vomiting. Diarrhea and vomiting both are symptoms of worms or parasites present in dogs.

Weight Loss

 Dog Weight Loss

If you notice that your dog is losing weight despite the proper diet and nutrition, the possibility of worms and parasites being present in the body is high.

Worms In Dog Feces

Worms In Dog Feces
Worms In Dog Feces

If you notice worms or parasites in your dog’s feces, vomit, or bottom, it is a clear indication of the presence of parasites and worms.

Swollen Stomach

Swollen Stomach In Dog

If you notice a very abnormal swollen stomach on your dog for quite a few days, it is also an indication of worms present in their body.

Bleeding Problems

Bleeding Problems In Dog

If you notice your dog coughing or having bleeding problems in its stomach, bottom, or mouth, your dog is suffering from worms.

After interviewing a few dog owners, we found that the loss of appetite, depression, and severe vomiting seems to be the primary symptom that indicates the presence of parasites and worms. It happens because the parasites and the worms cause a blockage in their intestine. Worms in dogs’ feces are also common.

Types of worms in dogs

 killing tapeworms with tobacco

This kind of worm can be seen by the naked eye in the dog’s feces as it looks like a grain of rice. Tobacco can be used to treat Tapeworms when given in a smaller dose.

How To Deworm A Dog With Tobacco?, Deworming A Dog With Tobacco, can tobacco be used as a dewormer for dogs, killing lungworms with tobacco,

LungWorms are generally caused when your dog accidentally or intentionally feeds on snails. It can be treated with tobacco.

 killing hookworms with tobacco

By its name, you can easily guess that this kind of worm has the ability to hook itself into the inner lining of the intestine. They also tend to consume and feed on dogs’ blood. It is an extremely dangerous kind of parasite or worm for puppies that need to be treated as soon as possible. Tobacco can be effective.

 killing whipworms with tobacco

This kind of worm is considered more difficult to treat because it tends to live in a dog’s large intestine and generally feeds on its blood. The most common symptom of the presence of whipworms is diarrhea and vomiting, and sudden weight loss despite a good diet. Tobacco & Garlic can be given to control the damage of the worms. It requires a vet visit to get it treated.

 killing heartworms with tobacco

This is an uncommon worm that can only be detected through a blood test. This kind of worm tends to live in the artery and the heart of your dog giving them a difficult time breathing. It is a very dangerous kind of parasite that can be a serious threat to your dog leading them toward heart failure or unwanted organ damage. Tobacco won’t work.

 killing roundworms with tobacco

You might have noticed that this kind of worm looks like spaghetti and can easily be seen through the human eye. The most common symptom is the weight loss, diarrhea, a naturally dull coat, and vomiting. It can easily be treated through natural remedies or using tobacco.

After knowing the types of worms, you can easily guess that roundworms, hookworms, whipworms, tapeworms, and lugworms can easily be treated using tobacco if given under supervision or properly. However, if the damage is severe then it will require more professional treatment. If you find the heartworm present in your dog then consider visiting the vet and treating it as soon as possible because it can also lead them to death.

Signs you need to deworm dog?

If you notice your dog having breathing problems or coughing, then the possibility of them having heartworms would be high. Other signs that indicate your dog needs a quick deworm is itching on their skin, dull coat, worms in their feces, loss of weight despite proper nutrition and diet, excessive shedding, swollen stomach, and sudden depression. 

Another thing to look for is the presence of parasites or worms in their stool. If you notice a very soft seat of your dog or rice grain-shaped spots on the chair, it is also an indication of the presence of tapeworms.

How to deworm a dog with tobacco

What happens if parasites are left untreated in dogs?

If you leave your dog worms untreated, your dog may lose consciousness and lead to death. Untreated warm can vigorously damage your dog’s internal organs, making them harder to survive. Different worms can be found in dogs, but most of them can easily be treated using home remedies like tobacco and garlic or by visiting the vet.

