15 Reasons Your German Shepherd Follows You Everywhere – You’ll Be Amazed!

Have you been wondering why does my German Shepherd follow me everywhere? There are many reasons why your dog is doing this. We’ll share 16 fun reasons why.

According to research, there can be multiple reasons why a German Shepherd shows this behavior.

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Why Does My German Shepherd Follow Me Everywhere

Why does my German Shepherd follow me everywhere? 

There is a possibility that your German Shepherd is demanding attention, or maybe it is expecting some dog treats from you. Separation anxiety also forces German Shepherds to follow their owners.

It is a German Shepherd’s nature to follow you everywhere, and you are maybe reinforcing this behavior by providing what it wants.

At the very start, you may feel special that your German Shepherd is giving you attention or showing love and affection by following you, but with time it may get irritating for you. As mentioned above, you may reinforce this behavior intentionally or unintentionally.

15 Reasons My German Shepherd follows me everywhere

1. Attention 

Dogs need attention and they will seek it out from you.

2. They want something

Some German Shepherds learned that if they follow you they will receive more treats and toys from you. 

3. Separation anxiety

Lots of dogs suffer from separation anxiety. If your dog is tied to your hip they may be dealing with separation anxiety.

4. Bred to work with people

Another reason to consider is that German Shepherds were bred to work with people. Maybe your German Shepherd is following you because it expects to be told what to do.

5. Wants food

German Shepherds are always hungry and want food. Following you everywhere is your dog’s way to demand food from you.

Why Does My German Shepherd Follow Me Everywhere

6. Herding the family

As mentioned above, German Shepherds are bred to herd livestock, and the same is the case when it keeps following you everywhere.

7. Emotional reasons

Hanging out with you or demanding food is not always the case, but maybe your German Shepherd had a traumatic experience and feels better clinging to you. 

8. Bored

When your energetic dog has nothing to do, it will start following you everywhere.

9. Companionship

Dogs want companionship just like you too. You’re its only source of friendship. 

10. They trust you

When your German Shepherd is following you, feel lucky that they trust you.

11. Feels a bond with you

Following their owner is another way to show they have an unbreakable bond with you.

12. Needs to go out for potty

Sometimes German Shepherds start following their owners when they need to go out to potty.

Why Does My German Shepherd Follow Me Everywhere

13. Showing love

Dogs show their love for you by following you everywhere. They just want to be with you all the time.

14. Follow the leader

Your dog sees you as their leader and because of that, they follow you everywhere.

15. Wants to play

Lots of times your dog is following you around because they are hoping you will play with them.

16. Protective

German Shepherds are protective by birth, and it is in their blood to protect their owners and home. Continuously following you means feeling something weird around you and wanting to protect you with their presence.

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