German Shepherd Jumping Fence? (4 Easy Hacks)

Are you tired of your German Shepherd jumping fence? Try these easy 4 hacks to get your dog to stop jumping your fence.

German Shepherds are a strong and athletic breed with well-developed muscle tissue and a dynamic range of characteristics. This makes them capable of jumping over fences.

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Dogs use their hind legs to leap, and the stronger the hind limb muscle tissue is, the higher the jump will be.

German Shepherd Jumping Over The Fence

German Shepherds have highly developed intellectual abilities and senses that they use for hunting and searching. Additionally, they have difficulty forgetting things. These incredible abilities are the main trait that law enforcement looks for when selecting dogs as companions during investigations.

To prevent your German Shepherd from jumping over the fence, you need to have a good understanding of your pet. Try to understand why your dog is jumping over the fence, as this will make it easier to find a solution to the problem.

Finding a solution to your dog jumping over the fence is not as difficult as understanding why the dog is doing it. Once you understand the reason, it will be easier to stop the behavior.

German Shepherd Jumping Fence? 

It can be frustrating to see your dog repeatedly jump over the fence without understanding why. It is natural to expect that your pet or security dog will stay within the boundaries of your property.

However, if your German Shepherd keeps jumping over the fence, there may be several reasons for this behavior. It is important to figure out the reasons behind this behavior before trying to find a solution.

There are several factors that may have caused your dog to want to keep jumping over the fence.

1. Boredom

Well, if I were operating at less capacity at work, I would probably want to escape too. It may sound funny, but it’s true; German Shepherds can get bored when they are not active.

They are an active breed and their minds and bodies are always energetic, they may want to try something new when they get bored. They will find an energetic activity for themselves, and jumping the fence can provide such engagement.

2. No Hunts

It is difficult to suppress or eliminate natural abilities without any negative effects. As puppies, German Shepherds learn to track and seek out things using their sense of smell and other abilities.

They are genetically wired to always search, but making a habit of feeding them regularly can relax their senses without dulling them.

3. Separation Anxiety

According to experts, German Shepherds can suffer from separation anxiety, which occurs when their owners are busy or away. Your dog might start jumping the fence because it is looking for you.

4. Lack of Exercise

Just like humans, regular exercise is important for dogs. German Shepherds are athletic and have muscles that require regular workouts. They also enjoy activities that involve using their physical characteristics.

German Shepherds need to be given space to exercise regularly, even if it’s just to sharpen their senses for hunting and searching.

No matter how small, every walk with your dog is important and outdoor runs or jogs are effective for exercise.

How high can a German Shepherd jump?

German Shepherds have the ability to jump as high as 6 to 7 feet, and a run-up of approximately 10-15 feet will provide the necessary build-up for the jump.

How to Stop German Shepherd from Jumping Over Fence

Stopping your dog from continuously jumping over the fence is as easy as figuring out why it jumps because once you understand the reason, you can determine how to address the behavior.

These techniques may not work for every dog, but it is worth trying if you want to curb and control your dog’s activities.

1. Increase your fence height

For the safety of both you and your dog, the size of your backyard should be directly proportional to the height of your fence. German Shepherds can jump as high as 7 feet.

Standard-sized backyards should have higher fences because the amount of space required for the run-up will greatly assist your German Shepherd in trying to escape.

2. Swimming

Swimming is incredibly beneficial for German Shepherds. It offers many of the same benefits they experience when jumping over your fence, and it can be even better for them.

Dogs may not know how to interact with water initially, but the skill can be acquired.

By allowing your dog to swim regularly and keeping it active, jumping over the fence will become a forgotten behavior in no time.

3. Games 

Leave safe toys for your dog to play with in the backyard. They’ll be so entertained with their toy they will forget about jumping over the fence.

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4. Block fence holes

Holes in the fence might tempt or provoke your dog to be too interested in the outside, especially when you are not there.

Consider covering up the holes so your dog is not tempted by what is on the other side of the fence.

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