More natural ways to deworm a dog

Apart from tobacco, you can also use other home remedies for deworming a dog. There are different home remedies too that can be effective in killing worms, like garlic. Let’s learn about a few of them. 

  • Coconut Oil
  • Vinegar
  • Turmeric

A few small dog breed owners have reported success when they considered treating the worms using coconut oil. However, there are few dog breeds that are allergic to coconut oil which means that you should gradually introduce the coconut oil to your dog or puppy daily. One tablespoon of coconut oil for every 10 pounds of dog body weight is considered ideally healthy.

Another alternative to treat worms in dogs at home is vinegar. It is extremely helpful in getting rid of those parasites and killing those worms. In this case, apple cider vinegar seems to be more effective compared to other kinds of vinegar available.

Another alternative to tobacco or vinegar is turmeric, which is also effective in treating and getting rid of worms if they are present in a small number. It not only treats but also helps in healing the damage. Turmeric helps in reducing the inflammation caused by the worms and it helps in creating a stronger healthier gastrointestinal system helping them in surviving in the presence of worms inside their body.

Few small dog breed owners had reported success when they considered treating the worms using coconut oil. However, few dog breeds are allergic to coconut oil, so you should gradually introduce coconut oil to your dog or puppy daily. One tablespoon of coconut oil for every 10 pounds of dog body weight is considered ideally healthy.

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How to deworm a dog with tobacco

Best Dewormer For Dog

We would highly recommend you treat your dog’s worms using natural remedies if they are present in a small number and the symptoms are limited. If you notice any signs, then the number of worms present in your dog is high, and the damage caused by them would also be severe, leading to a more professional treatment. 

At that moment, you must consider feeding your dog the best dewormer or medicine for deworming your dog.

Safeguard Canine Dewormer: It is effective in killing all four types of intestinal parasites and worms that are more common in dogs. It is our top pick. It has the best active ingredient that is proven to kill all four types of parasites and worms.

Nemex-2 Liquid: A few dog owners may want to look at a more liquid solution which is why we would recommend you to look at this one because it comes in a 2-ounce bottle and is effective in treating worms. It costs you less and comes under budget. You just need to give your dog 1 tablespoon per 10 pounds of bodyweight.

The only downside of this medicine is that it is only effective in treating roundworms and hookworms. Plus, it is not great for larger dog breeds because you will need to provide them with a higher dosage.

Bayer Chewable Quad Dewormer: It is commendable because it has been made with 3 powerful ingredients and is one of the most popular chewable tablets for small dogs. It may not surprise you if I tell you that most puppies are born with worms. However, it doesn’t mean that they are hard to treat. It is one of the best dewormers for puppies. It is not good for a large number of worms or heavy infestations. If your dog doesn’t like tablets then it would be difficult to feed them this medicine.

How to deworm a dog with tobacco

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Humans Get Worms From Dogs?

Yes, dog worms can get transmitted to humans which is why it is recommended to deworm your puppies as soon as possible.

Does Over-the-Counter Dewormer Work For Dogs?

Yes, over-the-counter de-wormer works for the dog.

How Much Does It Cost To Deworm A Dog?

Deworming a dog can cost you around $15 to $45 depending upon the weight of your dog.

Do Worms In Dogs Go Away On Their Own?

No, worms in dogs don’t go away on their own and require treatment. Natural remedies can be helpful in treating a smaller number of worms.

Are Worms Painful For Dogs?

Each kind of parasite and worms work differently on each dog. Untreated worms are going to create problems if not treated early. It can be painful and cause breathing problems if not heightened properly.

How Long Does It Take For Worms To Go Away?

Worms go away and die after 6 weeks of deworming.

Can Tobacco Be Used as a Dewormer for Dogs?

Yes, Nicotine Sulfate present in tobacco helps in getting rid of worms and parasites in dogs. A small dose of tobacco is enough to kill the worms and acts as a natural home solution.

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