30 Dog Behaviors and What They Mean

Have you ever wondered what your dog is trying to tell you when he or she does a certain behavior? Well, wonder no more! In this blog post, we will go over 30 different dog behaviors and what they mean.

So, whether you are a first-time dog owner or have been around dogs your whole life, this blog post is for you! Stay tuned for some interesting insights into the mind of your furry friend.

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Dog language may be one of the most adorable and cutest ways to talk! These are also a way for your dogs to express their feelings and emotions that you should know. 

30 Dog Behaviors and What They Mean

However, this type of language is not always the cutest because they might be telling you something whether it could be wrong or just showing love.

These talks can be misinterpreted and might be confusing to others and if you are a pet owner, this is a good way for you to know because we are giving you 30 Dog Behaviors and what they mean. I hope this helps you in decoding dog behavior.

What do dog behaviors mean?

1. Staring

If your dog is staring at you, don’t be easily creeped out because they might just be begging for your attention and is in need of attention! Or just really hungry!

2. Howling

Not just with wolves, huskies, malamutes, and woollies but other dog breeds howl too. This might be a sign of them being annoyed and might want your attention.

3. Sleeping Superman Position

This is when their bellies are pressed on the floor and laying. When they sleep like this, they are usually tired from energetic play.

30 Dog Behaviors and What They Mean

4. Side sleeper position

If you see your dog sleeping in a position like this, then it means that they are comfortable with you and have a strong bond and connection with their owners.

5. Tongue out face

A really cute way for them where it means that they are feeling happy and relaxed.

6. Belly curl sleeping position

This is either they are attempting to preserve their body heat or not having a good sleeping quality.

30 Dog Behaviors and What They Mean

7. Forward ears, Pointed Tails

This means that they are curious about something or encountering intense noises and interesting smells. Or when they see an enemy approaching.

8. Belly up or the passed out position

Lying on their back means that they are feeling cool, and comfortable and fully trust their environment.

9. Fox sleeping position

When a dog is wrapped around her like a donut where their paws are underneath, this is usually a sign of them being cold.

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10. Licking you

This means that they missed you and a way of showing their love and affection! Or in short… These are doggie kisses!!!

11. Leaning on you

This means that they are begging for your attention and want that extra love and kisses.

12. Butt sniffing with other dogs

This means that they are getting to know each other. This is like a handshake for humans while dogs sniff their butts. Also, it’s a way for them to see if the other dog is male or female.

13. When they are chasing tails

Experts say that this is a sign of compulsive behavior that could often require behavioral treatment. It can also be a sign of unusual things or might have fleas and ticks, and even signs of skin infections. Some dogs do this just because of being bored but make sure to check with your local veterinarian to make sure!

30 Dog Behaviors and What They Mean

14. Wagging tail and mouth wide open

This is usually a sign of them enjoying and having fun! This is the best time to play with them.

15. Not blinking of eyes

They might be focusing or concentrating on something and might indicate something that needs attention.

16. Low growling

This is a sign of dogs being threatened or scared of something.

17. Head Tilting

One of the cutest things our dogs could do is when they tilt their heads. Usually, they do this when they want to focus on hearing curious sounds.

18. Nose licking

Some say that dogs could be stressed out when they do this. But others also say that dogs lick their noses to keep their sense of smell instinct and to have nose moisture.

19. Cute face 

Another cute thing that our pets do is make cute faces meaning they are begging for your attention or just want food!

Dog behavior

20. Scratching

This can also mean many things. One factor that could be the reason why they are scratching could be a sign of stress or there is something that’s bothering them and it can be either skin conditions, allergies, ticks, and more.

21. Shaking Off!

A sign of them stretching or releasing stress, tense muscles, and emotions.

22. Butt scooting

This is probably one of the funniest things they do. However, this could be a sign of gland problems, skin irritations, clogged anal glands, or simply just wiping their butts after eliminating them to prevent discomfort.

23. Fast wagging of the tail

This is usually a sign of them being submissive, wanting to play, or having fun. They are feeling enthusiastic. This also happens when they miss their owners and come back home after a few hours of work or school!

24. Digging

Many experts say that it is a great way for them to relieve stress or just boredom. But if you have a female dog that is constantly digging, they might be nesting because they are pregnant and must be supervised carefully.

25. Forward ears

This can mean that they are either scared, aggressive or curious, or just really excited!

30 Dog Behaviors and What They Mean

26. Yawning

If they are sleepy and tired. This could also indicate if they are bored.

27. When they stick their tail between their legs

This is an indication of them being scared or sad. Usually, they do this when they are scolded by their owners.

28. Play bow

Is an indication of dogs inviting another human to play and to have fun with them. When they do this, they are being friendly and want you to engage in playing with them. HOW CUTE IS THAT?!

29. Rising bark

This indicates that they are having fun and want to play more and more! 

30. Ears picked up with intense eyes

They are usually showing aggressive arousal or can either indicate that they are focusing on something strange or are scared.

Dog Behaviors FAQ

How can you tell a dog’s behavior?

Canine communication is made up of many different types of barks, whines, and growls. In turn, most dogs rely on nonverbal body language to express themselves instead.

What are typical dog behaviors?

Vocalization is a normal behavior in dogs and can be used for many different reasons. Same reason why they bark or howl to communicate with humans, as well as other animals around them; it all depends on the individual dog!

What are normal behaviors in dogs?

Most dogs are sociable, playful animals that enjoy playing with toys and people. Any change in behavior could suggest something wrong with the health of your dog!

There are actually a lot more dog languages that need to be known and can interpret many things!

From the adorable tilting of heads, round face puppy, licking, scooting, to showing intense emotions and feelings through their barks and gestures of eyes, ears, nose, sniffing, and more, dogs are so smart and can also help us with our day to day basis with not just playing but protecting you from danger by telling you something.

But always make sure that whenever you observe your dogs do strange things and are occurring unusual behaviors, these can be signs of infections, or skin problems, or might indicate that something is bothering them.

Verify and check up with your Vet to make sure nothing is wrong with your dog!

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